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jgifford Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 2:42am
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Hi, Guys!  We're considering offering cookies at our restaurant.  Not the pretty decorated ones that require extreme talent and hours of work, but just good-tasting cookies.  Of course we'll have the standard chocolate chip and oatmeal, but I'd like to offer some flavors that our customers can't get just anywhere.

Any ideas?


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Pastrybaglady Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 6:23am
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Brookies - a combo of chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

TheresaCarol Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 2:26pm
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Snickerdoodles - my oldest sons favorite.  Simple but tasty.

Chocolate crinkle cookie - my youngest daughters favorite.  Chocolaty and simple.

-K8memphis Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 2:57pm
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there's a fabulous recipe on there that i paraphrased and posted from my favorite cookie book -- icing no icing fabulous cookie

-K8memphis Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 3:55pm
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i have three fantastic recipes that i need an email address to send to you -- you can pm me if your pm works or something -- i don't think mine is working...

Webake2gether Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 4:25pm
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I was going to suggest snicker doodle and peanut butter cookies. Chocolate chip are my faves then peanut butter.  are you also doing seasonal flavors?

jgifford Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 9:35pm
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Brookies?? Sounds wonderful! And snickerdoodles are on my list along with the peanut butter and pumpkin.  K8, I'll try pming you - I've been wanting to try some cream cheese.

Thank you, ladies.  I appreciate it so much.

-K8memphis Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 9:55pm
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i got your pm but i don't know if you received my reply i got an error and i have a help ticket in on it -- but you did not send an email address -- i need that to send the recipes because taking pictures is easier than writing it all out --

jgifford Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 9:59pm
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I know - - been a long day since 3:30 am.  Try the second pm - it has my email address.  Thank you!

Webake2gether Posted 20 Aug 2015 , 10:59pm
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I really like oatmeal raisin too :)

jgifford Posted 21 Aug 2015 , 8:56pm
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Webake2gether - - I've been thinking that I'll have to do oatmeal raisin and probably something with nuts as well.  To me, raisins are NOT food and don't belong in food - yuk!  And nuts run a close second to raisins except for pecan pie.  But I realize that to other people they truly are food items. Oh well, there's no accounting for taste.

Webake2gether Posted 21 Aug 2015 , 9:35pm
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@jgifford I've seen chocolate macadamia nut cookies before that might a different and intriguing nut cookie. I'm not big on nuts in desserts  but I know some people love brownies with walnuts at least I think it's walnuts I never add them . As far as pecan pie I only eat my husbands and one slice is more than enough for me for a whole year lol. I'm not big on fruit pies either. I used to eat dessert over any meal now that I bake I could care less about eating any dessert. Funny how that works ;)

-K8memphis Posted 21 Aug 2015 , 9:44pm
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the second pm didn't come through worried.png

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