Attaching Non Edible Trim To Cake

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vicki muirhead Posted 16 Jul 2015 , 7:03am
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I have an inquiry for a wedding cake, completely wrapped in pearls threaded onto silver wire, I don't think sugar glue would hold them on very well.

hate to think they fell off while delivering 

she wants the real pearls instead of edible.

please help


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karybakes Posted 16 Jul 2015 , 10:16am
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Hi vicky, I think you can use royal icing to stick them on. Haven't tried it personally but came across this video that did it. 

Scroll to around the 9 min mark

Hope this helps! 

vicki muirhead Posted 16 Jul 2015 , 11:54am
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thanks for that, I might have to make a small demo and give it a go... thanks for your help

jselle Posted 16 Jul 2015 , 11:57am
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Vicki, it makes me nervous to think about covering a cake with something inedible, especially as small as pearls. I would be very concerned about choking and liability, or at the very least, a hefty dental bill from someone who breaks a tooth and tries to come back to you to pay the bill. I think I would decline this request due to liability issues, especially since there are ways to add edible pearls that would look beautiful.

Apti Posted 16 Jul 2015 , 2:26pm
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I agree with jselle, since there are ways to add edible pearls that are beautiful, there is no need to introduce non-edible pearls on a cake.  If the client's real desire is to have a super-expensive, super-bling, extravaganza, you could create a table setting for the cake and have the real pearls or pearl necklaces/bracelets/jewelery attractively arranged on the cake table to compliment the design of the cake.

-K8memphis Posted 16 Jul 2015 , 6:28pm
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jselle is right -- i like all edible and push for that and i hate weird stuff like bird feathers  and burlap --

however i would consider this request because you can get pearls on string and you can wash them before using -- not ideal but do-able in my book -- but not on wires on string and then you just wrap them around -- secure the ends with melted chocolate or piping gel -- maybe need to smear some on the cake too to help hold them in place -- i would make a big deal with the server to be sure all is safely removed before serving and the bride needs to know the cake will not look as good on the plates either --

 i like apti's idea best but being responsible for the bling might pose a problem too -- not that it's the cake maker's problem but it might walk off with one of the guests or staff --

see edible is easier in the long and short run

vicki muirhead Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 7:37am
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thanks for your replies, but I have discussed the non edible point with the lady and she is fully aware (but wants the look anyway) have also discussed it with the venue and they are aware that the pearls need to be removed before serving, obviously. the same way diamante ribbon is removed from cakes before serving.

the video link on attaching the pearls was very helpful, thanks KaryBakes

jselle Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 2:10pm
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Vicki, the cake in the video is beautiful. If you're doing something like that, I'm sure it will be too. Best of luck with this, and I hope you'll share a photo when it's finished.

-K8memphis Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 4:09pm
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as long as you can be assured that the wire is indeed pure silver not just silver colored  and does not contain lead -- sounds like a plan

vicki muirhead Posted 18 Jul 2015 , 11:27am
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vicki muirhead Posted 18 Jul 2015 , 11:27am
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vicki muirhead Posted 18 Jul 2015 , 11:28am
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this is the one I am looking at doing

SquirrellyCakes Posted 18 Jul 2015 , 1:14pm
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It is really beautiful. After watching the video for the other pearl decorated cake, the strands were much more delicate with less pearls and therefore lighter weight. Not sure how tough this one would be to secure the weight of those strands. Definitely needs a second pair of hands to help I would think. And it would take a fair bit of time as I think you would want to be gluing quite a number of the pearls with royal icing.  Would you be able to try a fondant covered dummy cake mock-up to see how it goes with the royal icing?

Apti Posted 18 Jul 2015 , 3:02pm
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Ohhhhh!  That's what you were talking about.  That's do-able.    Gorgeous design.  Here's a link to another version by Deliciously Decadent

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