I Made 2 Different Batches Of Gf Lofthouse Cookies

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-K8memphis Posted 14 May 2015 , 7:51pm
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and the first batch was great and the second batch was a little crumbly -- so to try to fix it i'm going to add some cream cheese and an egg yolk --

i make a batch, freeze most of it and then only bake off enough for the two of us because i have an insatiable sweet tooth and would eat all of it at once -- there are certain things that i will eat unbaked right out of the freezer anyhow so i try not to make extra of those items heheheheh like streusel topping for apple pie -- no cannot make in advance -- but lofthouse cookie batter does not appeal to me unbaked -- so i'm safe there -- also safe if they suck hahaha

anyhow will report back on if the extra egg yolk and cream cheese helped -- wonder if i should put in a tad of buttermilk...then i'd have to add a touch of flour too...

but i can't remember exactly what i did the first time -- pretty sure i used all cream cheese and no sour cream -- this time i used half cc & half sc -- and our sc here is watery so next time all cc --

we'll see...y'know i bet some xanthan gum first time around would have helped but how would i get it incorporated now...

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SquirrellyCakes Posted 14 May 2015 , 8:30pm
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What does the"gf" stand for or is that code for swear words?

rsquared02 Posted 14 May 2015 , 8:50pm
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Probably gluten free!  I would ask for the recipe, but then I would make them.  And eat them.  Perhaps even straight out of the freezer, lol.  

-K8memphis Posted 14 May 2015 , 8:51pm
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hahahaha no, not swear words "gluten free" 

non-wheat flour seems to agree with me much more than the wheat 

SquirrellyCakes Posted 14 May 2015 , 8:58pm
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HEEHEE.. well I'm a DC (dumb cluck, no offence to chickens everywhere) but it didn't even dawn on me it was gluten free.  Guess my mind was in the glutter er gutter...

-K8memphis Posted 14 May 2015 , 9:09pm
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you're so funny --

rsquared02 -- i will post it when/if i get it figured out --

OH i just remembered i used mostly oat flour last time! that's another reason it's different -- geez just because i completely changed the recipe i can't figure out why it didn't turn out -- oh dang well at least i remembered

i make the oat flour in my ninja blender vrooom vroooom

-K8memphis Posted 14 May 2015 , 9:13pm
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squirellycakes -- come to think of it gf could also stand for god forsaken in this case of previously good now crumbly cookies :)

rsquared02 Posted 14 May 2015 , 9:16pm
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Ha ha!  Oat flour?  I haven't done much GF baking, so I've only ever used almond flour and coconut flour.  Cool.  Do you do a lot of GF baking?

-K8memphis Posted 14 May 2015 , 9:42pm
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define a lot -- i usually just read a few recipes and try to come up with something -- but i'm not baking for others at this point -- no 5-tier gf wedding cakes :)

if i use wheat flour i gain weight bam! if i eat a nice individual apple pie or i can even have 2 big fat thick lofthouse cookies with a big glump of icing -- i can maintain my weight sometimes even drop a pound so yes for myself & my husband i mostly use gf -- or rather wheat free --

oat flour is the best -- it makes great pie crust -- i mean i usually use at least half oat flour in whatever i'm making then i toss in a little sorghum flour, a little rice flour and some tapioca flour/starch or potato flour/starch or both tapioca and potato -- but the oat is the base usually -- oats really agree with me --

and i've used coconut and almond too for various things -- i used the coconut in the streusel topping (for the pie) and it tasted like coconuts aghh -- that's a great flavor in some things but not my apple pie! but it makes great peanut butter cookies if memory* serves and by the nature of the information revealed in this post ah no not a good memory* -- hahaha

SquirrellyCakes Posted 14 May 2015 , 10:25pm
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Quote by @-K8memphis on 1 hour ago

squirellycakes -- come to think of it gf could also stand for god forsaken in this case of previously good now crumbly cookies :) I was thinking something closer to good fluffin....

SquirrellyCakes Posted 14 May 2015 , 10:45pm
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Funny you should mention the weight connection but I discovered the same thing. Cut out wheat and it is easier to lose and maintain weight. Plus your tummy might just feel better.

 Are you familiar with Kathy Smart and her gluten free cookbooks or her site - Livethesmartway.com?  She has been on Dr.  Oz.  She is from here (Ottawa).  She had been a personal trainer and instructor at my local gymn and is a registered nutritionalist. Lovely, positive person .  Nice recipes in her books too.  

-K8memphis Posted 14 May 2015 , 10:53pm
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squirellycakes -- you got it! HAHAHA

yes i usually make fg cookies :)

and the doctored batch is almost in the oven -- i used a teensy bit of zanthan, some cream, some cream cheese, some oat flour, an egg yolk and a handful of sugar and if these turn out i'll be fg

(fn gobsmacked) lol

but once you put the icing on there you can't really go wrong -- you can go crumbly but...i gmfc*

*got my fingers crossed

-K8memphis Posted 14 May 2015 , 10:54pm
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thank you, squirellycakes, i will definitely look her up and her recipes!


-K8memphis Posted 14 May 2015 , 11:42pm
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and the verdict is in on the fix and we have a winner! yay! 

so it's a good save, no longer crumbly  -- but now i gotta remember what i did the first time...to be continued...

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