Sour Cream In Chocolate Cake

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lillyanne Posted 29 Dec 2014 , 10:39am
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Since i wasnt having much luck with the nigella fudge cake I have been using Victoria sponge recipe for my choc cakes by substituting equal amounts of flour for cocoa powder but I was wondering if (to help keep it a little moister) I add some sour cream do I need to

1 - alter any other ingredients for this additional liquid?

2 - do I now need to use bicarbonate of soda aswel as baking powder? (I use self raising flour)

3 - How much do I add to a 6egg mix i.e 340g Flour/butter/sugar

4 - does the sour cream replace some of the egg or is it additional?

5 - does this help it to keep a little longer?


Sorry for all the questions but you guys are so helpful on here im sure someone will be able to answer some of these.


Has anyone every tried this or even have a similar recipe they use?


Many many thanks

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Dec 2014 , 1:53pm
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i can appreciate the joy/thrill of creating a recipe and while i don't know the answer to any of your questions why not just go for another recipe -- chocolate cake is one of the easiest and there are tons of viable recipes -- just a thought for you 


i use hershey's perfectly perfect chocolate cake recipe on their website -- and i have a home grown one i use but there are hundreds of great ones --


describe what you are looking for -- lighter, denser, dark chocolate, medium chocolate, layer cake, bundt cake, made with oil or butter, fudgey, good for carving, good for tier cakes etc. whachoo looking for?

GGNK Posted 29 Dec 2014 , 3:57pm
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AYou should consider trying one that uses mayonnaise. Sounds weird I know, but what is mayo, really anyways? (Eggs and oil). I have a recipe that uses 1 cup of mayo and everyone always comments that's the most moist cake they have ever had!

lillyanne Posted 29 Dec 2014 , 6:14pm
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O that is very interesting GGNK. Would you mind sharing your recipe? Thanks for replying

cara1982 Posted 29 Dec 2014 , 6:25pm
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AI love lindys chocolate fudge cake which has both sour cream or yogurt and real chocolate in it. It's quite dense and squishy, but tastes like chocolate brownies. Yum

GGNK Posted 29 Dec 2014 , 11:01pm
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Original message sent by lillyanne

O that is very interesting GGNK. Would you mind sharing your recipe? Thanks for replying

I have only actually tried the cake recipe itself. And I choose to omit the cinnamon. I also sub buttermilk for the milk and add extra chocolate chips!

GGNK Posted 29 Dec 2014 , 11:04pm
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AOh, and be warned. It makes a lot. I have tried (a couple of times unfortunately because I forgot) to double the recipe, that does not work in a 4.5 quart mixer bowl by the way. I just got a 6 quart KA PRO for Christmas, which I am sure could handle this recipe doubled fine. But if using a smaller (4.5-5 qt) bowl don't double!

jchuck Posted 30 Dec 2014 , 1:00am
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Alillyanne you could easily add 1/2 cup/125 ml of sour cream. You don't need to adjust your recipe by adding liquid or exta bicarbonate of soda. The addition of sour cream will make your cake dense, so you will have to adjust your baking time. Could take anywhere from 10 min to 20 min extra depending on the amount of batter and your cake tin. I use either sour cream, mayonnaise or plain yogurt all the a charm. Produces a moist dense cake.

lillyanne Posted 30 Dec 2014 , 1:12am
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AThank you so much jchuck. That makes things so much easier. Just add it in and increase the baking time, simple as that - great Thanks again

lillyanne Posted 30 Dec 2014 , 1:20am
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AO can I just check, you said i dont need any EXTRA bicarb soda but I don't normally use any in my choc sponge, just baking powder so do I need to add any now? Or is the baking powder enough?

jchuck Posted 30 Dec 2014 , 1:26am
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AYup....easy peasy. I personally wouldn't add more than 1/2 cup/125 ml to say a 9" pan...I find if you do, cake becomes dense/fudgy like a brownie. Of course if that's what you want, great. I like a rich chocolate cake with a good crumb. When I want a brownie....I make brownies.... Sure your cake is gonna rock....

jchuck Posted 30 Dec 2014 , 1:28am
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AJust saw your extra question. No, just use all your usual ingredients....just the addition of the sour cream. No bi-carb necessary.....

lillyanne Posted 30 Dec 2014 , 1:45am
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APERFECT jchuck. I like a good crumb too rather than too dense or fudgy. Cant wait to try this now. Thanks again

jchuck Posted 30 Dec 2014 , 12:29pm
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AYour welcome....

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