Just Got Asked To Do Some Cupcakes Need Some Help

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smile22 Posted 8 Sep 2014 , 12:30pm
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so the pastor at my church messaged me last night wondering if i would be able to donate some of my amazing cupcakes for a young adults (18-30year olds)  day retreat at the church other churches from our diocese will be participating in this they are expecting about around 20 people.


I said yes because its for a good cause and right now i can use all the advertising i can get. but the thing is with me i love to go over the top and i was planning on making 36 cupcakes yes i figured i can make 20 but what if someone wanted more than one cupcake. and it leaves extra in case more people show up.



would you stick with just one flavor or would you do two flavors?  its in october so we are in fall season and that would bring me into my pumpkin spice cupcakes and my apple spice cupcakes both use the same batter but one with apples one with pumpkin and they both use the same buttercream salted caramel vanilla marshmallow for the apple i would take slices and candie them and put them on top 



issue with that is not many people like pumpkin cupcakes it can be a tricky flavor



then my thought was to do one of my fall flavors and then do a chocolate based cupcake which would my chocolate raspberry  chocolate cupcake dipped in ganache and topped with raspberry buttercream   and a chocolate drizzle 





do you think i should just stick with one flavor do two fall flavors or do a fall and a different flavor? like my raspberry 

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-K8memphis Posted 8 Sep 2014 , 1:58pm
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do the 20 apple and understand that this will create more calls for freebies not necessarily for paying orders -- the extra 16 cupcakes? take them to your local pharmacy -- those people are always rushing around & could use a sweet thoughtful sugar blast -- or the police dept, fire dept, or to emergency room personnel -- while this is not how to market it does feel good --


save the pumpkin for thanksgiving or substitute sweet potato for the pumpkin instead for a more universally appreciated flavor-- but we have an old old tastee freeze here in elvistown that has reconfigured itself several times and they are known across the county for their pumpkin doughnuts -- it's their biggest seller --


like i said you gotta believe in yourself --


best to you --

Apti Posted 8 Sep 2014 , 2:17pm
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Originally Posted by smile22 
I said yes because its for a good cause and right now i can use all the advertising i can get.


Although it is a lovely compliment for your Pastor to request donated cupcakes, this is not an advertising opportunity--it is a very small donation to a church event. 


You are over-thinking the request.  This is just like many of the threads which begin:  "I've been donating my cupcakes to people at work for free for about a year now so I can perfect my craft.  Now that I'm ready to start charging $2 (or $3, or $?) per cupcake, nobody wants to pay."

If you wish to donate, donate.  If you wish to advertise, advertise.  These are 2 VERY different things.


Since you are donating the cupcakes and they will be free, choose whatever flavors you wish.

mattyeatscakes Posted 8 Sep 2014 , 8:30pm
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AThat's very nice of you :)

I would make 24 cupcakes (one batch of batter), one flavour and just swirls. No decorations. Apple sounds delish for fall :) although i love anything pumpkin, it's more of an aquired taste. My hubby won't touch it. But i love love love pumpkin spiced coffee, latte, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, donuts and pies! Ohhh yum :)

Apti Posted 8 Sep 2014 , 10:33pm
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Good choice!  Whatever you make will be gleefully eaten and enjoyed.


Since you love pumpkin, here is a recipe that I obtained on CakeCentral that makes the most unbelieveable goodness in the whole, wide world of goodness.  Some of the ingredients are hard to find inside the USA, let alone in other places, but quite a few people have used substitutions with great success. 


Here's the link to a thread on Wilton that has a lot of excellent information regarding substitutions and recipe yield.




Here's the original thread by CakeCentral member, DeniseNH



MBalaska Posted 9 Sep 2014 , 6:48pm
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Originally Posted by smile22 

"....would you stick with just one flavor or would you do two flavors?  ...."


You could do a simply one  flavor cupcake with a couple of different flavored icings.  Not everyone likes the same things.

smile22 Posted 14 Oct 2014 , 12:34pm
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i decided i am going to do my apple spice cupcakes tinting my  burbon vanilla caramel marshmallow buttercream with the colors of candy corn and doing a three toned cupcake with two candy corns on top 

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