First Time Making This Big Of A Cake. Need Advice Please.

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andertoncakes Posted 1 Dec 2014 , 4:40am
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A[IMG][/IMG] I was asked to make this type of cake. This is the first time making something this big and carved. I was wondering how to decide the size. Any advice on anything help would me. Thank you.

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Pastrybaglady Posted 1 Dec 2014 , 5:26am
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AThe size should be determined by the number of servings. Standard piece is 1" x 2" at 4" tall. Since the shape is basically a rectangle that should be easy to figure and the add a few more pieces for the front. Are you making the cap too? That's a simple round. Fortunately the shape is simple. I think I've seen tutorials on cakes like this when I was doing this little sinking Titanic cake. Check out google and you tube.

andertoncakes Posted 1 Dec 2014 , 4:45pm
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AThank you for the advice. I'm doing the cap too. I'm not worried about that, ☺ it's easy. The cake is to feed 125. I just didn't know how to get the size right. Once I get that I think I can figure out the other stuff. Being the first time making something that isn't a tiered cake kinda scares me.

Pastrybaglady Posted 1 Dec 2014 , 5:58pm
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AYou got this

kakeladi Posted 2 Dec 2014 , 3:12am
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I beg to differ on the info Pastrybaglady said.  One 8x24x2 cake isn't going to give her the stacked/layers needed as show in the pic :(

I'd probably start w/two 12x16 or 12x18s and maybe an 8" sq; cut 1 in 1/2 long ways and stack (resulting in a 6x16or18x4 cake) then trim nose to "V"; now cut the next one in 1/2 but before stacking trim about 3 or 4" from one 1/2- you now have a layer appx. 6"x12x2". That goes on top of the one w/the V. Don't forget before you stack it put it on a cake board cut to size because you have to dowel to bottom 'tier' to hold the weight of these upper layers. 

From The other 1/2  cut 4"-5" from the length and stack on top of the rest.  Cut the sq  in 1/2 and place so it is 8x16 but trim it down to 6"x10". You should now have the 3 'upper decks' stair step look shown in the pic. 

The cut off pieces make the little sq on the back top of the ship.   I think that should give you close to the # you need (along w/the 'hat').

Pastrybaglady Posted 2 Dec 2014 , 3:32am
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AOh no, not one layer! 4" high is standard so at least 2 layers and more height could be gotten if the two layers were further torted. I was just talking about the footprint. My main point is the math. There are many ways to get 100 slices (all 4" high). 8 x 25; 10 x 20, etc... sorry if I wasn't clear.

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