I Need Help With My Wedding Cake!

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SweetDreams98 Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 5:08pm
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ASo when I talk to potential clients about flavors, etc...I have a million ideas. I'm getting married on October 24th and of course doing our cake and I'm drawing a blank! I am all caught up in the design aspect and can't seem to think about flavors. This is a 2 part question... I am planning on doing a double barreled cake for the bottom and top tier (12" and 6" cakes) and I will do a shorter middle tier. Initially I was thinking I would do 6-9-12 but for the center tier I am doing ruffles so I'm wondering if I should make that tier 8" since the ruffles give it the appearance of being bigger than it actually is? The top and bottom will be fondant covered and decorated with Pearl boarder and cake lace (so excited, it's my first time working with it!). What say you cakesperts? 6-9-12 or 6-8-12? Now on to the flavors. It's a fall wedding, I'm covering the cakes in ganache prior to fondant so any flavor ideas would be appreciated! I'm doing a grooms cake with peanut butter and chocolate so 1 down, 3 to go!

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julia1812 Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 5:24pm
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AOMG, doing your own wedding cake must be so exciting! I love symmetry, so would rather do 6-8-12... Flavours...hm...that's a very personal choice. Do you want the flavours you like or do you want to please/wow your guest? Guess that's what you have to ask yourself

-K8memphis Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 5:38pm
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AI vote with you and julia on the 8" -- good thinking -- lavender cake? be still my beating heart -- awesome!

SweetDreams98 Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 5:39pm
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AThanks! We have two sons, a house and 2 businesses together so this has been a looooong time coming haha. I get a lot of "are you crazy?!?" When people hear I'm doing my own cakes but I rarely get the chance to do a cake just the way I want it! Lol

leah_s Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 6:50pm
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SweetDreams98 Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 7:06pm
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AI was assuming she meant ganache ;)

cai0311 Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 7:06pm
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AWhen I think fall I think pumpkin, caramel, apple and cinnamon.

What about a pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling caramel cake with apple turnover filling yellow cake with cinnamon and brown sugar swirled in it with white ganache filling

SweetDreams98 Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 7:10pm
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AYou had me at caramel cake cai0311! I'm thinking about carrot cake with a ginger buttercream filling too but I'm not sure how I feel about white chocolate and carrot.

julia1812 Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 7:33pm
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AYa... carrot and white chocolate...not a match made in heaven... Have you ever tried flavoring your ganache? (Btw, excuse my stupid spelling earlier!

SweetDreams98 Posted 23 Sep 2014 , 7:43pm
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Maybe what I do is make the carrot cake the center tier which will be covered in fondant ruffles anyhow, that way I can do a SMBC under the fondant.  I am doing the ganache to have the smoothest, sharpest finish possible for the top and bottom tier but it really wouldn't be necessary for the middle tier.  I am doing carrot ginger for a fundraising event for a big farm in the area, they head the CSA in the area (City Fresh) so I'll see how much I love it next week haha

The center tier will be similar to this, but with the color scheme being brown, dark ivory to a light ivory

ETA some of those ganache flavor combinations sound heavenly, especially the chili and ginger!

Gumpaste flowers and ruffles in an ombre pattern

cai0311 Posted 24 Sep 2014 , 3:36pm
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ACarrot and white chocolate is very similar to carrot and buttercream - anyway...

I hate ginger so ginger buttecream would not be the option I pick. But if you have more than one option for guests then it would be fine.

yortma Posted 25 Sep 2014 , 3:39am
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some fall favorites:




apple cake with maple or caramel SMBC


pumpkin cake with cheesecake filling or pumpkin chocolate chip cake with chocolaate SMBC or whipped ganache


orange chocolate chip cake with orange filling or SMBC  and whipped ganache


spice cake with brown sugar buttercream


chocolate cake with caramel SMBC

SweetDreams98 Posted 25 Sep 2014 , 4:41am
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AI'm really liking the idea of the spice cake!

KellyKSD Posted 28 Sep 2014 , 8:34am
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All the ideas in this thread are great! My anniversary is October 25th -- we had spice cake as one of the flavors in our wedding cake, and it was by far the most popular. The entire cake was iced in vanilla buttercream, but I can't honestly remember if we had that for the filling on the spice portion....we might have had a cream cheese filling for that one (obviously my wedding was longer ago than I realized!). The brown sugar buttercream sounds delish! Congrats on your nuptials and good luck with the cake!!

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