Friday Night Cake Club For 8*15*14

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catlharper Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 2:32am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if you can!


Hope to see lots of photos tonight!



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catlharper Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 2:37am
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Originally Posted by catlharper 

Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if you can!


Hope to see lots of photos tonight!



Hi everyone,

I've spent my week working on my granddaughter's FROZEN themed party treats. I made chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzel rods along with "ice shards" chocolate "bark" and, of course, the cake!


We head down early tomorrow morning for the party so I may not get a chance to log in before the afternoon! Hope to see lots of cakes tonight!



FrostedMoon Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 2:43am
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Beautiful Cat!  


I've been a long time lurker for the Friday Night Cake Club but I don't think I've managed to post before.  For tomorrow I'm doing cookies and cupcakes for an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower.  We just got back this past Sunday from a week of road tripping and my kids have been home all week (as opposed to in camps like much of the rest of the summer) and my brain is absolute mush!  I've been stressing over these cupcakes all week.  I even had a dream that I showed up with them not decorated, not even frosted!  Except the cupcakes were for Abby Lee from that show Dance Moms and I apologized for being so unprofessional and begged her to let me go home and finished icing them.  Craziness!


Hope everyone else is coming along well with their projects for the night!

MBalaska Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 2:44am
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Cat that is a beautiful cake.  It's adorable the way you put the snow & sparkles on the name. Sweet!!!!!

catlharper Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 2:54am
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Oh Frosted Moon! You have me laughing SO hard! I SOOOOO have those stress dreams too! I hardly slept last night...kept waking up and putting the decorating steps in order before telling myself to SHUT UP and go back to sleep! LOL!  I'm not sure I've done a cake in the last 7 years where I haven't wondered what the heck I got myself into! 


I do have a particular fondness for Alice In Wonderland. My younger daughter had the same theme for her Bridal Shower. SO much fun to do! Please do post photos when you have a chance?


MB: Thank you! My son in law loved that touch too! I know it's ***ist but it always feels so odd to get compliments from men! LOL!



Lcubed82 Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 4:49am
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Love the Frozen cake!


I am getting ready to roll black fondant for a PS3 cake tier and an XBox tier.  The Wii tier is RKT, as are the 3 controllers.  I have all day tomorrow to add the details, so hoping to get to bed after the fondant is on!

reenrules Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 4:49am
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A[IMG ALT=""][/IMG] Here's my completed cake and I'm still working on a tinker bell cake so I'll post pic tomorrow.

Mimimakescakes Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 4:50am
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Did this little cake for my niece last week. It was Genoise Sponge with raspberry buttercream filling , covered in passionfruit buttercream with fondant accents. Buttercream is not a medium I use often so it isn't perfect but I was quite pleased with the overall effect. 


catlharper Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 4:54am
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Reen and Mimi...Wow! Amazing purse/she cake Reen! You got the texture just right! And your white on white. Keep saying I'm going to try that someday...I think you've inspired me for my birthday cake this year! Just so lovely!


Lcubed...SO ambitious! I can't wait to see it!



Mimimakescakes Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 4:56am
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Love the Frozen cake , I am yet to do one. I don't really do kids birthdays often though. Reenrules , I just love that handbag WOW . I have to do a shoe box cake complete with shoes this week , I hope my shoes turn out as great. 


Oh and here are the cakes I did the other week and couldn't post from my phone. 


manicgeisha Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 6:15am
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Making this cake was a nightmare, every time I turned around I didn't have what I needed.   I also happen to live in a small town with so it was quite a drive just for gumpaste and then to realize I also had no sugar!   I didn't think it could've been any worse when I was making a whack of tiny hearts and petals at 5 am and stopped for a 2 hour nap.   But it got so much worse, the cake toppled on the very short drive (my shortest drive EVER!).   So here it is in it's slightly imperfect glory that my friend didn't even get to see...

cara1982 Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 10:12am
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reenrules Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 5:00pm
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A[IMG][/IMG] Did this one last week but couldn't post...for a Christening. And here's the Tinkerbell cake I was working on last night. The mom had a Tinkerbell cake topper to put on the top of the flower: [IMG][/IMG]

Marian64 Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 6:32pm
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AWow! They are all so wonderful.

Cat your Frozen cake is amazing. Reenrules love the purse and shoe cake. One of these days I am going to try to do a shoe. The Tinkerbell cake is adorable she will look so cute in top. Mimimakescake I love the white on and white it is beautiful. My favorite is the Mystery Machine all you need is Scooby. Manicgeshia I love the owl cake so sorry it didn't make it there. Cara1982 did you use any Jack in the cake itself.

I have one to finish later for my niece.

Looking forward to more cakes.

remnant3333 Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 7:49pm
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WOW!!!! All of the cakes are beautiful!! Great job everyone!!!

MBalaska Posted 16 Aug 2014 , 10:14pm
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Reenrules, Mimimakescakes, manicgeisha, cara1982, you’ve all made really nice cakes!!

Lcubed82 Posted 17 Aug 2014 , 3:15am
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Wow!  All the cakes are wonderful!  


Here's my weekend update.  Remotes and Wii are RKT.  White is fondant, other two are covered with modeling chocolate.  Other tiers are cake covered with vanilla SMBC and fondant.  I forgot to get a picture before the numbers were added.  Oh well!



Bunny0410 Posted 17 Aug 2014 , 3:40am
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Well done everyone.

This is my Friday night madness. After a week with a demon of a flu, I am very thankful these got started/finished.

I have learnt so much from reading stuff on this site recently, and although my skills are not perfect, Using some tips from cake central is certainly helping me.

FrostedMoon Posted 18 Aug 2014 , 2:13am
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So much talent in this post! Manicgeisha, so sorry to hear your cake toppled.  It was adorable! 


I very nearly had my nightmare of delivering unfinished cupcakes realized.  My daughter woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back to sleep, I underestimated how long it would take me to put them together, AND we ran in to stop and go traffic on the hour long trip to the venue.  Thankfully the mom of the bride was very calm about it and I managed to get there and get everything together.  She was so happy she gave me a generous tip. I was ready to give her a discount!  Today she dropped the cupcake stand off and said everyone raved about the cupcakes and even the event planner for this venue (they do about 30 bridal showers and 25 weddings a year) wanted my information.  Hooray!  Sorry for the blurry pics.  I was in a rush to get out of there before the bride arrived!


Sadly these are not my original designs.  They sent me pics and wanted me to copy them.  Fun to do though!



manicgeisha Posted 18 Aug 2014 , 7:00am
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Thanks, for the nice comments everyone!  There are some great cakes in this thread!  I love them.


Alice in Wonderland cupcakes are awesome!   Glad you finished them.  It sucks so much when things start to take way longer than you imagine they should!

...and it was a bloody nightmare with that cake :(   Thankfully I covered it in fondant so I restacked it and tried to de-rumple as much as I could with a clean napkin.  :/   I realized that I've sent stacked cakes REALLY far away -hours- with mountains to be driven over and boats rides even involved.  That cake was the shortest distance, all of a one minute drive.  ARGH!

catlharper Posted 18 Aug 2014 , 3:44pm
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Hi everyone!


Sorry I didn't check in again on the weekend...I'd packed up my laptop to bring with us and my hubby forgot to grab it so I had no computer all weekend! So here's catching up:


Mimi! Love the two cakes you posted! The "cupcake" is SO pretty!


Manic...that's just heartbreaking! To go to all of that and have it fall! Beautiful cake tho!


Cara...I'm dying to know the same thing..any Jack in that cake? your garden pretty! Lcubed!!! The console cake turned out great!! Particularly the controllers! sorry you had to deal with the flu! That's awful! I love both cakes but the striped one is my favorite!


Frosted!!! OMG!!! Sqeee!!! LOVE them!


Here is a photo of the cake table from the party so you get to see how it all looked, candles and all..

Those are chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate dipped pretzel rods to the left of the cake as well as chocolate bark on the blue plate. Silver candles for the cake.


It was a great party and everyone loved it!



cara1982 Posted 18 Aug 2014 , 5:25pm
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AAmazing cakes everyone! No, strangely the request was for an angel cake (the pink, white and yellow coloured sponge) no jack at all!

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 18 Aug 2014 , 10:50pm
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Originally Posted by catlharper 

I've spent my week working on my granddaughter's FROZEN themed party treats. I made chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzel rods along with "ice shards" chocolate "bark" and, of course, the cake!

Hmm. Was it served chilled?:D


As usual, everything looks really good (and way beyond my pay grade).


On a more serious (indeed somber) note, probably nothing from me for a while. Much of what I've been doing in the kitchen for the past few months was to keep my mother (dying of COPD) interested enough in food to consume an adequate number of calories. Sadly, a week ago last Saturday, she passed beyond the need to consume any calories at all, and I think probably the next bit of baking I'm going to do will be some cookies for thank-you gifts for those who were helpful in caring for her, in her final months, and to a fellow docent at the International Printing Museum, our lead Linotype operator, who spent an afternoon, without thought of compensation, helping me print the remembrance cards myself (by letterpress, from a type forme I set myself).

MBalaska Posted 19 Aug 2014 , 12:30am
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Sorry for your loss James.

FrostedMoon Posted 19 Aug 2014 , 1:04am
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Yes, so sorry for your loss James.  My condolences to you and your family.

Lcubed82 Posted 19 Aug 2014 , 2:59am
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I'm sorry for your loss, James.  

manicgeisha Posted 19 Aug 2014 , 4:21am
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I'm so sorry for your loss, James.  

Gerle Posted 19 Aug 2014 , 4:42am
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So sorry to hear about your mom's passing, James.  It's always hard to lose someone you love; you'll always have the warm memories of your time with her to keep close in mind and heart. 

Mimimakescakes Posted 19 Aug 2014 , 11:06am
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So Sorry for your loss James, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 

catlharper Posted 19 Aug 2014 , 4:49pm
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James, So very sorry to hear about your mom! Such a very hard time to go through. I love your idea of cookies as thank yous. I'll have to keep that one in mind. When I'm grieving I want to cook...not eat what I cook but I want to cook. A way to keep my mind and hands busy.  Take care of yourself!



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