Nfsc Recipe Fail !!!!!!

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dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 2:45am
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So I attempted and used alllll of my flour and eggs and butter for nothing! The recipe everyone raves about stinks for me lol My dough wasn't hard and crumbly in fact my dough resembled biscuits dough texture super stocky and can not roll it out its more doughy I followed directions to the t ! What could of went wrong ?????????

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Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:15am
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I just made a batch last week so I know it works.  You said the dough looked like biscuit dough but then you said it was too sticky.  So was it too wet or too dry?  Was your butter really soft and did you mix it well with the sugar?  The dough can be a bit dry at first so you need a good mixer to get it integrated well.  I always roll my cookie dough between two sheets of waxed paper, refrigerate until firm and then cut.

dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 12:20pm
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55eed294d2d24.jpeg55eed2954c104.jpegPerfect examples lol the first one looks lole

norma dough and the second one looks like what I made Lol!! Biggggg difference !!! Mine looks like the second one which is not cookies but biscuit dough It looked like wet sticky biscuit dough when your making it 

 like as if you left a can of pilsbury dough out the the fridge it didn't resemble actual dough at all .... 

it's sticky dough nothing you can roll out 

it seems like airy also 

 it doesn't resemble anything like a recipe I watched on YouTube or even those prenade Betty Crocker cookie mix that one  had formed a nice ball and way dry  


dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 12:22pm
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I have a kitchen aid mixer and followed literately step by step even printed the directions lol 

the butter with sugar first it looks like paste then added eggs and vanilla then the flour with baking powerd and a dropppp of salt 

it's fairly simple but didn't work for me 

-K8memphis Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 1:24pm
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sounds like your butter was too soft like pastry baglady said

dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 3:40pm
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worried.pngto soft butter how can this beflushed.png lol it said "softened butter"  =((((( i just used my whole 4 sticks and now i need more ugh =\

 so it should normally come out like the first picture i posted hardish dough ?  thank you always for your quick replies lol 

-K8memphis Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 3:58pm
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the other thing is you have to roll this out between sheets of parchment or waxed paper -- then it doesn't matter as much what condition it's in -- then like pbl said, roll it out between the two papers, chill it then remove the top paper and cut them out -- remove the excess cookie dough and bake -- rechill or freeze if you wan/need to  --

yours can be redeemed too unless you baked them all already --

cookie dough can actually look either way and still be successful but the top picture is better --

i do not even soften my butter for cookies i just either cut it into cubes or sometimes just toss it in -- whole sticks in -- with the sugar and let the ka stand type mixer cream it well -- then add the eggs and cream that well then the rest

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LeanneW Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:08pm
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did you use the correct size eggs? when a recipe calls for large eggs, you cannot use jumbo or medium eggs as a substitute. 

When I make NFSC I do usually find the dough a bit dry, like bits of unincorporated flour, so I usually add an extra tsp or 2 of vanilla extract, makes them taste great and brings the dough together nicely. But my dry dough never looks lumpy and airy like biscuits.

One more question, did you use All Purpose flour? you didn't accidentally use self raising flour?

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virago Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:19pm
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in comparing the two pictures, I'm noticing something. follow me on this...

the first pic shows a nice dough ball, but it looks to be only half the size of a standard NFSC recipe...i.e. 2 sticks, 1 cup, half a pound butter.

for the second pic, you mentioned using 4 sticks butter...that's 2 cups, one solid pound of butter...which should be creamed with 2 cups sugar and a whopping 6 cups flour. and the dough ball should be enormous.

are you positive your proportions are correct for a full batch of NFSC? per the standard recipe... it does look like there is entirely too much moisture in the second batch, and too little flour.


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Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:26pm
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I think @virago   has your problem. A regular recipe uses a cup, not a pound of butter.  Could you have miscounted your cups of flour?  

dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:27pm
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oh i should of mentioned these aren't my pictures haha

 i took them from google to show what mine should look like versus  what mine came out looking and feeling like

 i followed the recipe to the T! swear haha same butter same size eggs everything lol thats why i am like what the heck is wrong with me, is my house cursed? 

 i did use all purpose flour i literally used the rigth stuff thats why im stumped/i have to now buy alll new stuff which costs so much so now im like what do i do my sons party is on saturday and i didnt make his cake yet and now im scared since nothing is working lol  flushed.pngworried.png

Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:38pm
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Whatever the issue, it's a clear problem of wet to dry ratio. The dough should be smooth and not sticky.  Like Leanne said it's usually hard to get all the dry ingredients mixed well.  If you try it again measure your flour onto waxed paper in separate lumps so you absolutely have 6 cups!

dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:39pm
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def will try that.i did seperate the flour and then scoop into the kitchaid like someone suggested after i read alllllllll the posts on that thread.  i didnt sift just sperated so i made sure to have 6 cups. 

your correct it should be dry and not sticky. thats my probem i cant figure out if i used everything correctly why its sticky. I was explaining it to my co worker and she said it looks and felt like pizza dough you buy at the bakery in those bags. in the fridge section

 that shouldnt be that way. 

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Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:40pm
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Did you bake the dough?

dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:42pm
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yes i baked some cookies today and tried them and they remind me of butter cookies or like floury 

 those ones they sell in the bakery they have butter shortbread .tasted like that 

im debating if i just buy betty crockers sugar cookies again add butter flour and egg like it says for cut out cookie and call it a day haha 

 im pretty sure my mixer is  good its one of those good $$$ kitchen ait mixers. i kept it on level 2 most of the time or 1 which is stir.

 can it be because i used the metal whipping attachment not a dough hook >? 

some dough i took out and re added more flour it seemd to be more hard but the taste is horrible. 

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mccantsbakes Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:45pm
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I haven't ever tried the NFSC recipe on here...

but I do use this one below which is stoopid easy and doesn't even need to be chilled to cut really sharp/non spreading shapes.      Plus it isn't terribly sweet so it is the perfect vehicle for icing.   In fact, I am gonna eat right one now that my kids decorated this weekend :) 

I am a BIG sugar cookie these cookies are perfect for my ineptitude and impatience with things like chilling dough.

dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:46pm
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@ mccants thank you! i will maybe try that one what could it hurt lol

i need to make some sort of  cookies for saturday! 

virago Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 4:54pm
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the "in katrina's kitchen" recipe IS the NFSC half a batch...with a flavor extract variant, slightly too much baking powder, and no salt (unless Katrina uses salted butter, which is not specified).

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dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 5:08pm
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yes i'm going to try to make a smaller batch just in case to not use alll my ingredients 

and also try the betty crocker mix 

dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 5:37pm
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would it be bad to try this recipe again just adding more flour to make it dough like? 

LeanneW Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 5:40pm
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Good luck @dgonzalez227  ! I should have said, I always make a half batch of NFSC, unless @Jackie and I are pumping out Christmas cookies. A half batch goes a long way!

Here are some more NFSC recipes including chocolate, strawberry, and my favorite RASPBERRY. Maybe you'll have better luck with a variation:

mccantsbakes Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 5:45pm
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Virago.....HA!  Well now I feel REALLLLLLLY dumb! 

One could argue that virtually every sugar cookie recipe is the know, except for where they are different....

Anyhow, was just trying to be helpful to OP by sharing the recipe I use.   I profusely apologize for my inability to do a comparison analysis on the leavening agent ratios from the above stated recipe and the one that I use.   MY bad.   Also, the ratio of baking powder is, in my opinion, PERFECT for these cookies.    They are both soft and slightly crisp at edges with a fantastic soft middle creating a delightful mouthfeel, they hold shape and seriously the best part of all, don't require the hour of chilling.    


virago Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 5:57pm
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@mccantsbakes   don't feel bad...the base NFSC recipe is ubiquitous! so are the flavor variants. I point out the baking powder because too much can sometimes cause spreading issues. if dough is rolled between parchment, then no chilling is required for NFSC.  

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mccantsbakes Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 6:01pm
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i LOVE it.  It's fantastic!

dgonzalez227 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 6:20pm
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at mccantsbakes, thank you hehe your cookies look perfect! i will try your way and your amounts just i might try almond flavor i like it better then vanilla 

yours look like what i need . can i have you bake them for me and i can come pick them up ? haha  grin.pngsmirk.pngblush.png

craftybanana2 Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 7:03pm
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@virago  Funny you say that about Katrina's being half of the NFSC, because the NFSC is double the Dominoes sugar cookie recipe plus an extra egg! xD It's interesting to see how a single change can affect a recipe. I don't have luck halving the NFSC on here, so I use the Dominoes one for half a batch and the one on here for a full batch, ha ha! smile.png

Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Sep 2015 , 7:06pm
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@dgonzalez227  For what it's worth I think the Betty Crocker mix is harder to work with than anything homemade.  It's really sticky and really is only good for drop cookies!  If you do use it make sure to roll it between sheets of waxed paper and chill to firm it up before you try to cut it.  Try a half batch with the paddle and we'll all send you good cookie vibes!

mccantsbakes Posted 9 Sep 2015 , 5:06am
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@virago....ha!  I would totally bring them over to you if a) I was close...b)if I actually enjoyed making them!    I love the idea of sugar cookies.....but man I dislike making them.   They are actually one of the hardest things for me to do without me wanting to scratch my own eyes out.    And decorating them?  Or dear, I am like a kindergartener with a crayon in terms of decorating skill! (The above cookie was my 7 year old who has infinitely better cookie skills than her mom)

I sure love eating them though ;)

MBalaska Posted 9 Sep 2015 , 7:10am
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55efdbe3a6dcc.jpegThere's a bit of art and science in good baking.  Sometimes the last tablespoon or two of flour is not always needed as the condition of the dough dictates.  Also a dryer dough that has a bit of a 'pastry crust feel' will bake up just fine and not result in a flaky cookie that shatters like a pie crust. I prefer mine on the dryer side to get better cuts and shapes for more detailed decorating.  Jackies recipe is outstanding.  She's given good directions and tutorial information on how to use her excellent recipe.  It takes time, money, and a lot of hand's on practice to become a skilled baker. 

Remember also that the weather, humidity, temperature, altitude, attitude, ingredients, tools, oven quality, and lastly the skill and knowledge of the person in the apron are all varied factors that produce a varied result. 

Rome was not built in a day.

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dgonzalez227 Posted 9 Sep 2015 , 2:25pm
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those cookies look fabulous @MBalaska !! those are the NFSC? the ones that everyone keeps raving about hehe except me because i cant figure it out  :)

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