Wilton Treatology Flavors

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MrsAB Posted 2 Jun 2015 , 6:39pm
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Hello All.

Has anyone tried the new Wilton flavors yet?  They are very fragrant and flavorful.  I tried the Creamy Vanilla Custard.  Very good.  I used it in my vanilla cake batter and in my icing. 

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Bogginboy Posted 2 Jun 2015 , 6:56pm
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I haven't yet, have you tried the basil one it sounds strange for them to come out with something like that but I'm wondering how it tastes

MrsAB Posted 2 Jun 2015 , 6:59pm
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Bogginboy, I've tried the Vanilla Custard flavor.  I haven't purchased the entire kit yet.  The only other flavor I purchased was the Sweet Meyor Lemon.

Bogginboy Posted 2 Jun 2015 , 7:04pm
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Okay well let us know how that tastes when you try it :-)

SquirrellyCakes Posted 2 Jun 2015 , 11:23pm
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The basil flavour isn't that unusual these days but then what is, haha? See  allrecipes.com for a recipe for a basil cake with balsamic strawberries.  I know what you mean Bogginboy, because I had the same reaction.

Cakemom21 Posted 29 Aug 2015 , 11:21pm
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I just wanted to update this. I bought the complete kit last week, and tried it today. I made the Horchata cupcakes (wilton recipe) which smelled so good while I baked it. The cupcakes themselves are very light in flavor, but you know they're not plain. You just cant pinpoint what you are tasting (at least for me). Then the frosting tastes just like graham crackers. When you put them together, it tastes like a light Horchata flavor. My son loved it. I might add more drops the next time to see if I get a deeper flavor. It was good though.

Then I made a lemon cake that I tried a few months back, and although it was good it didn't have enough lemon flavor. So today I subbed my sour cream for lemon yogurt, cut back on vanilla and upped the lemon extract, and put in 10 drops of the lemon meyer treatology flavor. WoW! It is exactly what I was looking for. I added some of the lemon meyer and vanilla custard drops to my buttercream, and it made a delicious lemon chiffon buttercream.

Jeff_Arnett Posted 30 Aug 2015 , 1:21am
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I've been experiementing with the sweet vanilla custard....I add 2 drops along with my regular vanilla per each 2 pounds of powdered sugar.  So far, everyone has really liked it.

mccantsbakes Posted 30 Aug 2015 , 1:47am
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I have really been wanting to try the basil flavor.   Haven't had the occasion yet.

I am doing a cake currently where one tier is lemon rosemary.   OH. SO. SO. SO. GOOD.   

I can only imagine that basil would be fantastic against a lemon or strawberry or lavender.....yum!   

Shockolata Posted 30 Aug 2015 , 10:10am
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I was looking at them yesterday because they stopped selling the cherry-mint-cinnamon-spearmint flavour kit which I was planning on trying. The Treatology kit doesn't seem to have made it into the UK yet but I am happy that you are sharing your findings with us. Horchata, isn't that a Spanish drink made with almonds?

-K8memphis Posted 30 Aug 2015 , 1:20pm
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wow how cool -- thanks for this -- had never heard of it --

Cakemom21 Posted 30 Aug 2015 , 11:22pm
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Horchata is a rice water drink that has cinnamon. Although I just looked it up and it says that it is a "milky drink made up of ground almonds, tiger nuts or rice. " Growing up we always had the version of rice. I never knew it could be made with ground almonds, or tiger nut (I don't even know what tiger nuts are!)

The funny thing is I made the cupcakes (Horchata and Lemon) and took them to the volunteers at church. I got feedback a couple of hours ago and the lady said everyone that tried the Horchata loved them, and most of them didn't like the lemon, said it wasn't lemony enough. It is the same recipe that they all picked (I had made two different versions about a month and a half ago) and I this time I used lemon yogurt instead of sour cream, upped the lemon extract and added some of the treatology drops. I though it was great. Then they said this buttercream was "too sweet" (sugar and butter, go figure) which it is the same recipe they have been having every weekend for the past two months! I just add different flavorings.

I think it is time to stop giving them the treats.

Shockolata Posted 30 Aug 2015 , 11:27pm
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They drink horchata in Spain and it is made with almonds there. I did not know you could make it with rice water :) As for your ladies at church, don't forget that the sense of taste relies on the sense of smell so if they smelled something stronger, they would be likely to think it is different and not knowing what it was they would be likely to describe it as too sweet. 

Cakemom21 Posted 30 Aug 2015 , 11:35pm
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I'm dying to know how Horchata tastes made with almonds. I love almonds. As for the ladies at church, I know the icing was sweet, but it is always that sweet. It was lemon, and I think if anything is was sweet then tart (like lemon). I just thought it was funny because that icing was the same- literally. I saved the left over from last week and froze it. Last weekend they loved it. I think I'll hold off on giving them treats for a month or two and let their taste buds "cool off" for a while.

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