Can People Send Viruses Through Private Message Here?

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crazyladybaker Posted 11 Sep 2015 , 8:01pm
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Hello everyone. Quick question. I have a pm that has an odd link with for me to view. Can people send viruses or maybe hack my account through that link? I have not clicked it. The sender has 0 forum comments or posts. Thanks Sherry

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grahamc Posted 11 Sep 2015 , 8:03pm
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I think I got the same PM.  I did not click on it.

crazyladybaker Posted 11 Sep 2015 , 8:04pm
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It just seemed "off" to me  I guess it's best to use our gut feeling  should we report to admin?

grahamc Posted 11 Sep 2015 , 8:07pm
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Yeah, me too.  It would probably be a good idea to report it.

SweetShop5 Posted 11 Sep 2015 , 9:37pm
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I got one too last week. But the account doesn't exist anymore. Guess it was spam after all.

costumeczar Posted 11 Sep 2015 , 10:55pm
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Never click on any link in any message unless you specifically know the person and know what they're talking about. You can also hover the cursor over the link and look at the bottom of the screen to see where the link is really going to take you if you click it. A fake link will show up with a different address and it's usually a scammer.

costumeczar Posted 11 Sep 2015 , 10:56pm
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Honestly, this tie has always had a reputation for being virusy, but it comes from the ads. If you use a Chrome browser with adblock the site runs faster and there will be less chance of having something mess with your computer.

AAtKT Posted 12 Sep 2015 , 12:46am
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I got it too... It is spam... the picture in the profile is all over the internet if you google search the image... I reported the profile and deleted the message... i am not about to click on a link from some random person...

bubs1stbirthday Posted 12 Sep 2015 , 2:04am
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I got a message about a post that I had replied to, despite being specific to the post it was also off point enough for me to smell a rat and I just ignored it.

craftybanana2 Posted 12 Sep 2015 , 2:47am
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They can't send you a virus on here, but they can send you a link to a virus. And yes, I too got one the other day. Rule of thumb, don't click links without first hovering your mouse over them to see if sends you somewhere odd.

When in doubt, don't click the link.

Shockolata Posted 12 Sep 2015 , 3:24pm
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Was it a link to a video telling you to buy a tutorial to answer all your baking/decorating questions?

Claire138 Posted 12 Sep 2015 , 7:22pm
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I got one too but it seemed odd to me so I didn't open it but did flag it as spam.

korensmommy Posted 13 Sep 2015 , 2:16am
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I got one too today - thought it was weird since I'm out of the cake business and haven't been to this site in a long time.  How do you report a profile?

FloraFlora Posted 13 Sep 2015 , 2:31am
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I got one too today. I was on my phone so I didn't get the option to hover over the link... but I have to admit I didn't think twice, my own fault.

What tipped me off was that I entered my password, yet it prompted me again. Now I logged on, checked the link, it surely was not from

Changed my password immediately. I suggest you all do so if you have clicked on the link.

SweetShop5 Posted 13 Sep 2015 , 4:23am
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@Shockolata  That's the link I got!

Trixyinaz Posted 13 Sep 2015 , 11:05am
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I got one too last night replying to a post I posted years ago about a cake design. Said they read it and provided a link to something they thought would solve my problem. I was curious to see this design and not thinking, I clicked on it from my phone. Some bogus cake site with what I am sure is stolen cake pics and a link to order cakes and pay. I exited the site.  

oliviasbakery Posted 13 Sep 2015 , 11:29am
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I got the same message. Clicked the link on my computer. Led me to a site that offer business solutions to bakers. Actually it seems like an alternative cake central page. maybe that lady just wanted to promote her own homepage/business.

Update: I had a closer look on the site. seems to be a russian or ukrainian "bakery". stolen cake pictures, they didn't even take the time to delete the original water marks. And poor translation. maybe automatically done by google translator.

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cakegal Posted 13 Sep 2015 , 2:03pm
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Don't open it.

Shockolata Posted 13 Sep 2015 , 6:56pm
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Can't access my messages to report user, error 500. Maybe someone is trying to close CC down.

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