missyv110 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:05am
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Hi everyone!

If you've seen any of my pics & posts, you'll know I love cupcakes. (can you say obsession? icon_redface.gif )

I'm working on a new blog (on Blogger; free & quite easy to use)......it combines three things I love to do - bake cupcakes, take pictures, and write about anything nostalgic!

It's a work in progress, but please have a look; I'll keep updating it as I try new recipes.



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darandon Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:11am
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Great looking cup cakes. Thanks for sharing your ideas. thumbs_up.gif

JaneK Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:16am
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super looking cupcakes on your blog!..very professional looking blogsite too!! thumbs_up.gif

bohemia Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:17am
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Your site is so cute! And you take such beautiful pictures!

nglez09 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:20am
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Wow, those luck good. And I am supposed to be a hater of cupcakes! icon_lol.gif Awesome job!

kerririchards Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:21am
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I love your blog! Those cupcakes are GREAT! How did you do the carnation looking cupcake in the chocolate and more chocolate picture? That would be so cute in pink for a little girl's party!

ValMommytoDanny Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:23am
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Great Blog! The photography and composition of the cupcakes are fantastic! Great Job!

sweetflowers Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:28am
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That is just fantastic. Your photos look professional and your work is fabulous icon_smile.gif

missyv110 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:28am
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You guys have made my DAY.

Thank you so much! I'm determined to work my way through a bunch of recipes, tweak some, and share the results. I'm so happy to have cake friends who can get as excited as I do, looking at cake stuff! Not like poor hubby who has SORE eyes from rolling them around all the time.

Thanks again, your feedback means so much. This online community rocks!

Kerri - for that carnation look I used an Ateco pastry tube, big number like 806 or something.


mom2spunkynbug Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:33am

FANTASTIC!! icon_eek.gif I love it!! It's so professional looking! Those are some great pics!! You did an awesome job!! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

cupcakequeen Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:48am

missyv110, love the cupcakes! Would you mind sharing your vanilla recipe? My cupcakes are always flat...I' like how yours look a little domed icon_smile.gif

missyv110 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 3:55am

Hi, CupcakeQueen (all hail!!)

for the Vanilla Cupcakes:
I used a DH French Vanilla mix, 4 eggs, a pckg of instant vanilla pudding mix, less oil than called for, and a mix of water/sour cream to make up the liquid. And LOTS of pure vanilla extract, I just splashed it in. I was happy with their dome-i-ness, I've had flat vanillas too!

Thanks for taking the time to look at the site you guys....

BooBooKitty Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 5:57am

Oh your cupcakes are so cute and yummy looking! Makes me want to run bake a batch right now, of course mine wouldn't look nothing like yours. icon_rolleyes.gif

Love love LOVE cupcakes icon_smile.gif

cakedecofun Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:40am


Your cupcakes are "Awesome." Thank you for sharing this treat with us.

Keep up your beautiful cake art.


JoanneK Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 6:50am

Wow! You are the cupcake queen! Great job on the cupcakes and the blog site.

franjmc Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 7:34am

I really love your cupcakes, especially the lemon one in the glass, that looks amazing!

missyv110 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 12:47pm

I'm so moved and 'boosted' by this great feedback, my camera's crying out to take more photos, my oven's practically turning itself on to bake cupcakes. Wow!

One question, please: Even though this is a blog and not a real 'website', do you think it would be ok to add it as my 'www' link in my profile?

All you cupcake-lovers can bookmark the site, please drop back occasionally for new recipe reviews and pictures.

Thanks, thanks, thanks.....Like katharry said in another post, the support of people on this board has helped so many of us be brave enough to try new things.....

acookieobsession Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 2:31pm

I think adding it as your website would be ok...I have never noticed any rules on the matter.

You pictures are very artistic and the cupcakes look heavenly.



MarieAnna Posted 27 Jan 2007 , 1:45am

They look amazing!! adorable, lovely.


vww104 Posted 27 Jan 2007 , 3:10am

I also love cupcakes...loved your site, very professional. Great work!

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