Sculpted Cake Too Big For Refrigerator

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staceycakes7 Posted 18 May 2015 , 12:30am
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Hi all, I'm working on a sculpted cake on a foam board with wood underneath. New to carving so it took me a while to complete that portion. Next step is ganache and I wanted to chill it first,  but it's too big for my refrigerator. Any ideas on how I can get it cold? 

I can't take it apart  and I tired a box with a few pounds of dry ice in it and that didn't work. Any ideas?

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Pastrybaglady Posted 18 May 2015 , 12:35am
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Is it too wide or too tall or is your fridge too full?

winniemog Posted 18 May 2015 , 3:52am
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I "chilled" an enormous cake that was too long and wide for my fridge by placing it in a room with the AC on full blast and the door closed. It was ok, and the weather was hot hot hot outside.

once you have the ganache on it should set up overnight without going in the fridge, especially if you turn off the heat overnight! But I know you're worried about chilling before the ganache - try the AC or beg a friend with a bigger fridge!

me_me1 Posted 18 May 2015 , 11:01am
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I second the AC on full blast in a room where you can shut the door idea - works a treat for me in the middle of Aussie summers  :)

-K8memphis Posted 18 May 2015 , 6:01pm
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i just wanted to say i love the phrase "works a treat" -- too cool

and as to the cake that's too big for the chill box question is there any way to cut off a bit (seriously) and put the whole thing on something that will fit -- then reassemble before ganaching?

staceycakes7 Posted 18 May 2015 , 9:04pm
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The base is too big along with the fridge being too full. There would have to be no food in there at all to attempt accommodating it.

I'll try the AC thing thanks! And no I cant cut a piece off and reassemble. It's a sculpted cake

-K8memphis Posted 18 May 2015 , 11:53pm
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of course the base is too big if the cake is too big -- point being if you want it in there bad enough that's a way to do it -- just saying don't miss my point -- yes you have to create two new temporary bases --

but be careful that it does not dry out whichever way you go -- best to you

-K8memphis Posted 18 May 2015 , 11:56pm
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and i've spent many a midnight hour (or 4 am) cleaning out the fridge so i could pop a fricken cake in there 

SquirrellyCakes Posted 19 May 2015 , 12:15am
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-K8 -memphis - thanks for the chuckle about the midnight hour or worse cleaning out the fridge. Bought the largest fridge I could fit in the fridge opening.  Kept the old one in the basement.  Have the big ole casket style freezer in the basement and there still isn't enough room for things.  And that is even in a nice clean penicillin-free refrigerator.  Guess the only solution is to always eat out.  Good thing I don't have counter depth refrigerators.

-K8memphis Posted 19 May 2015 , 12:41am
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"penicillin-free" --- ahahahahaha 

-K8memphis Posted 19 May 2015 , 12:43am
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if the cake thing doesn't work out maybe i can go into the 'life saving business' -- hahahaha

i can pump out a bunch of the fuzzy blue & green stuff -- lol

SquirrellyCakes Posted 19 May 2015 , 12:45am
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Shasha2727 Posted 21 May 2015 , 11:28pm
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It's probably too late now, but if future decorators encounter this issue, ask the people at the store where you buy groceries if you can stash it in their walk-in. I had to do this once, and the bakery department at my grocer was accommodating, allowing me to hold the cake there for 2 days. I had to bring it in thru the back door so no one saw it. Now I always make a poster board mock up of at least the base & height dimensions of the cake. I traded a large birthday cake for an extra fridge for the garage, swearing it would be for pastry only. That lasted 2 weeks. Then I began using it for overflow from the kitchen. But when necessary, I have removed all food to coolers overnight, and take the shelves out to hold a big cake.

I did this once with a big lasagna. Made fresh pasta, marinara from fresh roma tomatoes, fresh ricotta from whole milk & cream. Worked all day, photographing steps for a tutorial. Assembled all in a lovely new porcelain casserole dish, and went to put it in the preheated oven. Only then did I realize the pan was bigger than the oven....

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