Need A Good Buttercream Recipe!!!

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ckutzer Posted 2 Dec 2014 , 12:19am
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i need a good easy buttercream recipe to use under fondant.   any suggestions????  thx

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kakeladi Posted 2 Dec 2014 , 2:31am
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This is an excellent choice for all decorating and covering a cake:

Hope you like it :)

ckutzer Posted 2 Dec 2014 , 3:37am
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AIf putting under fondant, can i cut the butter and shortening in half? What would happen if i didn't mix it as long as you suggest? Thank you for the link

kakeladi Posted 3 Dec 2014 , 1:06am
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If it is not mixed for close to the time in the recipe it will not be smooth - probably be grainy :(

Yes you can cut butter &/or shortening as stated in the recipe.

ckutzer Posted 5 Dec 2014 , 1:13am
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hi-  i made this recipe today but with only 1 cup crisco shortening.  it came out yummy and fluffy but the fondant didnt stick to it.  i need a good sturdy buttercream that will hold fondant on the sides of a tall cake.  any suggestions?  

also, is it possible to overmix the frosting?

ckutzer Posted 5 Dec 2014 , 5:21am
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is this recipe good for under fondant?  i tried one today that was similar to yours but only used 1 cup of shortening (2 of everything else)   is fluffy and taste great, but the fondant didn't stick to it.  

AAtKT Posted 5 Dec 2014 , 11:14am
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If you did the fix at the end of the recipe, and it crusted, you will need to dampen the icing a bit to make the fondant "stick"... it won't "stick" to the crusted buttercream....

ckutzer Posted 5 Dec 2014 , 1:35pm
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AHuh .so it is diff than regular frosting? It crusted a little . I have never sprayed with water and have used wilton buttercream. The fondant just fell away as did the buttercream. I have my main cakewaiting to frost today. It is in fridge with a crumb coat. Should i spray it prior to putting the next frosting layer on?

kakeladi Posted 6 Dec 2014 , 6:27am
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Sorry I hav ne't been on line for a couple of days and missed your ?s.  And now it is well past the time you mention to do your cake.  For anyone reading this and your future knowledge:

I never frig a cake once it is crumb coated.  However since y ou have, take it out and let it rest for about 1/2 hour before adding the fondant.  It should stick.

I really don't understand how the b'cream could fall off the cake.  You must not have pressed it against the cake when smoothing it is all I can think of. it is diff than regular frosting?..........

No it isn't different.  It has all the same ingredients so how can it be different? :)

You mention using Wilton b' you mean their recipe or the purchased kind?  The recipe is basically the same just doesn't taste good - needs more 'fat' and flavoring :) 

..........If you did the fix at the end of the recipe, and it crusted, you will need to dampen the icing........

This '2 of everything' recipe won't crust that much that one should need to dampen it.  But then a very light spray of water won't hurt either.

ckutzer Posted 6 Dec 2014 , 3:31pm
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AI think it was because i didn't put enough butter in (i wasn't paying attention) and i cut the crisco in half. wasn't sticking and was falling off. Lol! Plus, i used a horrible new fondant that was way to soft and basically slid and ripped. I ended up pulling the fondant and frosting off and made mmf fondant and scraped the frosting off. Ugh! i have made 3 dozen cakes and never had an issue! i do plan on trying the BC recipe again. thx for all the help!

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