Stacking 12X15 Sheet Cakes

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Azwishchicky Posted 21 Feb 2015 , 7:14pm
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I need to stack then carve out the center of the top sheet cake to make a race track.  Do i need to use straws to support the outter edges of the cake to make sure it doesn't slide off? They will be 12 x 15 then another 12 x 15 on top of it. Then i will cover in fondant. I don't need a cake board between the 2 sheets, right? I may tort and put butter cream between all 4 layers.


I also thought about using rice crispy treats instead of the top layer sheet cake.... cant decide. Also will a foam core board be strong enough to support the weight? Or should i use plywood and cover with foil and contact paper?


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-K8memphis Posted 21 Feb 2015 , 9:37pm
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if it's a total of no more than 5" tall you should be fine -- if it gets much over that you really need to board and dowel -- a nice thick foam core board half inch should be fine

Azwishchicky Posted 21 Feb 2015 , 9:41pm
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Thank you!! :)

julia1812 Posted 23 Feb 2015 , 4:59am
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AIf you decide to go with RKTs, I would use it as bottom layer. Otherwise one has to dig through the top to find something edible :D

-K8memphis Posted 23 Feb 2015 , 2:15pm
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rice krispie treats are perfectly edible -- it would work to use it as the bottom layer if only a few servings of cake are needed -- just depends on how many rkt lovers you have on the guest list --


if you make it as the top layer you can fashion/mold them in the pan you baked the cake in of course -- they can stretch on you so you'd want to put them on in sections -- be sure you let them set up overnight if you make them yourself -- i think i would consider using a board under them if i used it for the top layer -- i don't think i'd like them just sitting on the cake even though it might all be under 5" tall -- plus the board will keep them from stretching --


when i make them i use 5 cups rk to 1/4 cup butter to a pound of marshmallows and some vanilla -- after molding them i let them set up overnight for best results --


rkt thoughts for you

-K8memphis Posted 23 Feb 2015 , 2:27pm
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at the jean-philippe patisserie at the bellagio in las vegas where they have the giant 27 foot chocolate fountain their biggest seller was and still may be their rice krospie treats --




rkt lover 


(sometimes i make them with vanilla beans hahaha )

julia1812 Posted 24 Feb 2015 , 4:34am
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ALol, K8, I think you are the first person I know who's a RKT lover!!! Okay, except for my boys that is... Seriously, always thought of it as a building material rather than someone one would enjoy eating. Especially not when there is some cake hidden somewhere underneath

MBalaska Posted 24 Feb 2015 , 4:59am
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Ok put me down for the RKT fan club!  Except that I make them with Cocoa Krispies, & Fruity Pebbles, & Rice Krispies, & Fruit Loops, & Capt. Crunch, & Honey Nut Cheereos.............

*not all mixed together of course. Each flavor a different batch.

julia1812 Posted 24 Feb 2015 , 12:36pm
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AWe would make a great team eating that cake. You get the RKT and fondant (don't like that either!) and I get the cake and the icing, hahaha!

-K8memphis Posted 24 Feb 2015 , 12:42pm
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AJulia, I used to make rkt birds nests for Easter, individual sized w/green coconut for grass and mini jelly beans -- it was the first picture that i posted online many moons ago -- see if I can find it later...

but maybe Mb will eat the fondant 'cause i'm not too crazy about it either

julia1812 Posted 24 Feb 2015 , 4:07pm
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AI'm using RKT too, just making tree tops out of them. And I know they'll be the hit at the party - and get eaten. Next, kids normally peel off the fondant and lick some icing of the cake, lol, such a waste. But lots of mums there to eat leftovers happily. I said to a friend of mine that for the next party I have the kids line up and open their mouths and I'll make a round with ABC filled piping bags and fondant balls and squeeze a decent portion in. Hahaha! I lost my sweet tooth ages ago! Actually even don't like tasting my ABC, RKT and fondant!!! But you just made me sit upright, K8. Easter is around the corner and I haven't even started planning. Yikes

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