My Oven Broke!! What To Do?

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ellavanilla Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 5:16pm
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Does it make sense to repair a 10 year old oven?


We will probably be moving in the next 3 months. I don't want to put in a deluxe oven, only to leave it for the next owner, you know?


Does anyone use a countertop model with success?



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KatieKake Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 5:21pm
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get an estimate of the costs of repairing, and if it is reasonable repair, if not and you are going to move, check out a used oven/stove, that will carry you over until you move and then if it is in the cards get the Deluxe oven.   Can''t see spending the money on a Deluze over only to have to leave it if you move.

vldutoit Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 6:21pm
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AYea you can't take it with you when you go...!! I suggest looking online for a close out warehouse near you and seeing if that might be a less expensive option. There is one in Little Rock called ninos You could find something similar in your area. That way you can get the good oven for your new home.

MimiFix Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 7:26pm
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That's annoying. My sympathies, Jen. Used ovens are plentiful, cheap, and reliable. That's what I would do.

cupadeecakes Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 7:57pm
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I bought a lot of major appliances from a salvage lot.  They buy out the remaining good inventory when a Home Depot or Lowes has a tornado or flood or something.  The one I use cleans and tests the items.  And I usually wind up getting appliances at about 60% of the new price.  I bought my Thermador double oven there.  It was a $4000 oven new and they wanted $2400.  But one of the glass doors was busted so they offered it to me for $1200.  I bought it and then ordered a new $300 door to replace the broke one.

-K8memphis Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 8:26pm
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Awhy can't you take it with you?

ellavanilla Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 11:54pm
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Originally Posted by -K8memphis 

why can't you take it with you?



because it's a built in unit. if i could even figure out how to remove it, i'd probably fix it myself. 

MimiFix Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 11:56pm
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wall unit or slide in?

MimiFix Posted 12 Aug 2014 , 11:57pm
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have you looked online for the service manual?

ellavanilla Posted 13 Aug 2014 , 6:28pm
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It's a built in and it's seen better days, honestly. 


I do have the manual, but I'm hesitant to pull it out and find that I really am not up to the job, you know?


I baked at my sister's house last night. OMG her oven is small!!! Took me forever to make the components for two 8 inch cakes and two 6 inch cakes. 



Thanks everyone. We are having service on it tomorrow and I'm looking for a commercial oven I can put in my work space for the future. 



-K8memphis Posted 13 Aug 2014 , 10:52pm
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Ahmm, depends on the com oven but mine required an electrician to re-wire to accommodate it -- you might want to get a tide-me-over oven and get the com oven when you move -- what a bummer for you!

Bunny0410 Posted 14 Aug 2014 , 12:28am
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ha ha, I have done the sister run recently too!


My element blew, so had to ring my sister in the middle of the night...Drove over with batters and tins rattling in the back of my car.

Jrzygrl34 Posted 14 Aug 2014 , 1:46am
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ooooh oven stopped working the other morning right after I assembled 5 dozen cupcakes to bake. Luckily it was only the "element" and was replaced quickly by bldg maintenance. I say look around for a discounted oven or hopefully you can have your current oven repaired.
Good Luck!

ellavanilla Posted 14 Aug 2014 , 9:17pm
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I bit the bullet and called for service. The problem? When the circuit breaker flipped, it change the oven from Farenheit to Celsius. IF THERE HAD BEEN A LITTLE C BY THE TEMPERATURE I COULD HAVE FIXED IT MYSELF. 




well it's fixed and it only cost me $59, so check that one in the win column!


Thanks everyone!!!



-K8memphis Posted 14 Aug 2014 , 9:27pm
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Atoo cool, er rather hot (Fahrenheit) stuff!

I'm really happy for you -- I wanted to loan you my deluxe but that damn drive woulda killed us :)

ellavanilla Posted 14 Aug 2014 , 9:39pm
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Originally Posted by -K8memphis 

too cool, er rather hot (Fahrenheit) stuff!

I'm really happy for you -- I wanted to loan you my deluxe but that damn drive woulda killed us icon_smile.gif


LOL what do you have? I'm still looking at ovens. I'm so over this one.

-K8memphis Posted 14 Aug 2014 , 10:07pm
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Ait's the deluxe 'cake' oven like earlene's - I got the 3 rack though -- I think it's called convect-a-ray -- it's a gentle convection with these kick a$$ heating rods -- deluxe in bradenton fl

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