Color Explosion, Or Color Catastrophe????

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johnson6ofus Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 4:49am
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Making a cupcake bouquet (large planter base, maybe 3 dozen cupcakes) for a 50+ year old female BDay. July BDay, but not doing the patriotic version. Really want a nice color combo, without looking cheap. Is that right???

I painted the planter metallic gold (she likes bling), and now it is down to colors. I plan on making roses, hydrangeas (multi colored), and those ruffle zig zag flowers with the 104 tip. I will tie a coordinating ribbon around the planter for delivery. 

What 2-3 colors would you use? 

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mccantsbakes Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 5:46am
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What about like a coral, a hydrangea blue or a mint color and white

i think all those colors would look lovely against gold and are sort of modern summer colors

i also like navy and coral with white for a more nautical summer feel

johnson6ofus Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 6:01am
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Coral orange/ red blend? Am I thinking of the right color? Hmmm... what can I mix to get it? 

Navy against the gold would probably be awesome, and that works well for hydrangeas.  Think I can get away with hydrangeas with the small mint and white highlights and still add some coral flowers? I am so scared of the mint, but it makes the hydrangeas better (I know). 

mccantsbakes Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 7:03am
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Let me see if I can upload some pictures of the combos.....last time I uploaded pictures that weren't of actual cake,  they got taken down....but that was before the site changed so drastically.  

Now that I am thinking, navy, mint and coral would look fantastic too together.   I treat navy like a neutral, much like I would gold/black/white/brown becasue it looks so sharp against a multitude of colors.  

What I am thinking of when I think coral is a vibrant pink that leans toward orange.    How to achieve that color wise I would start with a warmer pink (nothing with cooler tones) and add small amounts of orange to that to lean it toward the more tropical feel.    

Or maybe start with a peach color and add pink to that ?

ok, off to find swatches or inspiration

mccantsbakes Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 7:25am
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This page has so many uses of coral with other colors.   Pardon the fact that it's a bridal page, but as we all know those brides are always on the cutting edge of what is hot ;)

johnson6ofus Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 1:50pm
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Yeah, I went google image surfing too...:)  I suck at the "visualize" part am better with it in my head. But in my head LOTS of awful things "look" So a photo showing how it works together is great. Beautiful bridal link!

The coral discussion reminds me of the one about beiges (leaning to pink). Coral too, has MANY interpretations. With my luck, it will somehow turn to mud. 

I"m really liking the blue and gold, love the white with that obviously, but trying to stay away from patriotic. Coral may be the answer. 

So many cakes, so little time...... Thanks for the input and link!

mccantsbakes Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 6:15pm
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Anytime sweets! 

I am sure you will pull off the stunning look you are going for.   

Webake2gether Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 6:45pm
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Those colors together are beautiful I want to make something elegant now that link has inspired me lol. I sure hope you post pictures :) 

mccantsbakes Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 7:17pm
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Right?   Me too!

i am currently making a beehive topper and accessories for a family members baby shower cake.  But instead of the primary yellow color against black, we are doing a super muted honey yellow with gray and a muted red as accent.    I would have never thought to use these colors, but they are so lovely together.  Very modern bee chic!

johnson6ofus Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 7:45pm
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I hope I get the chic look too. Painted the "window planter" terra cotta pot with $2 paint from Hobby Lobby and it looks GREAT. I cant wait to do this, but it is for mid-July.

Webake2gether Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 8:36pm
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I did however cover some raw cake boards today with card stock on one and scrap book paper on another and coordinating ribbon on both. Nothing fancy I wanted to try it and had all the stuff on hand. But nothing as awesome as what you guys are doing a little creative envy here ;) 

remnant3333 Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 9:47pm
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The wedding colors do look beautiful together!! I did enjoy looking at the pictures. I would have thought that there would have been a bigger cake like a three or four tier wedding cake because of all the bridesmaids I saw.

All I saw was the one white cake with some cupcakes on the side.  

johnson6ofus Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 10:21pm
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I think it is from multiple events, not just one. 

Laetia Posted 24 Jun 2015 , 10:45pm
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I realy like de color combination of this bouquet. The light yellow, the pink and the green flowers look so elegant and chic on the gold vase.

mccantsbakes Posted 25 Jun 2015 , 1:56am
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Oh, that is super pretty!!!!!!

i get a lot of my color inspiration from fashion.  why not turn a color trend in fashion into a color trend in icing ;)

also, painters swatches from places like Home Depot are super helpful in being able to see a color palette.  I *think* you can order a paint manufacturers full color line in swatches and use as a reference

there is a pretty neat app in the iTunes App Store by sherwin Williams that you can pull swatches and see them side by side.  Its a free app and so far pretty neat.

jselle Posted 25 Jun 2015 , 2:40am
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I recently did a bridal shower cake in coral and gray, and I was able to get a perfect match to the bride's sample of coral fabric by using just a few drops of Americolor gel in Terracotta.

johnson6ofus Posted 25 Jun 2015 , 2:52am
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jselle--- would have never thought of terra cotta!

mccantsbakes Posted 25 Jun 2015 , 3:30am
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Quote by @jselle on 49 minutes ago

I recently did a bridal shower cake in coral and gray, and I was able to get a perfect match to the bride's sample of coral fabric by using just a few drops of Americolor gel in Terracotta.

Oh good call!!!!!!    I will have to try that

jselle Posted 25 Jun 2015 , 11:51am
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I wasted a lot of time messing around with orange, yellow, peach, and pink trying to get just the ride coral shade, and out of desperation I started a new batch with a couple drops of terracotta. I mixed it and stopped cold because I realized that I was looking at the perfectly matched shade of coral!

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