Friday Night Cake Club (On Thursday) For 8/1/14

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catlharper Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 2:40am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC. Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can!  No idea how many people will remember that this is the week we are doing this a day early but hopefully we'll see some gorgeous cakes this week!



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catlharper Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 2:46am
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Hi everyone!


Tomorrow we are off on vacation to Sonoma/Napa so I'm posting tonight. I will be able to post normally next week so this is the only variation! This week I only have one cake for a family who don't celebrate holidays for religious reasons but do have a Summer party each year. Here's the cake!



Only the banner on the pegs is non-edible...the rest is all fondant. This was my version of the ombre ruffles that everyone is doing! Those are rainbow jimmies on top. The cake is vanilla bean with the caramel toffee buttercream that has gotten so popular this summer!


Hope everyone is doing well this week!



Pastrybaglady Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 3:32am
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Just for some contrast: summer sun cookies vs. Frozen themed background cake for figures to be placed later.

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

catlharper Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 3:35am
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I have to do a similar background cake myself in a couple of you have recommendations on how to do the icicles?  Also, your suns are TOO cute!



Pastrybaglady Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 3:56am
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ACat, I looked at a couple of ways to do the icicles. Some actually roll each from fondant but I thought there might be issues with them hanging on in transport. I opted to just use my SMBC and do the firm squeeze and release dragging making sure you make them different lengths. If I had to do it again I would have created more terrain on the top but the customer asked for a flat top. I think cut snowflakes would have added a lot to the sides and top as well. Looking forward to seeing yours!

MBalaska Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 6:27am
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Originally Posted by catlharper 

 Here's the cake!





Great Cake, and a beautiful stand to put it on....



Originally Posted by Pastrybaglady 


You're really rockin' with those sunny cookies.  Nice buttercream cake also.

cazza1 Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 9:08am
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Birdhouse with tulips, hydrangers and bouganvilllia

This was my birthday cake that I talked about last week.  Would have liked to have had more ivy, amongst other things, but it took me sooooo long and I just ran out of time.  I am super pleased with it.  The flower boxes and birdhouse are all super rich fruitcake so I can look at it for a couple of weeks before I demolish it to take the cake on holidays to eat.

cazza1 Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 9:11am
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O.K. I doubled up on the post cos I wanted to see how to get it bigger.  It's worth looking at twice, though, even if I do say so myself  :DBirdhouse with tulips, hydrangers and bouganvilllia

Marian64 Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 10:35am
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ACazza I love your cakes and they are definitely worth a second look. Happy birthday!

Pastrybaglady I especially love the cookies.

Cat nice cake. Have fun on vacation.

I have no cake this week. Can't wait to see what everyone else is up to.


freesia777 Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 11:29am
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AAll these cakes are great!

Cat- what a fun cake. I would love to have a piece covered in all those sprinkles!

Pastrybaglady- I like the contrast between your two selections. I really like the color variation on the Frozen cake. It looks almost like water-color.

Cazza1- the bird house and flower boxes are CAKE? How in earth did you do that? Everything looks so real!

Here's my first contribution to the Friday Night Cake Club. It's a s'mores cake that I found the recipe for in a recent thread. It's chocolate cake with layers of graham cracker crust in the middle. It was supposed to be frosted in ganache with marshmallow just on the top, but my ganache never set up. So since it was only glazed in thin ganache, I figured I should frost the whole thing in marshmallow and what a happy mistake that was!!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


cazza1 Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 1:45pm
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Welcome to Friday Night Club on a Thursday, Freesia.  Your cake looks delicious.


Cat, I'm a bit bemused by the fact that everything except the banner is edible.  To me that would have been the easiest bit to do in fondant.


Pastrybaglady, I may just have to steal your sunglass wearing suns idea when the weather warms up.  It is freezing here (i.e10C at night and 20C during the day).  I know, I'm a sook.


Did you all notice that I recycled my bouganvillia from my cake the other week.  Took me  a whole week to make them so I need to use them a few times so that I don't feel like I wasted my time.  Same with the hydrangers.  And I will definitely be using those tulips again.  The joys of only decorating for yourself.

Pastrybaglady Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 5:21pm
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ACazza, your birdhouse and flower boxes are so realistic, excellent job on the wood grain and the flowers are impeccable! You really have me grasping for adequate adjectives here :D Freesia, your cake looks like it was toasted to perfection. I would want to dig in with my hands! Cat, your your cake is so fun and beautiful!

anaelisabethlee Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 5:37pm
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ACazza - amazing! So stunning

Cat, love the take on the ruffles!

Freesia, YUM is all I can say

How cool are those sun sunglasses! And the frozen "backdrop" :)

This week the plan was a computer geek cake for an 11 year old going on 50 bless him. I ordered an edible print for the sides, I wanted an intricate computer motherboard, but the postman did not deliver :( So I ended up doing it myself. Not quite what I originally had in mind but there you go :)

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

And tonight I will be working on my own birthday cake, it's going to be my childhood memories, i.e. my favourite cartoons. I've left it a bit late, and now can't be bothered, but I WILL finish it, tomorrow probably!

Have a great weekend everyone!

MBalaska Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 6:22pm
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Originally Posted by cazza1 

Birdhouse with tulips, hydrangers and bouganvilllia


WOW Cazza1 It looks like a real garden, you really made the boxes well. It's amazing that it's all edible.  It was worth taking your time.




Originally Posted by freesia777 


freesia777 This looks delicious.  Did you toast the icing also? What a great dessert cake.



Originally Posted by anaelisabethlee 

anaelisabethlee You put a lot of amazing details on this cake. The donut is a cool addition to the computer.  Nice.
countrycakes Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 6:48pm
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Where can I find the caramel toffee buttercream icing recipe? That sounds so good! Thank you.

autumnwind Posted 1 Aug 2014 , 11:11pm
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Good looking stuff, everybody! Love your cake, Cat, and cazza1 - I did recognize the bougainvillea lol! Does that mean I'm officially spending too much time here?? From me this week....Dukes of Hazard car chase, buttercream, airbrushed. Have a great weekend!


Dukes of Hazard car chase. 1/2 sheet buttercream iced, air brushed colors, client supplied cars

freesia777 Posted 2 Aug 2014 , 2:29am
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MBalsaka- yep, I toasted the marshmallow.  I have a little kitchen torch from a crème brule set I bought about ten years ago (and never used, haha) and went to town. 


I like the newest additions too -- the computer cake looks great and the Dukes of Hazzard cake is fun!

anaelisabethlee Posted 2 Aug 2014 , 5:05pm
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I am caked out now... My childhood memories cake - Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. Though nobody remembers Rainbow Brite!!

If hadn't have had enough of it, I would have done a Strawberry figure too....


cara1982 Posted 2 Aug 2014 , 5:20pm
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Laetia Posted 2 Aug 2014 , 7:26pm
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Original message sent by anaelisabethlee


I am caked out now... My childhood memories cake - Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. Though nobody remembers Rainbow Brite!! If hadn't have had enough of it, I would have done a Strawberry figure too....

[URL=] [/URL]

I do remember Rainbow Brite (Azurine for me, in French)! Oh... So many souvenirs are coming back to me. And this yellow CareBare with the sun you've made, it was my favorite plush! Looks like you made this cake for me :-D Very nice cake

CraftyCassie Posted 2 Aug 2014 , 9:21pm
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AAwesome cakes everyone! I just had MIL cake to do.

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

MBalaska Posted 2 Aug 2014 , 9:35pm
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Originally Posted by autumnwind 

Dukes of Hazard car chase. 1/2 sheet buttercream iced, air brushed colors, client supplied cars

Love seeing 'boys and their toys' cakes - bet they loved this one and had a good time.



Originally Posted by anaelisabethlee 

This cake is so adorable, it does take me back to the old cartoons. Your models are great.



Originally Posted by cara1982 

A Princess cake for the little girls and scrumptious cuppies for the grown ups. Love it.



Originally Posted by CraftyCassie 

MIL got a nice cake.  Royal colors and it looks like all delicious buttercream, Yummy.

morganchampagne Posted 3 Aug 2014 , 12:22am
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AI'm going to upload better pictures eventually lol. But here's one of my weekend, I snapped it really quick I was in a huge rush! [IMG][/IMG]

catlharper Posted 3 Aug 2014 , 3:48pm
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Hello everyone!  We are in Sonoma! It's just gorgeous here...taking massive amounts of photos. Today my hubby and I get to go wine tasting while our younger daughter takes her little brother and her own son swimming at the hotel pool. 


Anyways, just wanted to take a moment to comment upon a few things:


Cazza, I didn't quite have enough time to let the flags on the sticks dry on the string before the cake was due. The idea to put a hanging banner as a topper as well as the edible banner across the cake was a last minute thing. The client loved it! I do like to make everything on my cakes edible and if I had thought of it earlier would have made the sticks and banner out of fondant. Next time! the bird house...amazes me that it's cake! The 11yr old's birthday is awesome too! I'm always trying to come up with something new for Jack! That combo cake tho'...WOW! My daughter is going to LOVE this one when she wakes up...all the stuff from her childhood!


Freesia...YUM!!! I just wanna dive right on in!


CountryCakes...I wish I could tell you it's this big ol' recipe but it's not. If I had to guess on measurements it would be about 2 cups of buttercream to 1/2 cup of caramel and 2 crushed up HEATH bars. If it is too runny for your filling then tighten it up with some powdered sugar. I just sort of wing it when it comes to the size cake! But for an 8 inch what's above seems to work great. It's the hit of this summer with clients asking for it because they heard about it from someone else! LOL! I got 3 extra cakes since the original one in June all because of the filling! LOL!


Autumnwind...ROFL! LOVE the car in the river...omg, too funny! the Castle cake! I made one several years ago and am SO happy I haven't had to do one since. It wasn't a fun experience for me. I love your cupcakes. We call those "Dinner Party Cupcakes" here. The type you serve your guests after a fancy dinner party!


Cassie...what type of cake was the MIL's cake? It's so very pretty!


I'll check back in before Friday again. After tomorrow the rest of our vacation is at our daughters house in the Monterey area so we'll pretty much just be kicking back....I SO need that too!  



DanTonys2005 Posted 3 Aug 2014 , 4:49pm
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A[IMG][B][/B][/IMG] I made this cake last week for my brothers 30th Birthday.

Jesi Winter Posted 3 Aug 2014 , 5:55pm
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AMade my first wedding cake this weekend. Was a little skeptical about the almond and raspberry flowers but they turned out yo be really rustic. Need work on stacking still..[IMG][/IMG] Everyone is so talented I love looking at all your cakes!

DanTonys2005 Posted 3 Aug 2014 , 6:03pm
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ACake I made for my brothers 30th Birthday

ashleyjoyk Posted 3 Aug 2014 , 6:23pm
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ABaby minion cake that I did for my sister in law - first time covering a double barrel cake! I did better than I thought I would - although I was able to hide a few spots on the bottom with the diaper :) also - not cake - but I carved a watermelon for the first time too! [IMG ALT=""][/IMG] [IMG ALT="Minion Dave baby shower cake :) first time covering a double barrel cake!!! Yay!!!"][/IMG]

MBalaska Posted 3 Aug 2014 , 10:09pm
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Originally Posted by morganchampagne 


Not only is the cake really nice, you've made RKT airplanes for the kids also.  Cool!!



Originally Posted by Jesi Winter 

Made my first wedding cake this weekend. 


Congratulations on making your first wedding cake.  May you have many more successes!



Originally Posted by DanTonys2005 


The 'King of Beers' is a fun cake.  Well done!  Is it one of the edible wafer papers on the label?



Originally Posted by ashleyjoyk 
 I carved a watermelon for the first time too!
Minion Dave baby shower cake :) first time covering a double barrel cake!!! Yay!!!


What a great party combination!  Fruit basket and an adorable cake.  Very fun.  Are his teeth carved from the watermelon?

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