Police Hat Sizing Please

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jessiecakes1983 Posted 31 Aug 2014 , 10:27am
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AHi everyone,

I'm making a police gat with gumpaste handcuffs and a bride and groom for a client in the next couple of weeks and fine doing the models but was just wanting abit of advice on what size to do the hat cos it will be for 12 - 16 people and it will be 100% cake for the top of the hat! was thinking maybe a nine inch so can put the gumpaste badge on with the black and white chequered squares cos ive got a few orders about the same time and just wanna prepare as much as I can, may help would be much appreciated?

Here's a picture as a reference:

Thanks, Jess

[ATTACHMENT=1891]image.jpg (127k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

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-K8memphis Posted 31 Aug 2014 , 12:00pm
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Aif you make a nine inch cake you will go way over the servings you need when you make it tall enough to be in proportion... but if you make it to a 16 serving size it will be a miniature -- so you just have to decide which way to go -- and I would use an oval shape -- sculpt a round cake

jessiecakes1983 Posted 31 Aug 2014 , 2:59pm
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AHi K8memphis, thAnks for your advice, what if I did an 8 inch cake instead? I will definitely be carving it from a round to an oval x

-K8memphis Posted 31 Aug 2014 , 3:13pm
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i think an 8 would be about perfect for 16 servings once you make it into an oval -- it will be on a bit of a smaller scale from a real hat i think -- maybe i just have a fat head :-D don't answer that --


best to you

jessiecakes1983 Posted 2 Sep 2014 , 4:27pm
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yep, aww thank you and me too haha i won't and i'm the same so don't worry  :-D I just need one more bit of advice please if that's ok?


I've made the gumpaste hand cuffs (free hand) and not sure whether to paint them with my grey/silver lustre dusk or whether to airbrush them instead? I've not used my airbrush for a while but don't want to risk ruining them as i've only made one pair? Here's a picture of what i've done if you or anyone can help me please?


jessiecakes1983 Posted 2 Sep 2014 , 4:31pm
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also I''m just wondering where to put my fondant bride and groom, was thinking of putting him near the handcuff and the bride on the other side with the key, the board with be covered in sugarpaste and will make either a plaque or write Happy Hen Do Sarah as it's her name? I'd love to put the bride on top of the hat but it's going to be travelling quite far and don't want it to break, just wondering if you or anyone else had any tips to use? thanks again, jess

-K8memphis Posted 2 Sep 2014 , 4:38pm
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i would paint them -- you could either build a peg into the bottom board that you could set them on or just glue them on the with chocolate  or if they are not edible you could hot glue them or even use some gorilla tape depending --

jessiecakes1983 Posted 2 Sep 2014 , 4:41pm
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Hi K8memphis,


aww thank you so much for all your advice, really appreciate it and yeah well i've got some royal icing could make or some piping jelly but not sure if that will be strong enough? x

-K8memphis Posted 2 Sep 2014 , 4:43pm
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i have found piping gel to be a great glue-- it needs to have enough time to set up -- but i would use that 


best to you -- you're very welcome and i hope all goes great

jessiecakes1983 Posted 2 Sep 2014 , 4:47pm
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yeah it really is, thanks and i've got two big tubs of the stuff!!! Love it!!! aww thanks, will post a pic when i'ts finished, can't wait!! x

-K8memphis Posted 2 Sep 2014 , 4:48pm
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jessiecakes1983 Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 3:13pm
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Hi K8,


sorry to be a hug pain, i've got a few cake orders which are due about the same time next week and want to time-manage my list.


I need to make a gumpaste Manchester Police badge and have laminated this to use as a template for the outside and around the top of the badge, please can I ask if you have any tips on the best way for making it or the lettering if possible? sorry to be such a pain.


I've put a picture below for what i'm talking about.....



-K8memphis Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 3:26pm
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yes -- i think you are already cutting out all the components to get the correct proportion-- but for the lettering -- i'd use a cut cone -- a small parchment cone some call them a coronette -- because you can cut the tip super small and you have the best control -- and i would err on the side of clarity rather than perfection -- if you cannot get it in there -- just do a random scroll or dots, squiggley line just to create/simulate the effect -- it's food remember -- sure getting it perfect would be really great but it's a detail for a complicated design and in a very tiny area -- maybe take some poetic license and just do MPD -- maybe just do MANCHESTER PD -- it's creating an illusion -- go & flow with it --


i enjoy answering your questions--


rock this!

jessiecakes1983 Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 5:13pm
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aww thanks K8, you're so good to me!! Yep indeedy it sure is a mammoth task, however one which i can't wait to start tomorrow! I'll post you a pic when i've done it, think i'm just gonna take it in stages and do the centre piece seperate with red gumpaste and then do what you said with the lettering but just wanna say thanks again for all your advice cos think you're a guardian angel to me!!! :D


x x

-K8memphis Posted 5 Sep 2014 , 9:29pm
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Ayou're so sweet -- thank you

jessiecakes1983 Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 5:55pm
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Aww thanks K8 and you're very welcome :)


I finally finished it at 1am last night! My client absolutely loved it, here's a picture :D  



jessiecakes1983 Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 5:57pm
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I took it off my phone from the Ipad so it's a bit blurred but the badge I loved making! what do you think? x

-K8memphis Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 5:58pm
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how cool -- well done! bet she loved it

jessiecakes1983 Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 6:59pm
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aww thank you!! Yeah she did, it's for my boyfriend's auntie Gina for her friend who's getting married soon and she seems to love my cakes which makes it even better! x

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