gabesmom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:13pm
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Maybe i being a bit over dramatic, and for that i am sorry icon_sad.gif , but i truly do need help.

here's the thing....

i have an order due tomorrow (sat.) of the wiggles logo. i carved my cake, gave it a buttercream coating and stuck it in the fridge for a bit. then i covered it in Poured Fondant. BUT THE SIDES LOOK LIKE ABSOLUTE CRAP!!!! icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif it's all lumpy and bumpy and not smooth like the top.

does anyone know if buttercream piping will hold on the sides of this cake covered in poured fondant? (fyi - poured fondant is a glaze mixture of conf. sugar, water, light corn syrup and extract).

If piping can hold on the sides w/out sliding off, i'll do it to save the cake, but if it can't i need to know what to do.

ps - i don't have time to bake another cake. icon_eek.gif

please help me.

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carflea Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:16pm
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what about cutting the sides off and just doing buttercream?

Monica_ Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:17pm
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Yes, I would carve off the mess and recoat it in buttercream

carflea Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:18pm
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you could even do piping with the different wiggles colors.....

gabesmom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:19pm
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the thing is, i started off with a 12x 18 sheet cake... i carved it and now it is smaller. if i cut it some more.... it will be even smaller.

BUT, I DON'T HAVE TO CUT IT TOO MUCH, i could just give it a "shaving."

i didn't think of that. thanks.

have you worked with poured fondant before? do you know if the buttercream will slip off?

gabesmom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:21pm
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all excellent ideas.... thank you.

i think carving it again will probably work the best.

thank you!!!

anymore ideas?

carflea Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:21pm
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i haven't worked with fondant. Doesn't it just peel off? You would just have to carve through the layer of fondant.

Cakechick123 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:22pm
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if the poured fondant is dry, I cant see any problem in piping over it. Maybe try a bit on the back and see what happens.

I tried taking PF off a cake once and it took the cake away as well icon_sad.gif

ape Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:22pm
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Maybe you could try a little buttercream in one area on the back...if it holds, great, if not, maybe a fondant wrap?

gabesmom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:25pm

great, all great ideas.

unfortunately carflea, poured fondant on a cake is like glaze on a donut.

i will try some piping on the back of the cake.... if it doesn't hold.... i'll give it a shave.


knoxcop1 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:26pm

I'm thinking that the buttercream would hold on just fine over the poured fondant. Especially if it's American style decorator's buttercream.

I'm not sure about the whipped buttercreams, though--less sugar more butters, there.


carflea Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:30pm

OH Sorry! Good Luck and Post the picture when your done : )

gabesmom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:31pm


really!!!??? the buttercream would stay?

this is great, thanks so much!!!!

knoxcop1 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:38pm

I don't see why not! I use buttercream for decorations on my petit-fours all the time. That's poured fondant under there...


okieinalaska Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:39pm

Sounds like it might work out, I hope it does. : )

Can I ask why though you used poured fondant on a sheet cake? Is that a common thing? How does poured fondant taste? I have never tried it.

gabesmom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:48pm

i did the poured fondant on the cake b/c i wasn't too confident with covering the carved odd shaped cake with fondant. i figured the poured fondant would work best....

i guess i was wrong.

Knox..... thanks.

Everyone, THANK YOU!

mamacc Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:20pm

It's really not all that hard to cover odd shapes in long as it's not a shape with a narrower bottom. That can be a little tricky.

I covered my VW beetle cake in fondant....which is fairly similar to the Wiggles car.


chelleb1974 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:29pm

I, too, covered a car cake in fondant. It was Wilton's 3D car pan - I had no problem covering it with rolled fondant.


NikkiDoc Posted 27 Jan 2007 , 4:46am

I just bought a Wilton decorating tips book (I'm newbie) and saw the recipe for poured fondant. Is it as easy to use as the rolled MMF? What is the taste like compared to the mmf?

nefgaby Posted 27 Jan 2007 , 4:59am

I´ve never worked with poured fondant but what if you cut strips the size of your sides out of regular MMF and let them dry over night and tomorrow you just place them around the cake to cover the sides like that and then decorate over the regular fondant sides??? Just an idea, hope you can fix this, post pics, would love to see the cake. HTH

drwendy Posted 28 Jan 2007 , 3:22am

If buttercream won't stick (and it might not on the sides...I only decorate the tops of my petit fours for that reason), then I bet royal would, it sticks to everything. I have a really hard time on the sides with poured icing as well....if you don't go in one perfect smooth coat, you're lost and you can't touch it up. Darned tasty, though.

gabesmom Posted 29 Jan 2007 , 1:04am

thank you all for your help....

here's how if fixed the problem:

I "shaved" the poured fondant glaze off the sides and then covered the whole cake in buttercream stars. It's not how I pictured the cake, but at the last minute.... it all came together.

Boy, cake decorating is a stressful job!

.... but i love it.

thanks to all again!!!

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