Rainbow Cake Stress!!!

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thebakingtray Posted 25 Jan 2015 , 7:05pm
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AI'm having a nightmare with this!!! Im making my cousins wedding cake and she wants a 2 tier rainbow cake, 6 colours in each tier! So I've just about got the colours right but now I'm really struggling with the buttercream icing, when im doing my crumb layer the whole cake is giving off soooooo many crumbs that it's practically falling apart please help! I think it's something to do with the face that I'm only trying the top tier which is 5" and so the cake is too small to stay solid?? It looks such a mess and I can't keep trying it as its costing me a fortune to perfect!! Also if you guys could help me decide what sizes would be best for this? It's for 100 people but obviously it's very tall so the slices will be fairly skinny please help im tearing my hair out! Thanks xxx

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petitecat Posted 25 Jan 2015 , 7:42pm
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Freeze your layers before filling for 5-10mins, then freeze your cake again after filling for 5-10 minutes to firm it up and stop it crumbling away when you crumb coat.


I've had a look at my chart that I found here on CC for cake serving guide. It says a 10" and 12" cake will give you 98 servings. I'm not sure you can slice them any smaller even though the cakes are very tall. You could make a 6" cake to make up the rest- it doesn't have to be placed on the cake. Here's the link to the chart:



thebakingtray Posted 25 Jan 2015 , 7:49pm
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AThank you I had actually frozen the cakes but they had defrosted when I started the crumb coat plus I think the tiny size didn't help I'll try next time with a 6 inch and crumb coat before they've defrosted x

petitecat Posted 25 Jan 2015 , 7:53pm
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Sometimes if my kitchen is a bit cold my BC is a bit stiff. I microwave a small batch for a few seconds then give it a short whip, just to soften it enough for crumbcoating.

leah_s Posted 25 Jan 2015 , 8:46pm
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it really sounds like the icing you're using for your crumb coat is simply too thick.  Thin it down and give it a try.  Even two thin coats is better than one thick one that tears the cake.

thebakingtray Posted 25 Jan 2015 , 9:15pm
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AThanks I followed the recipe (from YouTube) and hers looked thinner how should I thin it add more milk?

-K8memphis Posted 25 Jan 2015 , 9:54pm
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i often use an open coupler size piping bag and pipe on the icing  for the tiny tiers -- twirling the turntable -- then smooth it 

petitecat Posted 26 Jan 2015 , 9:21am
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Originally Posted by -K8memphis 

i often use an open coupler size piping bag and pipe on the icing  for the tiny tiers -- twirling the turntable -- then smooth it 


Does this eliminate the need to crumb coat? I've often wondered whether I should do this and forgo crumb coating all together.

-K8memphis Posted 26 Jan 2015 , 12:54pm
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Ayes i rarely crumb coat --

petitecat Posted 26 Jan 2015 , 1:05pm
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Originally Posted by -K8memphis 

yes i rarely crumb coat --

 Great. Thanks! I'll give it a go.

Nonni53 Posted 27 Jan 2015 , 8:23am
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A[SIZE=3][/SIZE]you might want to make a sturdier cake. Some recipes and most mixes are crumb prone. If you are using thin layers of very light cake that could be part of the problem, along with overly stiff icing.

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