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cazza1 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 7:34am
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Not sure how everyone else is coping but I am running away for a week or so and hopefully some of the problems with this site will be ironed out.  

I posted on the Aussie site and first it went back to page one of the thread and then it seems to have disappeared altogether and the thread is not appearing in the 'thread continuum'

I cannot delete any of the photos from 'Favorites'  I for one do not want to keep every photo forever, it would take me too long to find what I want.

It seems that I have 2 unread messages.  I don't know how many times you want me to read them.  And they seem to have triplicated themselves as well. 

Hope others are coping with things better.

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cazza1 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 7:36am
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OK so the Aussie thread has appeared but any thread I try to enter goes back to page 1 of the thread, even if I have already read 762 pages of it.  Boring.

kuuushi Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 8:00am
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Nothing BUT problems cazza1

I've just left this on their FB page wall but I doubt anything will change so yes, I too am going to bury my head in the sand for a week and hope for change by the time I come back!

I posted this:

Are you seriously calling this an update? A week long update which is nothing really more than a new layout with a modern minimal approach at the expense of the forums?...
I have just logged on and a few of my CC cake buddies and I are having nothing b
ut difficulties... Firstly the forum is now a "conversation" we post and we get flipped straight back to the beginning of our thread which started in 2009!!!!! Yes, that long.... I get a random number of "messages" on every different page I go on, and we can't post pictures to "threads" now? CC... this really is disappointing. To top it all off there's no mobile friendly version. Utter balls!

Relznik Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 8:58am
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It shows that I have 25 unread comments on a thread (little 'bell' icon top right of the page)

I click to mark them all as read - but nothing happens.

And why can't we upload pics to threads any more?  Or emoticons?????

Relznik Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 8:59am
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And I can't mark my inbox messages as read, either.

smysha Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 9:08am
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I'm with @kuuushi  on this matter. The new layout is nice but whoever updated this website seems to have forgotten what people like from a forum. Please sort this out! From a week's wait I would have assumed that CC would have gotten a mobile friendly website up and running. For a forum this big that really is the minimum I'd expect.

smysha Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 9:10am
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I've just noticed something else amiss. All the tutorials used to be separated by subject or technique. Now I have to search page by page for something.

lellylemondrop Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 9:19am
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This is utter PANTS!!!!

cazza1 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 9:54am
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At least you can search.  My search box won't work!

Lizzybug78 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:08am
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Personally I don't even like the layout for the forum - why is a good third of the page taken up with people's avatars? Who gives a damn about them? I want to see what people post, not what photo they use for their profile! 

Left a list of issues on another thread started by heath, including the apparent removal of the edit function!? 

cazza1 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:38am
post #11 of 25 how are you supposed to PM people etc.  That has all disappeared.

maisie73 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:49am
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I knew CC was up and running again because I woke up to 27 emails!

i've only just been able to get on, I had to reset my password cos it refused to accept my old one, I don't know why that was, especially since I had 27 emails. To me. On my phone. At my email address. From CC.

tried to get on the uk thread, it took me to page 1. Really? Have you seen the uk thread? It's about a million pages long! 

Also the little arrow that takes you straight to the bottom of the page seems to have disappeared.

and I haven't tried to upload a photo to the thread but I've read we can't anymore. I'm not happy about that either.

I'm not a happy bunny at all tbh. Over a week with no CC was bad enough but to come back to this is so disappointing. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

didavista Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 11:23am
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I for one will be patient a little longer longer. Yes there are bugs and problems, but I am sure they are aware of many of them. After a week of no cake central, I am thankful it is up again. It is still the best, free cake site out there. Thank you cake central for your hard work and effort trying to make things better I have confidence you'll get there, eventually.

Lizzybug78 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 12:07pm
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That's a fair comment diva, but these are fundamental bugs that should have been sorted well before the site went live again. 

This smacks of desperation - ie the site was down for a week instead of 24 hours, panic ensues, let's just stick up what we have even though it's clearly not functioning correctly. 

There should have been checks before it was put live again, such as having working links (notifications/pm's/menu) and not chucking  you  back to the beginning of a thread when you post. That's basic stuff, and although anyone would expect some issues, the amount they have going on here is ridiculous. 

grama_j Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 1:39pm
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I don't know how to get to MY cakes, or my favorites, etc........ help please......

anavillatoro1 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 2:58pm
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I dont like the changes!! I can't found my favorites etc. 

cakedaysdesigns Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 5:15pm
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Aaaarrrrghhh!  I don't like this.  I just lost everything I typed!  How has this improved?  I must have missed that bit.  I cannot get back on using my old user name as it won't take my password.  I tried all ways to get it sent to me but nothing came.  This feels like a beta site - so not completely convinced everything is working.  Finally had to resort to joining as a new person, so am guessing this will now be moderated.  I can't search for anything or anyone.  Let's see if I can post.......



LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 6:04pm
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We can see that some of you are experiencing errors and have identified features you miss. The best way to communicate errors you are receiving is to use the help link in the top navigation. Describe the error as best as you can and provide a link to the page you are experiencing the issue on.

We’ve heard your concerns and are working to correct errors. This new version of will allow us to integrate all the features you loved before and add some new features you’ve been asking about for a while.

Special shoutout to @didavista, thanks for pointing out what we sometimes forget, Cake Central is the best free cake site on the internet. We want to keep getting better and all your feedback will make that happen. Thanks to everyone for your honesty and opinions, it’s what makes us a community!

Here are the bugs you’ve identified that we will prioritize:

  • returning to page 1 in a thread after replying

  • returning to where you left off in a thread you’ve visited before

  • duplicate or triplicate notifications and alerts

  • missing comments on your images (Jackie is fixing this as I type)

  • number of replies on each thread page

  • marking alerts as read

  • search function issues

  • @Lizzybug78 thanks for letting us know about the avatars dominating the screen on your mobile device, we’re working toward a mobile optimized version

  • drafts of replies are not saved causing a loss of a message while you are typing your reply, trust me this just happened to me while typing this reply, we are definitely prioritizing this function

Here are the features you miss or want:

  • upload pictures to threads

  • emoticons

  • editing forum replies

  • arrow to scroll to the bottom of the page

Here are some tips to help you use this new platform:

  • @cazza1 you can remove an image from your favorites by viewing the image, click the heart icon below the image, it will turn gray once you’ve un-favorited it.

  • @Relznik to make a private message as read, open your inbox by clicking on the green bubble at the top right of the page. Click view all, then check the box to the left of the message and select “mark as read” from the More menu dropdown.

  • @smysha we’ve found that the responsive layout looks great on android and apple devices and has full functionality when viewed in landscape. We know about the navigation bugs when viewing in portrait.

  • @smysha you can find tutorials by category or tag by searching for the category or tag. For example, search for “gumpaste flowers” in the top right search bar, then go to the Tutorials tab, there you’ll find all the tutorials that were categorized as gumpaste flowers. You can easy find pictures and conversations for the same keyword in the other search results tabs.

  • @maisie73 and @cakedaysdesigns you can find instructions for resetting your password here:

  • @maisie73 you can upload an image to the gallery and include a link in your forum replies, this won’t work if it’s an image you don’t want in your gallery but want in the conversation, we’re prioritizing this feature.

  • @grama_j to view your own cakes click your username at the top right of the page, then click My Profile, you can see all your photos by clicking the VIEW MORE button beside grama_j’s cake photos

  • @anavillatoro1 and grama_j, you can view your favorite cakes from your My Profile page, on the left of the page, click the word FAVORITES under your avatar.

Lizzybug78 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 6:20pm
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I'd just like to say thanks to leanne for taking the time to let us know that things are being looked at, and for posting specific fixes for people. 

It's good to know because whilst this is a great resource, if it doesn't work properly it's just not useful. 

cakedaysdesigns Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 6:32pm
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Echo Lizzybug78 - thank you Leanne.

jgifford Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:31pm
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I don't believe the proper amount of advance planning was done prior to the changes being made.  I didn't have any trouble getting logged in, but I'm very disappointed, to say the least.  CC now looks exactly like another cake site which I've never felt was half as good.  Can't say that anymore!

smysha Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 11:36pm
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Thanks @LeanneW  for addressing the issues. I'm looking forward to the bugs being fixed!

maisie73 Posted 7 Mar 2015 , 9:21am
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Thanks Leanne. 

I think CC used to be the best free cake site but not anymore. It must be hard to hear us all moaning but we can't help being disappointed and frustrated. 

Turning my phone to landscape has helped a bit, I just need to learn to type with the wider keyboard now. :-)

i look forward to the rest of the problems being sorted out. :-)

Bunny0410 Posted 9 Mar 2015 , 10:46pm
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I have just logged on.... Oh dear all I have is jumble!  Will come back in a few days... I love this site, hope its back soon..xx


LeanneW Posted 10 Mar 2015 , 12:31am
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@maisie73 we will be working toward a mobile optimized site.

@Bunny0410  please let us know what issues you are experiencing by using the help button in the top navigation or sending an email to [email protected]


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