Friday Night Cake Club For 6/12/15

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catlharper Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 2:32am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share photos of their work, share their week, ask for help or provide help if they can!


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catlharper Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 2:34am
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No cakes this week. It was all baseball for this family. Our son's team made it to the finals in the championships. Sadly they didn't win but they seemed pretty happy with 2nd place.  Now we have All Stars coming up and he found out last night that he made the team.  So exciting stuff here in our house. 

I'm making plans for Father's Day tho. Any of you have special plans for the Dad in your home?


gscout73 Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 3:03am
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I have a cake due tomorrow for a Girl Scout Troop and their year end dinner. First layer is in the oven, vanilla with extra Ghirardelli white chocolate melted and blended in. Second layer will be same, and will have raspberry-n-cream filling, french vanilla bc under marshmallow fondant. I already made the bridge out of rice krispies (homemade) and is ready to be covered/decorated. I used a lot of daisies on a cake I made for another troop last weekend, so while they are cooling I will be making more.

I will do as much as I can tonight, and finish as soon as I return from teaching archery in the am. I have to be out on the road to deliver by 4pm to morrow.

catlharper Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 3:16am
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That sounds yummy!!! Please do post a photo when you get done tomorrow? I always loved doing the cakes for my son's Cub and Boy Scouts.


Pastrybaglady Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 4:09am
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My work this week: wine bottle with a key fob.  I feel obligated to say I do not advocate drinking and driving!  Carved cake beneath fondant and SMBC woodgrain sides.

Wine bottle cake        

Graduation chocolate cake with fondant cap and tassel.

Graduation cake

Graduation cupcakes: banana, chocolate and mango peach

Graduation cupcakes

catlharper Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 4:20am
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@Pastrybaglady WOW! That bottle/keyfob cake is blowing me away!That's SO cool!  Is there a story behind the fob/wine? Did he get a new car and they are celebrating or??? LOL! What are the flavors of that cake?  

Love the classy grad cake and cupcakes. Very well done! 


catlharper Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 4:21am
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@Pastrybaglady WOW! That bottle/keyfob cake is blowing me away!That's SO cool!  Is there a story behind the fob/wine? Did he get a new car and they are celebrating or??? LOL! What are the flavors of that cake?  

Love the classy grad cake and cupcakes. Very well done! 


Pastrybaglady Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 4:38am
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Cat, I don't think there was much story other than it was Sean's birthday and he loves his Audi and Jameson whiskey!  The young woman who ordered it from me said she didn't even think about the drinking and driving aspect.  The cake is chocolate, the filling is coffee.  The SMBC wood panels are a combo of the coffee and chocolate flavors.  The key fob was a last minute addition.  It's made of fondant and I piped the teeny tiny pictures in royal icing.  I made that dang bottle three different times in three different ways.  I really hope someone orders another one now that I've figured out how to do it!

catlharper Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 4:43am
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@Pastrybaglady I couldn't see in the small photo that it was a Jameson bottle, sorry!  But the cake sounds like my piece of Heaven...I'm a major chocolate and coffee queen! LOL! As for the making of the will be our resident expert now! LOL!

Pastrybaglady Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 4:47am
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Oh, I hope not!  The bottle is not specifically Jameson, it's just the general colors.

Nadiaa Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 9:41am
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Oh my goodness!!! Pastrybaglady those are amazing!!! That bottle is spectacular and I love the little scrolls on the cupcakes :) 

gscout73 that sounds deeeelicious!!!!! 

I did my hubby's birthday cake themed with his 2 favourite sporting teams. Hang on, I'll do the pic now.

Nadiaa Posted 13 Jun 2015 , 9:56am
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it won't work for me. I'll do it from the pc in the morning. 

SweetShop5 Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 12:01pm
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WOW @pastrybaglady your work this week is amazing. I gotta say those graduation cupcakes are extremely cute!

Here's my work this week. Its a 2 in 1 cake for a graduation & birthday.

Kind of a slow week for me and same for next week. But that's okay :) We can't always be extremely busy!

Pastrybaglady Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 4:09pm
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@SweetShop5. LOVE your bursting through cakes!  You are a master of that technique :)  Also I love your 2D figures, are they painted?

CatPoet Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 4:45pm
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Here are the cakes from  last weekend.  I dont think they should go up in the gallery they are not that fancy but they did taste good.

Strawberry cake, with strawberry sponge cake, strawberry white chocolate butter cream in the layers and white chocolate butter cream to cover and on top strawberry, some my daughter dipped in white chocolate.

Marzipan cake with lemon curd injected into it and  whipped cream on top and  jellies fruit candy on the side. The person who got it, loved it , it  was what he wanted.  How ever the krokant decorations are missing because I had the shakes and was into much pain and had to stop.

TooMuchChocolate Cake,  that is the decorations.  The cake is  Boston black out cake,  with chocolate butter cream and candies as decoration.

My husband loves formula one, so I used these  on the cake, the photo isnt out of focus, I used  second grade chocolate so  they all look a bit odd.  I used the second grade chocolate because it is only the looks that wrong and nothing beat the flavour of 3 days old chocolate more then the same  day chocolate that is.  Yes I grew up by a chocolate factory.

Inside are smarties, like M&M candies and then skittles, the skittles are just to cleanse the pallet from the chocolate overload and it work great.

I dont think these suit the gallery, sadly they are not that great.

Pastrybaglady Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 4:57pm
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@CatPoet your cakes look like the kind of cakes you want to just take a spoon and be alone with. Nothing wrong with that!

CatPoet Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 5:28pm
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That sounds naughty. LOL.

Well I try to make my cakes as natural as possible and to the wishes of the birthday person.   So even if the  marzipan cake doesn't look stunning it is what he wanted. And yes every one went silent when they munched the cakes.

CatPoet Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 5:32pm
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All the other cakes looks stunning!  I wish I did like food colouring and it was cheaper here, because sometimes I do want to make bright colourful things too, but I cant get over the chemical after taste and my wallet would cry or rather the moths would  be let lose.

catlharper Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 5:58pm
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@CatPoet  Your cakes look SOOOOO yummy! That first one is gorgeous too. The Too Much Chocolate cake is amazing! I can not imagine anyone not loving it if they love chocolate!

I try very hard to use tiny amounts of food dye. I'm very sensitive to the chemical taste too so I totally relate. This is why I usually buy my red or black fondant because I've found a brand where we like the taste of it. Otherwise I try to lightly color my fondant and make the brighter (more dye laden) details removable so no one eats them. I still don't understand how anyone loves Red Velvet cake...tastes like I'm eating straight dye to me. But to each their own, right?

This week I'm making a Father's Day cake using geometrics...mostly off-white with some black and red details for my hubby who loves that look. I'll be using the bought colored fondant along with my homemade off-white for the cake coverings. Really haven't decided what flavor yet...he's a pretty basic guy so maybe just vanilla.


CatPoet Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 8:06pm
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Cat, what about vanilla cake filled with   rhubarb melt,  custard and strawberries?  That is really a yummy and simple combination.  Or if you can use almond, two layers of almond cake with raspberry jam or  lemon curd.

I have an old  recipe of  Red Velvet cake,  it is more brick red then red and it contains A LOT of cocoa and a little red dye , it recommends beetroot red, which doesn't taste horrible.

In Sweden cakes should look yummy and not pretty, how ever that is changing for the more American style which I feel a bit sad sometimes.  

Do you want the recipe for the  Too much cake?

catlharper Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 8:13pm
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I love the idea of the almond cake...I have that flavoring here in the house too! Strawberries are all in season here so that would make a lovely filling. I'd love the recipe for the too much cake!! Just PM it to me here? Or maybe just post it in your reply so others can enjoy it too?



CatPoet Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 8:32pm
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I use this cake for  my almond cake BUT  I add 100 gram more flour which gives a firmer cake.

Opps  it is brooklyn black out cake.. not boston.

That is one I us for my chocolate cakes and for the too much chocolate cake, I made double batch .

The chocolate frosting I use is   500 gram  icing sugar, 300 gram soften butter , 3-4 tablespoon milk and  200 gram melted chocolate.  I found this at Cupcake jemma, I just lowered the icing sugar and bumped up the chocolate a bit.   Whisk the butter for 5 minutes before adding half of the icing sugar, whip for 2 min, add more sugar and then the cooled melted chocolate  and then add  a bit  milk  and whisk.

I like this frosting , yes it sweet but it works.

I stacked 4 chocolate cake layer, the middle layers had the  centre cut out and I used chocolate butter cream to clue them together and in the middle I packed in small chocolate candy and  skittles, I had to make sure it was packed or the top layer would sink.  Then it was just frosting with butter cream and add any candy you like , oh and it helps if you dont have a kid eating the decorations. 

CatPoet Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 8:33pm
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Oh I forgot, I use a round spring form pan for the almond cake the same size as the tube pan but no hole in the middle.

SweetShop5 Posted 14 Jun 2015 , 8:35pm
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Quote by @Pastrybaglady on 4 hours ago

@SweetShop5. LOVE your bursting through cakes!  You are a master of that technique :)  Also I love your 2D figures, are they painted?

Thank you!! It's one of my favourite techniques honestly. It's very simple but you can do so much with it! As for the 2D figure, I painted the details on her face but she's made out of fondant. 

@CatPoet those cakes look DELICIOUS. I wish I could eat them right now lol

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