First Scratch Cake Is My Cousin's Wedding Cake, Uhm I Think I Need Help

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torisgotthis Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 6:26am
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Okay, so my cousin had this awesome idea, and now im making my first scratch cake ever, for one ofnthe biggest days in her life. I've made a few practice rounds, and it tastes amazing. Its a white cake with almond and vanilla. Anyways, the issues is well, I dont know what I'm doing.

Here are my questions, but any pointers, tips, comments, links, turtorials ect would be so greatly appreciated;

1: how many layers per tier? Ive been doing two, but my cake is so plain. 

2: crumb coating, does that mean a thin layer, freeze it let it dry, final layer, let it dry, then decorate? 

3: how do I get my tiers all at one height? Just extra special attentions? 

Thank you for reading all of this, and im sorry for my noob-ness. All the money is spent so I have to (slash secretly really love this) bake a pretty cake

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julia1812 Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 9:17am
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Wow, you are brave! Am by far not an expert, but let me try answer your questions:

1: how many layers per tier? Ive been doing two, but my cake is so plain.

 Make 4! I normally bake two layers for one tier (I'll come to that later). Use a cake leveler to cut even layers -I can't live without!

2: crumb coating, does that mean a thin layer, freeze it let it dry, final layer, let it dry, then decorate?


 Crumb coating means after torting and filling the layers, you apply a thin coat of butter cream or ganache to "coat the crumbs". You don't want any crumbs showing in your final coat.


3: how do I get my tiers all at one height? Just extra special attentions?


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julia1812 Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 9:23am
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Oops, accidentally pressed submit ...


So, number 3: I bake all my layers the same hight, leaving room for filling/ icing. There is a great chart telling you how many cups of batter to use for a layer of cake in any size and shape. Will try and find the link. Also I'm using a chart for butter cream cups for a specific size/ shape of cake.

 But most importantly, look into a good support system. Don't know if you have done tiered cakes before... There are so many ways to use different dowels, etc, make sure you're 100% sure about that!

torisgotthis Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 3:00pm
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Thank you so much. advice is everything at this point.

costumeczar Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 3:37pm
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I did a "how to make your own wedding cake" tutorial that I sell online, it will take you from layers in pans to finished cake. I'd go through all of that but it's all in there. Look on my website or in my Etsy shop from my profile links. There's really too much for any of us to go through to take you step by step. If you want to watch a lot of videos you can probably do it yourself but it's going to take time.

torisgotthis Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 5:35pm
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Ok thank you. Ive got my batter and the chemistry behind it down. I habe cake release down. And I finally got the icing smooth with a hot spatula the cups helped me so much! Im working on making it pretty at this point.

gaviota4fly Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 5:43pm
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Don't forget to share pictures

torisgotthis Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 5:55pm
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I won't.  :) practicing my top tier today before work. I'll keep you posted

-K8memphis Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 6:29pm
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torisgothis (kindasorta ;) cute name

i didn't read everything -- but your #2 is not exactly it on the crumb coating --just to define terms first -- wedding cakes are comprised of several tiers of cake where within each tier are layers of cake separated by filling --

when you have one tier assembled -- layers of cake with filling in between that will be iced as one 'cake' or tier -- you can apply a thin layer of buttercream all around the outside -- usually skip the crumb coat because it's often just as easy to slap it all on there in the first place

so then you decide all along the trail how to hold the cake -- i freeze* my tiers filled but uniced -- i tested so i know in advance what freezes & thaws ok -- then i whip it out at the appointed time ice & decorate -- i hold mine in the fridge & then deliver --

so these are two different decisions -- when & if you crumb coat & how to hold the cake during the birth

i wrap these uniced tiers up like drug dealers wrap their wares so the police dogs won't sniff 'em out -- i usually say i wrap them up like mummies maybe should go back to that description huh -- anyhow i multi wrap 3 layers deep, most efficiently as should you if you decide you want to freeze or refrigerate tiers during the process --

best to you,  torisalmostgotthis and if anything else comes up please post -- would love to help you 


remnant3333 Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 6:48pm
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Make sure you do not forget to put either bubble straws or what ever you use to hold up the cake that is on top of each cake.

If you need free advice just go on you tube and look up do it yourself wedding cakes and there are many people there with videos showing you step by step how to do it. Good luck!!

torisgotthis Posted 16 Apr 2015 , 7:55pm
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@K8 memphis thank you, your post was informitive and gave me quite a chukle. 

Everyone, thank you. Keep em comming im stuffing this information and taking notes one day a masterpiece will come out of it. 

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