Friday Night Cake Club For 9/18/15

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catlharper Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 2:35am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if you can!


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catlharper Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 2:35am
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Hi everyone..battling allergies tonight so I'm really not feeling well. Who has cake photos to cheer me up? Hope to see lots!


Pastrybaglady Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 3:02am
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Aww, I'm sorry about the allergies Cat!  The weather is cold then hot then there's a little rain, stuff is growing all wonky.  Here's something to cheer you up.  I made these cookies for a friend who's husband was in the hospital.  I'm working on a cake but can't post until tomorrow.


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catlharper Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 4:05am
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LOVE LOVE LOVE the cookies! Now THAT'S my kind of medicine! LOL! @Pastrybaglady And, yes, they did bring a big smile to my face!


shellbell181 Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 7:36am
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Those cookies are fantastic!!! What a wonderful idea!! My contribution to FNCC are these cupcakes I made for a Breast cancer fundraiser thoroughly enjoyed making them don't get to do cupcakes very often half were chocolate with whipped chocolate Irish cream ganache with vanilla flour icing the other half were vanilla with strawberry purée and strawberry flour icing (I used freeze dried strawberrys)


Webake2gether Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 12:20pm
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Love the cookies what a cute idea!!! Those cupcakes look great too!! I did cupcakes for a cancer benefit and they were lots of fun too. I baked a little this week just to try a new recipe and they were yummy pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream. We've been really business this week we are close to being done with our kitchen and open for busines!!! Hope you are feeling bettering cat!!55fd53045fc29.jpeg

Pastrybaglady Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 2:50pm
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@shellbell181  those are gorgeous!  The gerbers are on the money and the cleavages are great

SweetShop5 Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 3:29pm
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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great week!

I was really looking forward to this weekend because we got to do a princess themed birthday cake, and those are always my favourite. And it turned out even better than I had designed it. Probably one of my favourite cakes haha.


More close up photos: 

Then I also made some sugar cookies to match the cake:


A slumber party cake (I'm not very proud of my teddy bear, I'm still working on my sculpting skills which are pretty bad lol)


Finally these Xbox and Wii cupcakes and cake pops for my cousins birthday today:



@catlharper  Sorry to hear about your allergies! My parents always get them around August-September too and it gets pretty bad. Hopefully you get better soon!

@Pastrybaglady  love, love, love those sugar cookies! Did you cover them in icing or fondant? They're so well done!

@shellbell181  Those cupcakes are SO adorable!

catlharper Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 4:41pm
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Good morning everyone! I am better this morning, not sure if my allergies are better or the meds are just working! LOL! 

Love all the creations this week but my favorite is the Princess Cake! It is one of those designs that can fit a little girl to a grown woman. SO elegant! @SweetShop5  Your other items were beautiful, as always, but I adore that princess cake!

It was, apparently, a cupcake week! Love the Awareness cupcakes...until someone else pointed it out I didn't even notice the cleavage ones!!! What a hoot!! @shellbell181  

@Webake2gether  I'm a pumpkin freak! That cupcake looks SO yummy! Wish I had it right here with my morning coffee!

Hope more people check in a bit later but it was wonderful to come here this morning and find so much fun stuff!



Pastrybaglady Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 4:55pm
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I made this cake for a little girl's birthday.  Her dad came to pick it up and obviously was not told what kind of cake it was.  He looked at it, "What?!!  Why?!!"  She's 8.

Make up table

Pastrybaglady Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 6:40pm
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@SweetShop5   Your work as always is so clean!  Your cake must have made the little girl squeal and the Xbox cupcakes are phenomenal.  The medicinal cookies were done with royal icing.

catlharper Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 7:27pm
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@Pastrybaglady  LOL...the cake is wonderful and I don't know any 8 year old girl who wouldn't want to play with that makeup. Hope it went over well at the house! Sounds like Dad took it a little too literally, not "dress up" time.


SweetShop5 Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 9:45pm
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@catlharper  Thank you, and I agree, I wouldn't mind that cake for my birthday haha!

@Pastrybaglady  wow! It's done so well that it looks like fondant, great job! And thank you! I didn't get to see the little girls reaction but the moms face just lit up when she saw the cake. I love seeing customers reactions. relaxed.png

Pastrybaglady Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 9:48pm
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@SweetShop5  You are so right even if it's a freaked out Dad!

cupcakemama3 Posted 20 Sep 2015 , 10:22pm
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Lovin'  all the cakes and cupcakes! Everyone does such a great job! I made these flower cake cakes this week. I also made my mama a tasty good cake for her birthday: lemon with raspberry filling and lemon Swiss meringue icing topped with coconut.  Mmmmmm....55ff3189df2b3.jpeg

catlharper Posted 20 Sep 2015 , 11:56pm
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@cupcakemama3  Those cupcakes are seriously gorgeous. And the cake you made for your mom would have been an out of the park hit for mine! 

Well, I was going to bake this week but on my day off I'm going whale watching!!! And, yes, I'll trade whale watching for baked goods any day! LOL! But I might have to at least make some sinful brownies or my boys may boycott! LOL!

Have a great week everyone!


cupcakemama3 Posted 21 Sep 2015 , 1:18am
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Thanks @catlharper :)

Singerssoul Posted 21 Sep 2015 , 3:06am
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Ah, I love seeing everyone's work, and it looks so good!

CatPoet Posted 21 Sep 2015 , 5:58am
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I been trying to make chocolate filled cookies this weekend, every recipe has been dusty and not crunchy so no picks

remnant3333 Posted 21 Sep 2015 , 1:58pm
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 I too enjoy looking at everyone's cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Everyone did an excellent job!! Thanks for posting!!  I will be doing a cake next Thursday for a granddaughter. Top layer will be strawberry cake and bottom layer will be banana and pineapple with stabilized whip cream icing on sides and top. .

I am thinking about putting cream cheese filling in between both layers. Has anyone tried the cream cheese filling that the stores sell in the dairy department? Is it any good?

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