Wilton Separator Plate And Hidden Dowels Vs Sps Like From Global Sugar Art.

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TatianaS Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 2:30am
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AI have to make in a couple of weeks two 4 tier cakes - both 12,10,8,6 . I did 3 tier cakes and used wooden dowels in each tier, cake boards between tiers and central dowel through a cake. Now I am thinking that it is time to use SPS system since my cakes are gonna be heavier and will travel for about 30 -40 minutes to their destination. I want to assemble them fully at home because of complicated decorations. I would love to hear guys what do you think about Wilton separator plates and hidden pillars vs SPS system like from Global Sugar Art?

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denetteb Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 3:34am
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If you fully assemble it will you be able to lift and carry that heavy cake?

morganchampagne Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 6:38am
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AI've recently used both. I prefer the SPS system because the columns lock in place. The Wilton plates and pillars fit, but they are kind of wobbly. However they are cheaper.

As stated above, you need to be sure you can carry that large of a cake. Cakes are HEAVY. I personally can not carry a three tier alone.

TatianaS Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 1:19pm
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AI made only chocolate 3 tier cakes and this time one of my 4 tier cakes will be vanilla cake which is heavier. I didn't have a problem to care a 3 tier cakes and I think 4 tier will be not impossible either. I am not a big woman just 5" tall so I will get a help to care those cakes. And it will be possible to get a car to the door of the banquet hall. I just can't imagine decorating cakes on site especially when I need to make decorations like swags and bows. I prefer to roll those out and attach to my cakes right the way and let it dry over night. I just feel not comfortable to set up a station and do decorations in publics when everybody looking over my shoulder. I bought wilton separator plates and hidden pillars but they do not give me confidence since the plates do not have a little pin in the middle for sort off poke and hold in place upper tier. I just want to know if anybody made 4 tier cake with wilton stuff and it traveled well. I want to use what is available here in my store around the corner which is very convenient for me but I also want something sturdy and tested for my cakes. I still have time to order SPS system. What is the best place to get it from?

Dayti Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 1:43pm
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Definitely use SPS - that little spike is the essential difference in helping your cake stay sturdy. In the US you can get it at Global Sugar Art and Oasis Supplies.


I can easily lift a 6", 8", 10" tiered cake. Adding the 12" at the bottom nearly doubles the weight of the cake. I can carry it a few metres alone, but it is quite unwieldy and difficult to get in and out the car without help. If you have help with your delivery you will be fine - lifting the box between 2 is much easier, and if you take a cart it will help too. I always like to see exactly where the cake is going before actually getting it from the car. Don't forget you will need someone to open doors, or work out your route before taking your cake from the car and wedge any doors open yourself. 

TatianaS Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 2:01pm
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AThank you Dayti. It is very helpful information. I will definitely return wilton stuff and order SPS. The building where the patty is gonna be has a door man and has a while chair way. I didn't see place inside myself yet but I am planing to visit it sometime next week. A cart idea is great! I will use your advise for sure. I don't have a cart but I do have a foldable rolling working table. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003IYHACG/?tag=cakecentral-20 Do you think it is gonna work? Or maybe I do need something smaller?

Dayti Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 2:06pm
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It would depend on whether that cart wheels nicely...sometimes carts just jiggle the whole cake - carrying it between 2 people is a smoother ride all around. But if you have wheelchair access right to the place where the cake will be you might be ok since the ground surface will likely be level/smooth (i.e. not gravel or stony or cobblestone type!)

leah_s Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 2:14pm
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AOf course I recommend SPS over W. I had to use the W hidden pillars once and was surprised how loosely they "fit" in the plates. SPS is SECURE. Order from Oasis Supply if you don't have a Bakery Crafts account.

morganchampagne Posted 5 Aug 2014 , 9:11pm
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AYeah I don't like that at all. Way too loose for my taste

TatianaS Posted 13 Aug 2014 , 2:16pm
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AThank you leah_s!!! The Oasis Supply website is great! Prices are low and they have almost everything I need, and the most awesome part I can pay via my amazon account. I love it!!!! I am not sure about the Bakery Craft. They are asking for a very sensitive information. I am hesitating to use their service.

vldutoit Posted 13 Aug 2014 , 8:44pm
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AI LOVE Oasis Supply!!!! I could spend thousands on there if I didn't monitor myself!!

leah_s Posted 14 Aug 2014 , 5:10pm
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ABakery Crafts is a wholesaler. The info they ask for is typical for setting up a "trade" account.

TatianaS Posted 19 Aug 2014 , 5:41pm
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AOh, I hear you vldutout. I am addicted to oasis supply now. And what a fast shipping. I get stuff just in two days after I place an order !!! LOVE it !!!:D

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