How To Make A Cake More Vintage??

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Honey6983 Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 2:52am
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Hey y'all...I've got a great customer who wants a vintage farm cake for her little girl's birthday party next weekend. It'll be a two tiered cake (9" and 6" round) with SMBC and fondant decorations. I know for sure it'll have chickens on it as well (probably as the topper). I've attached her invitation. I'm usually pretty comfortable with design and inspiration but I'm kind of stumped on this one. The customer really wants the cake to have a vintage feel while bringing in the farm theme also. Any ideas? Thanks!!


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Norcalhiker Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 3:33am
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Vintage and farm in pastels is kind of awkward. When I think vintage I think string work, lace, pearls...not cows.

Ruffles: pastels white, pink, green, yellow

pink pigglets

yellow chicks

white lambs

green, white butterflies

danity white flowers with pastel centers 

kakeladi Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 3:36am
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I think you need to pick your customers brain.  What does she think of when she asks for vintage?   I agree w/norcalhiker

Kellig Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 3:40am
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I swear my mom had this tablecloth when I was a little girl. Maybe if you just google "vintage farm scenes" Or " Vintage Dairy scenes" something might pop out and give you inspiration.


julia1812 Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 11:16am
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Actually; The correct usage of the word vintage is when identifying the year when a wine was made.

Since the term has been hijacked and abused for the sole purpose of describing and hocking other non-wine related items; it's rather meaningless and can pretty much be used the way anyone wishes to continue abusing it.

It shouldn't be confused with antique. 

Therefore I would stick to the colours and farm scheme from the invite. Maybe the distressed whitewashed fence around the bottom tier and some gold leafs on the top tier, writing in mint pastel and rosé pigs. If you're not sure, consult the customer again.

-K8memphis Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 11:47am
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at first i got all excited about my idea of vintage cake decor but julia and kakeladi are right the customer needs to define 'vintage' for you -- and decorating it like the invitation is also spot on -- the invitation could be described as vintage with the weathered boards & all

costumeczar Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 11:55am
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This is probably the kind of thing she's thinking, whitewashed, faded pastels.

Ask her if she has a pinterest page for the party, these days they all do, especially if she had custom invitations printed up. You can get a better idea of what she's thinking.

CakeBlessed Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 1:27pm
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I think the customer has defined her idea of 'vintage' by her choice of the invitation. I would pull two of the colors from the invite (maybe the pink and the teal) and a couple of the items (apple and cow, maybe) and go with those a little larger and then maybe tuck in some little daisies for fillers for the cake decorations. If the SMBC is off-white colored to look 'vintagy' then the other colors will pop on there and match the invitation! On smaller 9" and 6" tiers, it would be easy to get overwhelmed with too many 'characters' JMO.

Rfisher Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 3:07pm
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Throw some gingham into the mix.

-K8memphis Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 3:10pm
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i am partial to the pink apple (pumpkin?) and watermelon too....

CakeBlessed Posted 4 Sep 2015 , 4:40pm
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Oh I agree with Rfisher! I love the idea of pink/faded red gingham. It would make a beautiful border  behind the daisies!

Honey6983 Posted 12 Sep 2015 , 12:31pm
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Thanks so much for everyone's suggestions. I definitely took the advice and the cake turned out great and put the shapes from the invite all around the top tier. Happy customer. Thanks!!


-K8memphis Posted 12 Sep 2015 , 12:53pm
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sweet cake  -- perfectly  vintaged -- nice work


kakeladi Posted 14 Sep 2015 , 3:23am
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Yes! :)  That worked out great.  Always right when the customer is happy :)

CakeBlessed Posted 16 Sep 2015 , 1:07pm
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Gorgeous! I love the gingham and the little fence!

julia1812 Posted 16 Sep 2015 , 2:28pm
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Great cake!!

cookiemum123 Posted 16 Sep 2015 , 3:30pm
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Very well executed...Honey6983! What flavor cake did you make...did you say already?

Kellig I love the table cloth you posted may i use it for a template. I'm learning how to paint onto cake and I think it would be pretty to try...The colors are simple too. Red, yellow, blue and black. Off topic anyone having issues with messages and replies...I keep getting an error when I try to see mine after logging in. I sent in a not to the site about it and got an email that they were working to solve the issue but that was a week ago. Thanks.


Honey6983 Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 12:51am
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Thanks for the sweetness, y'all! @cookiemum123 sorry I didn't see your post! It's vanilla confetti and strawberry tiers with Swiss meringue buttercream. 

I can't get my messages either!

cookiemum123 Posted 19 Sep 2015 , 2:24am
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Oh that's alright, Honey6983...about not seeing the post at first. YUM Swiss Meringue butter cream is my favorite. The last time I made it, I used some organic sugar..the color was amazing and the flavor! Very addictive.  Next time I was thinking  to use less since the sugar crystals are larger, because it was looser than I wanted. Good choice of flavors for the cakes.

what is going on in the cyber world at cake central...?? I'm still getting the 500 message.

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