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aluvs2bake Posted 28 Apr 2015 , 2:53am
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The bride want real rope on the cake.  The bottom two tiers will be fake, but the top is not.  Is there a way to make a rope food safe?  She sent me the rope and it looks like the rope in this picture.  Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you! 

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Magic Mouthfuls Posted 28 Apr 2015 , 7:29am
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You could put a strip of clear acetate in-between the icing and the rope/twine.  Clear acetate can be purchased in craft stores or chocolate/candy sections of cake decorating stores.

-K8memphis Posted 28 Apr 2015 , 11:26am
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ask her if she would want to eat french fries or sandwiches tied with (unsanitary) rope -- rope as you know is so easily made from fondant -- I wouldn't make/serve that to anyone -- it's worse than risky -- the bride is asking you to be irresponsible -- just say no is what I would do --

 rope can easily be incorporating into the reception in any number of ways -- there's no reason for it to on the food

 best to you

-K8memphis Posted 28 Apr 2015 , 11:36am
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and y'know what your bride would probably say yes she would eat the fries tied with dirty rope -- it's her choice -- but the greater point is that she should answer "no" to serving that to anyone else especially her loved ones and so should you

Frank68 Posted 28 Apr 2015 , 12:24pm
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Lol - love the answer

aluvs2bake Posted 4 May 2015 , 3:17pm
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I am still looking for acetate right now, but if I can not find it, I am going to see if cellophane is strong enough.  I also was told by someone to maybe use a satin ribbon that is the same color as the cake.  So I am going to try these things and see if it works out.  Thanx for your suggestions!

-K8memphis Posted 4 May 2015 , 7:37pm
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to answer your original question no there is no way to make rope food safe -- to continue is to take great risk with stranger's health

my rule of thumb is if i would do this to the baby's porridge, or grandma's mashed potatoes then i would do it for the guests at xyz wedding -- bottom line it is unsafe and you bear the burden of providing safe food -- best to you -- decision's yours

there are many other ways to incorporate rope into the design and retain your integrity

good luck

Magic Mouthfuls Posted 4 May 2015 , 10:25pm
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@K8memphis you are totally right, but as she said her bottom two tiers were fake, so those two tiers can accommodate the rope/twine (as they will not be consumed).  

@aluvs2bake - the loose fibres from the rope/twine will still be a issue (might get air-born), so you could spray thoroughly with clear lacquer or hairspray or olive oil before attaching to the bottom 2 tiers of the cake.

-K8memphis Posted 4 May 2015 , 10:42pm
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ohhhhh gooood -- i should have gone back and re-read that -- phew so happy!

Frank68 Posted 4 May 2015 , 10:43pm
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Confectioner's Glaze comes in an aerosol albeit it's a bit pricey (around $30). It does last a long time and you can spray it on the rope to prevent loose fibers from falling. A lot easier than painting on clear lacquer. It will dry hard to the touch.


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