Placement Of Two-Sided Wedding Cake

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LibrarianBakes Posted 25 Sep 2015 , 7:54pm
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I want to bounce some things off you guys and see what your opinions are. I’m sure you’ve seen those two-sided wedding cakes (one side bride and one side groom). I’ve got a contract for one. It’s a three tier, front side will be white with some scroll designs and back will be baseball themed. It’s not large…it’s a 10”, 8”, 6”. They want a square shape, so it was a challenge with designing it, but I really like what I sketched out for it. I have plenty of time (months away). Here’s the issue: The bride asked me today if I would be bringing a lazy susan to put the cake on so it would spin and everyone would be able to see all sides. First, I’m sure you can image all of the things that could possibly go wrong with that. I would worry the lazy susan might not be level/stable enough, would random people just come up and spin the cake? That horrifies me. Also, why would it be my responsibility to purchase a lazy susan for this wedding? That idea makes me nervous. Since this cake is square, when the guests see the cake from the side, they’ll be able to see that there are two sides to it (the two designs meet at the sides of the cake with fondant draping covering where they meet), but they won’t get a direct view of the back. My suggestion was to put the cake on a round table out from the wall or possibly in the middle where people might be able to walk around it and see all sides. The bride told me they would not be able to do that at their venue. I didn’t get a reason why. I even thought maybe I could set the cake on the table at an angle or the side where the two designs meet actually facing the front. I want to be helpful, but at some point my job ends and they will need to decide where they want the cake. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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jgifford Posted 25 Sep 2015 , 8:08pm
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Oh, dear. I can just see an inebriated groomsman giving that thing a spin and it sailing off across the room!

The only way I would agree to something like that would be if the bride wanted to provide a motorized stand so it was moving the whole time. Other than that, no way. A lazy susan is just too tempting and nowhere near stable enough. And if kids are going to be present it's just asking for trouble.

LibrarianBakes Posted 25 Sep 2015 , 9:21pm
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I was distracted by thinking about kids spinning the cake...I forgot about drunk people. This just solidified my decision that it's not a good idea. I mainly just needed confirmation that I wasn't overthinking this. Thanks!

-K8memphis Posted 25 Sep 2015 , 10:49pm
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let me get this straight she wants a two sided cake placed where you can't see one side? so instead of changing the placement she wants it on a turntable? do i have that right? this is not making sense -- what am I missing

LibrarianBakes Posted 25 Sep 2015 , 11:03pm
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Nope, you're not missing anything. That's a perfect description. I'm actually looking forward to doing this cake...I'm hoping I'll convince her to rearrange her reception layout, but have definitely decided I'm not doing the turntable thing. 

-K8memphis Posted 25 Sep 2015 , 11:08pm
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brides phffft

you coud put a mirror behind it

LibrarianBakes Posted 25 Sep 2015 , 11:34pm
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Oh that's a good idea! 

indydebi Posted 27 Sep 2015 , 4:02am
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Here is a photo of a dummy cake I did to sit in a bridal shop with 2 sides done in red and 2 sides done in black.  Instead of sitting it "square", the cake was set "diamond" so people could stand in front of it and see both sides.  This one is really a no-brainer to me.  Set the cake as a "diamond" on the table and problem is solved.

LibrarianBakes Posted 27 Sep 2015 , 4:12am
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Beautiful cake! yes I think that's probably the most workable solution for her. Thanks! 

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