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LilDe Posted 25 Mar 2015 , 11:42am
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So I recently downloaded this new game on the App Store & it's absolutely amazing. So I decided to make one of the characters out of cake, but the only problem is that (well okay there might be more then one problem ) 

I have very little experience as I've ony just started to get into the cake decorating world 

& I have no idea on how you'd carve a cake with a round stomach/body. Everytime I see a 3D cake the body isn't round! 

What do I do?!!

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julia1812 Posted 25 Mar 2015 , 1:52pm
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Can you post a picture please?

LilDe Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 12:07am
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julia1812 Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 6:39am
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No picture...

LilDe Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 7:12am
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Did this work? I don't know how to insert photos..

-K8memphis Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 10:39am
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the little bunny?

-K8memphis Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 10:44am
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round the cake off with a knife, sculpt it or bake a cake in a bowl -- don't put too much batter in there or it will never bake -- stack it on top of a round cake if you need it deeper

LilDe Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 11:01am
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Yes I'm talking about the little bunny 

that doesn't make sense to me.. 

julia1812 Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 11:57am
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The cakes you'll need (as k8 mentioned) is a round cake and a half ball cake on top for the body, maybe carved to fit the bunny's shape. Ball cake or RKT as head and 2 feet, either cupcakes or RKT (rice crispy treats mixed with marshmallows).

julia1812 Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 11:59am
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Oh, hang on, head not round as a ball, so use big round cake(s) on a separate cake board and stag.

julia1812 Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 12:00pm
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Probably with a centre dowel...

LilDe Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 12:02pm
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Wow I never knew how something so simple was so complicated 

with his tummy will the round cake(s) be horizontal or vertical? & the same with the head 

-K8memphis Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 12:59pm
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if you want it laying down the cakes are placed horizontal on the board -- if you're doing a laying down bunny cake in 2-d i'll make a diagram --

if you want the character standing up in 3-d -- that's a whole other ball game -- 

-K8memphis Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 1:03pm
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and if laying down -- do you want more servings or less servings

Lizzybug78 Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 1:28pm
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Quote by @LilDe on 1 hour ago

Wow I never knew how something so simple was so complicated 

with his tummy will the round cake(s) be horizontal or vertical? & the same with the head 

Any chance you could say this to every person you meet who would like a 'simple' cake please? :)

LilDe Posted 26 Mar 2015 , 10:25pm
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I'd prefer him standing up in 3D 

but I think it'll have to be 2D for now, until I grasp the hang of things, haha :) 

lizzybug78, what are you meaning?

-K8memphis Posted 27 Mar 2015 , 5:37pm
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i have the diagram ready but i gotta get my dog to the groomer -- be right back -- in the meantime what size sheet type pans to do you have?

-K8memphis Posted 27 Mar 2015 , 7:33pm
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groomer didn't show -- le sigh

so the two pictures are in my gallery -- i just expertly traced the bunny on my computer screen :) cut him up* and arranged him in a more geometrically pleasing way -- squarely -- i figure it would work on a 10x15 size cake -- but all depends on how big you copy him out to be -- my bunny was 2.5" by 3.75"  so if i enlarged it four times bigger it would fit on a 10x15 --

to round the tummy -- put two layers of cake together just like you would any two layer cake -- cut off the edges at an angle and this will round off the cake/tummy -- if the top cake was baked with the hump in the middle as well -- voila -- and if the hump was off center all the better --put a butter knife under the pan when you bake it -- he's got an oval kinda tummy --

i also think the mouth area should be two layers too --

all you do is pile up more cake than you need and carve the excess away revealing the bunny --

if you cut the feet & hand out like that attach them with icing so they don't fall over --

*no bunnies were hurt during the making of the template

i wanna see a picture if you pull this off -- even if you don't i want to see what you come up with ;)

best to you

LilDe Posted 28 Mar 2015 , 1:21am
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Thank you so much for the diagram(s) !! That's going to come in handy!! 

So would I bake one big square cake & then cut out the parts 


would I use a square cake & a cirlce cake? Thanks 

-K8memphis Posted 28 Mar 2015 , 3:14pm
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you're welcome -- i would use a rectangular shaped cake for optimum efficiency  (for least amount of waste for example a half sheet pan or a 10x15 jelly roll pan -- probably bake two of those and make a layer cake* before you cut because the sides of those pans are only an inch deep -- but obviously the pans you already have would be the most economical -- and it all depends on how big you want it and how much you enlarge the drawing 

and if you just cut out the head and body and ears it would be more secure leave the feet & hand intact -- i just cut them out because it made it all fit better -- but i'm worried about you cutting such little pieces to attach -- so be aware of that --

*you need to watch some you tube videos on layering/leveling cakes

-K8memphis Posted 28 Mar 2015 , 3:15pm
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just make sure  your pattern fits onto whatever you bake -- you could use any sizes of pans

LilDe Posted 29 Mar 2015 , 10:24am
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It's not so much the layering I'm worried about, its the carving...

-K8memphis Posted 29 Mar 2015 , 1:50pm
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his face seems kind of flat it's only his belly that seems like it could be slightly rounded -- just snipping off the top edge of the cakes will round it off --

hey another thing -- don't get too caught up in making the cake part 110% correct -- because the icing (are you using fondant?) can camouflage more than you might think plus the decor even though it's a pretty straightforward design you'll be concentrating on it one iota at a time but once you take it all in in toto it will work whether the cake was all rounded out perfectly or not -- seriously you got this even if it was all the same height all over it will be adorable -- so since you are thinking to carve it up some it will be even better but keep ithe carving minimal

and just round out the appropriate edges -- the top of his head should be square -- his mouth could be rounded a bit -- his tummy could be rounded  --

i see the top of his head and his tummy being shorter cake than his mouth like the mouth being an inch or so thicker/taller and his body/arms being the thinnest of all -- that's how i see it -- there's no wrong way to do it -- just sculpt conservatively then let the icing make the most decisions where you are most expressive -- for example you can apply a little more or less wherever you want the cake is just holding it up --

can't wait

LilDe Posted 29 Mar 2015 , 2:01pm
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Would I be able to make him outta sponge cake? 

& yeah I was planning on using chocolate ganache & fondant 

-K8memphis Posted 29 Mar 2015 , 5:25pm
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well that's different -- i was thinking you would use buttercream and fondant -- i know peeps who sculpt with sponge cake so sponge cake should be fine --

but the ganache (unless it's whipped)  makes my advice about not being super careful with the sculpted cake part null and void -- i've never done one with ganache but since ganache sets up so firm i guess the sculpting part is more important but still there is not much definition in this cake either -- just saying i've never done one with g & f -- 

because buttercream is so much more forgiving/maleable that ganache -- so you'll still do fine and it will taste even better with the ganache

and while you'd be more careful with the sculpted cake part still go lightly with the knife -- 

i hope i get to see a picture ;)

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