Bursting Lego Cake Head Help!

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PinKC27 Posted 19 Dec 2014 , 3:18am
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AI really want to make this cake however I can't find any tutorials. I get the basic idea, looks like 3 8in cakes stacked an the head is 2 six in. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea though how the head is propped up? I imagine there has to be some type of support to keep the open head attached and not crushing the little Lego fondant pieces.

Any advice much appreciated!!


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skinnybatches Posted 19 Dec 2014 , 3:32am
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Think of it like a topsy-turvy cake. Treat it as three separate tiers. 8" or 10" base, then 6 or 8" for the base of the head. Cut a smaller, say 4 or 6" piece of styrofoam on an angle to create a wedge, minding that the angle needn't be too severe to create the illusion, and can be as steep as you'd like, so long as one main long dowel can be skewered vertically through all three tiers. Cover the wedge in fondant as desired. Place pieces of legos to cover the whole of the wedge to make it appear as if the top is actually sitting on top of those. Does this make sense?

mattyeatscakes Posted 19 Dec 2014 , 5:19am
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AI recently made a similar Lego cake. I made a regular 8" round cake and lots of fondant legos.

For the "cover", i cut an 8" round from a thin styrofoam, glued it to a cake board, iced it and covered it in yellow fondant. Next for the smaller top, same process as above but with a 5" round styro. Glue both together.

Once you base cake is ready and covered in fondant, put fondant lego pcs on one side. Arrange them randomly, to look like they are bursting out. Then cut yellow bubble tea straws, 2 slightly taller than the cake, place them on the other end of the cake. Then two more bubble tea straws cut to the height of the stacked lego pcs.

Attach the cover at an angle, which is supported by the bubble teas straws, with melted yellow candy melts, holding on to it for a few minutes to let it set. Then add random lego pcs on the side. Sorry, i'm not very good with writing out instructions, but i hope this helped.


MBalaska Posted 19 Dec 2014 , 7:58am
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Originally Posted by mattyeatscakes 

I recently made a similar Lego cake. I made a regular 8" round cake and lots of fondant legos.

@mattyeatscakes that is so cute!!

PinKC27 Posted 19 Dec 2014 , 2:10pm
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Thank you all for your responses. This definitely helped! I was under the impression the top "lid" was cake and that's why I was having such a hard time. Styrofoam would be much easier to support and makes sense now.



PinKC27 Posted 19 Dec 2014 , 2:12pm
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However do you think instead of yellow bubble tea straws I could cover dowels in yellow fondant and use those as the supports?


Seems like a simple question, but I just want to make sure the cake turns out perfect :)

mattyeatscakes Posted 20 Dec 2014 , 12:04am
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AMBAlaska, awww thanks :) my nephew was so happy with it and the kids were awestruck to know that the Legos were edible! Lol simple joys :)

Of course, you can use any support you want! I chose yellow bubble tea straws so it blends with the cake. You can cover the top part of the wooden dowell with yellow fondant. Good luck :)

savannahquinn Posted 20 Dec 2014 , 12:32am
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I saw one tutorial  where they used a styrofoam wedge under the top part, then just hid it with the legos.

I think I would do that .

sweetassugarcak Posted 2 Jan 2015 , 3:19pm
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You hit the nail on the head savannahquin

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