Storing Rolled Fondant In Heatwave

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Norcalhiker Posted 9 Sep 2015 , 5:44am
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I just purchased a 15 pound tub of Massa Ticino fondant. I live in a house that's close to 100 yrs old, so lacks modern convenience like air-conditioning. A heat wave just started today with temps over 100. Forecast is temps over 100 for next 3 days, then two or three days in the 90s and then down into the 80s. Please advise me as to how I store and safeguard my very expensive tub of fondant.

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Apti Posted 9 Sep 2015 , 5:51am
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No, seriously, ask a friend who does have A/C if you can leave it in their house for a week.  Offer cupcakes as "rent".

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-K8memphis Posted 9 Sep 2015 , 10:54am
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that dryness there is deviously unrelenting -- I think I would freeze it maybe coated in a layer of shortening -- idk --

would have to test it first -- maybe in the fridge -- idk but I would not want to open it either --

idk -- maybe some of our down under folks would have a clue

julia1812 Posted 9 Sep 2015 , 5:54pm
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Don't you have a cellar? I remember in my grandmother's house (thick stone walls and 300+ years old)  the cellar would be still a decent temperature in summer...

Norcalhiker Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 2:40am
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ok in desperation what I did was put a fan next to it.  Fondant is at least cooler than the rest of the blazing hot house.  Well if it's lost after this, il use it for practice.  I  keep telling myself it was on sale so it was $25 less than you normally would've paid:) glass is half full, glass is half full, glass is half full. S#^* happens cuz that's life:)

Brookebakescake Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 4:36am
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Glass has evaporated 'cause apparently you live in hades.  wow that's warm!

mccantsbakes Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 5:10am
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Norcalhiker----107 here tomorrow.  Holy hot.

Where's El Niño and the Godzilla rain *they* keep promising us?   

Norcalhiker Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 5:31am
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K8memphis, hey you got me to thinking, Massa Ticino was developed for high humidity and tropical climates...the issue with refrigeration of fondant is condensation, yes?  But if this brand is made to withstand humidity, it may be ok in fridge...what do you think?

brookebakescake...yes, we all feel forsaken right now.  Love the charm of an old house, but it comes at a price.

mccansbake, OMG, you have it worse than me.  We hit 104, tomorrow is suppose to be the same.  im worried the energy demands are going to cause some blackouts.  I'm keeping my big flashlight and candles at hand.  Making sure my iPhone is charged.

mccantsbakes Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 6:00am
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Ya know, I think that any temp that feels like a fever outside is pretty much the same misery...whether it be 104 or's no good.   Last summer, I was sick with bronchitis, fever stricken while it was 106 outside....what a strange sensation to have a fever in a heat wave....I may or may not have hallucinated some stuff....awful.  I don't recommend ever getting sick in the summer.

i was going to suggest for your fondant that you stick it in an ice chest with a bed of ice, but have your bucket of fondant on a rack or something so that it isn't touching the ice....but the cold of the ice would create a cooler to keep the temp lower.  But the humidity in the enclosed chest would be crazy high.   So I don't know if that is a viable option.   Or what about putting it in the fridge in the veggie compartment where you can control humidity if your drawers have that feature?

-K8memphis Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 6:26am
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i fridge my fondanted cakes anyway but i never chill the fondant to store it so i really just don't know -- hard to say how the cold might impact the performance you want later -- but I mean  as it is shipped around it certainly goes through temperature extremes so I think/hope it will be ok

and as much as i love to test everything i think it would be best if you can avoid opening it

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Norcalhiker Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 6:42am
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I'm thinking no matter what, the fondant could be compromised.  So maybe I just wait it out and bake a test cake when 

Norcalhiker Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 6:44am
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The heatwave breaks....

Bakingformyboyz Posted 10 Sep 2015 , 9:52am
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Hi from Aus! Last summer we had a heatwave peaking at 43C (about 109F I think...) I just put all my fondant in the bottom of my linen cupboard (hot air rises so store it down low) and it was fine after close to 8 days of unrelenting heat.

mccantsbakes Posted 14 Sep 2015 , 6:13am
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I sent you a PM but not sure if it actually sent....I keep getting error messages on here when I post.

just wanted to check on you and see how you are faring with the fire up in your neck of the woods.   Hope you are well and safe.  

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