Ganache And Buttercream

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kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 8:09pm
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So I have a question has anyone ever filled their cakes with buttercream, crumb coated it with buttercream then did the final layer with ganache?? I've been having lots of issues with bulging and I just want to have a straight cake with sharp edges. I want the ganache to be the on there just to get sharp edges and to avoid bulges but I still want to taste the buttercream not so much the chocolate especially with a vanilla cake 

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kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 8:20pm
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i have a client who wants a cake bit it will held at a bar so I know it will pretty humid I don't want the risk of it damaging. If anyone has any advise and has tried thus please let me know the outcome and the flavor 

CakeBlessed Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:23pm
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Have you ever considered making a buttercream with ganache mixed into it in place of the shortening? I recently did this and it was FABULOUS! Not only did it hold up great with nice straight edges, but the taste was out of this world! I used a vanilla/almond buttercream and mixed a white chocolate ganache in to stabilize it. 

cocobean Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:48pm
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Try making some buttercream for piping the dam--EXTRA stiff.  This is what I always do.  I take some of the regular buttercream that I have already made, put it in another bowl and add lots more powdered sugar.  You can make it so stiff that you can actually roll a snake of it with your hands.  Use that for you dam around the edge of the cake, then fill with your regular buttercream.  It will never bulge. 

I should mention that I always frost my cakes upside down to, to get the nice sharp edges.  Refrigerate for a while then turn right side up.  Here is my link to this technique.  Hope this helps!



p.s. In the video I frost the outside of the cake with smbc but you can certainly do it with American bc! 

kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:53pm
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Cake blessed so if my buttercream recipe is 1 cup shortening I would just add 1 cup ganache instead? Did you fill it with this as well?

kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:57pm
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Coco bean I do make the dam stiff and it still bulges I really don't know why us this happening I do put my caje in the fridge after applying buttercream then take it out the next day apply shortening to the cake cause its pretty hard then I apply the fondant after that I put it back in the fridge a couple of hours before I had to deliver I took it out so it can be at room temp but when I came to look at it there was the dreaded love handles 

CakeBlessed Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:57pm
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No, I used 1 cup of butter, 1/2 cup of ganache, increased my powdered sugar to get the icing good and stiff and also used heavy whipping cream for good body. (Shhhhh, don't tell, but I didn't even measure the whipping cream. I just splashed it in while mixing until the icing 'looked right.') This was the first time I had used the ganache mixed in with the buttercream so I was really just playing with it to see what would happen and I was really, really happy with the results!

kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:58pm
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Ive used smb before but I think it will melt because the event us at a hall

CakeBlessed Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:59pm
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And, yes, I filled with it as well. Just not a very thick layer.

kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 11:00pm
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That's cool I will try this method so I'm guessing you wouldn't recommend doing buttercream on the inside and ganache on the outside? @cake blessed

kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 11:01pm
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Cake blessed did it dry up and harden like ganache does 

kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 11:02pm
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Cake blessed did it dry up and harden like ganache does 

CakeBlessed Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 11:06pm
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I'm not saying I wouldn't recommend it, just that I stumbled on this path and I'm gonna travel it for a while, lol!

But I do wonder what putting ganache OVER buttercream will do since ganache has a different texture. I don't know that I'd try it. I wonder what the other, more experienced, bakers have to say about it?


CakeBlessed Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 11:07pm
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Oh, sorry, didn't see that last question! Yes, it did harden up, just not as hard as pure ganache. It was actually a very nice medium!

kamill Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 11:18pm
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Ok lol thanks so much i will try it do you know hoe to add pics on here I want to show you what happened to my cake uggh

CookieNibz Posted 7 Mar 2015 , 4:43pm
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I ALWAYS pipe a damn before filling. Make your damn fairly large and when stacking the cake REALLY press the layers down so that a little of the buttercream (SMBC or IMBC) squishes out. When I fill the damn with ganache i use a fairly thin layer of it. I have used ganache over buttercream several times works great. I wouldn't recommend chilling the buttercream before you pour the ganache. It will set your ganache too quickly and it won't completely cover the cake. Just make sure your ganache is warm enough to pour, but NOT so warm that it will melt your buttercream.   HTH

kamill Posted 8 Mar 2015 , 3:08pm
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Cookienibz thanks so much. I wasn't thinking about pouring the ganache I was going to spread it on. 

ropalma Posted 10 Mar 2015 , 2:23pm
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I make my damn out of ganache and this has stopped the bulging issue.

kamill Posted 10 Mar 2015 , 4:59pm
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ropalma what do you coat the outside with before fondant

CookieNibz Posted 11 Mar 2015 , 1:32am
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You can cover both in fondant. Depends on conditions where the cake will be shown/served.  I have used SMBC, ABC & both white & dark chocolate ganache under fondant (if you use a dark/semi ganache, be sure your fondant is dark enough so that the color won't bleed through).hth

ropalma Posted 11 Mar 2015 , 11:59am
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I use crusting buttercream under my fondant.

kamill Posted 11 Mar 2015 , 1:09pm
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