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Heath Posted 5 Mar 2015 , 10:34pm
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Welcome to the updated cakecentral.com!

We apologize for the unexpected week of downtime.

As many of you know, for the last couple of years cakecentral.com has been powered by Huddler's community platform.  Our partnership agreement recently came to a close with them and we decided to launch our own platform to support CakeCentral.

We ran into some unexpected complications in the transition, but now we are back!

We are very excited about the new platform.  Jackie has worked tirelessly to rebuild the entire site all by herself.  I think she has slept 10 hours in the last 4 days alone!

Some things will be familiar, and some things will take some learning, but we truly believe once everyone settles in it will be a great experience to come to CakeCentral on a daily basis.

Please utilize our Help link if you have difficulty figuring out how to do anything on the site.  We will  be making tutorial videos to answer the most common questions.

3 of the most requested things you have to look forward to over the next couple weeks:

  1. A much improved mobile experience.
  2. Organizing of favorites.
  3. Recipe ratings.

Also we will be updating user interface, fixing bugs, and responding to your feedback on a daily basis over the upcoming weeks as we strive to make using cakecentral.com an easy and enjoyable experience.

All we ask is for your patience and let us know how we can improve the usability of the site each day.  We are listening and excited for the changes to come.

Happy Baking!

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MsRoxieB Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 1:40am
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Mimimakescakes Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 2:07am
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We seem to be missing a most recent thread menu choice. Would love that back. 

LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 2:14am
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Thank you for your feedback. In the coming weeks and months we'll be rolling out new features, your feedback is valuable to us.

Currently when viewing the forums, they will be sorted by most recently replied to.


bubs1stbirthday Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 2:24am
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I would like to know how to get to and update my profile details Please. I click on profile but only my general info (photo's etc) come up and I cannot find an option to change my profile picture etc. I would also like to know whether I am just doing it wrong or whether you really can only upload one photo at a time now. Thanks.

Heath Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 2:38am
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RE: Profile Editing

Click on your name in the upper right corner. A menu appears. Select Account Settings. This will open a box with several tabs for your profile, avatar, password, notification preferences and privacy settings.

Yes currently you can only upload one photo at a time, however you still have the ability to group photos that all belong to the same cake.

yste Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 2:51am
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I'm Glad your back. I didnt realized how important cakecentral is, until a week of downtime. Thanks God youre back! wohoooo!

subyu62 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:01am
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Where/ how can I find my saved/ favorite recipes?

LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:08am
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At this time your favorite recipes are not displayed. All your favorites are stored in the database and will become available as soon as we add this feature.

To get the most current information on site updates, check Yes to “I would like to receive the daily newsletter to find out about new recipes, tutorials and other great content.” in the Notifications tab of your Account Settings. http://www.cakecentral.com/profile/settings -Leanne

waggs Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:16am
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Where is the search?

LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:24am
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Search is on the top right of the page, under your username.

waggs Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:33am
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The only thing there is three little lines and nothing happens when I click on it. Maybe I'm missing something.

winniemog Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:38am
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I'm struggling with the display on my mobile - a lot of the information is missing off the right of the screen and I can't scroll across to it eg. the text of PMs in my message list. Also can't figure out what's read and unread for PMs and threads - it keeps telling me there's one unread, but I can't see which one! Finally I can't see search button on mobile either. Sorry about all the complaints...

bubs1stbirthday Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:46am
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Is there an option to unsubscribe/subscribe to individual threads? Lol, I am now getting notifications from this one (each reply comes through as an individual notification) and I don't want to have them all junk up my notifications 'inbox' for want of a better word. Ta.

LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:47am
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Thank you winniemog, I will PM you for more details.


LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 3:52am
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At this time, you will receive notifications of new updates to conversations you started or replied to. Changes can be made in your ACCOUNT SETTINGS > Notifications. You can deselect email notification.


Jackie Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 4:00am
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At this time avatar uploads has been fixed!

snow Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 4:34am
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I'm glad you're back, I missed you! I noticed that the comments that were made under my posted cakes are no longer there. It shows up as "no comments". I didn't have comments on all my cakes, but l looked under specific ones l knew I had gotten comments on and it still shows up as "no comments"! Am l missing something? or are comments not suppose to show up?

Heath Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 4:37am
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@snow comments should be there. If you know a specific cake is missing comments that should have them please submit a support ticket via the HELP link in the navigation bar and we will research and attempt to restore them.

denetteb Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 4:59am
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Previously if you hovered over the title of a forum post the first few sentences would show up. It allowed me to get a better idea of the subject without clicking on it and it opening up. I actually used that feature quite a bit. Could that return? Glad you are back.

LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 5:02am
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thank you for your feedback @denetteb  

I loved that feature too.

denetteb Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 5:05am
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Woaw, that just created 12 notices and 12 emails, Leanne.

LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 5:09am
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@denetteb, can you please use the help tab at the top of the page to tell us the details of the multiple notifications.

denetteb Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 5:14am
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I posted the problem on the help tab. Same thing happened with that reply. 12 alerts and 12 emails saying I was mentioned in a new post. I can't make the alerts by the little bell go away either. With the first 12 I checked them all and then clicked to mark them as read, thinking they would go away but that never happened. So now there are 24 alerts on the little bell symbol.

LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 5:17am
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Sending Private Messages has been repaired. 

LeanneW Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 6:33am
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Duplicate (or triplicate, or dozens) notifications has been resolved. Sorry to @denetteb  for all those emails.

kuuushi Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 8:16am
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Okay, I'm going to bury my head in the sand for a few months.

This is awful...

Lizzybug78 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:02am
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Honest opinion. This needs serious work. 

I shall use the new mobile ability to bullet items. The additions to format text differently are the only upside (based purely on using the forum) to this update. I haven't looked past this past yet as I'm so disappointed. 

  • Avatars on the left of the page mean there's much less space for text - particularly irritating when viewing on a mobile. It's a forum, I don't care about Avatars, I care about what people are posting. 
  • Clicking on the notifications at the top of the page does nothing for me. They opened once, now when I click them, Nada.
  • Once you post you are taken back to the start of the thread. That's 6 years of posts for the UK thread,and no way to get back to where you were apart from scrolling tediously to the bottom to click the last page number. 
  • Message notification is still saying I have four unread messages. I don't. It's also saying I have 27 notifications for the forum (well I'm guessing it says that as the writing is so far too the right it's off the screen) but despite having looked at the thread it was showing as having new replies, the notification amount just keeps rising. 
  • No ability to upload photos on a mobile? I'm sure I must just be missing this somewhere , because I can't believe anyone would think this is a sensible function to remove 
  • No function for smileys. It *appears* as though your message is cut off if you insert then yourself. 

This isn't everything, it's just what I can remember off the top of my head. 

I appreciate that this was done apparently by one person, but it's massively buggy and to me as a user the overall impression (again, just off the forum part) is that it wasn't checked properly before being put back online. 


Lizzybug78 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:04am
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No edit function? Just went back to correct a misspelt word and can't seem to find any edit facility. 

Lizzybug78 Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 10:10am
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Also, now clicking on the alarm at the top for  notifications puts me straight back to the front page. 

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