Packing For A Move.. Help!

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clariceclareese Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 1:51am
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This is my first post here but I'm always on Cake Central for cake decorating tips. Anyways, we're moving in a month and I really don't know where to start in terms of packing my cake decorating supplies. I've "hoarded" quite a few stuff since I started baking and decorating cakes just a little over a yr ago..


We're moving to a much smaller home so I want my babies to be more organized this time :-D are there any special boxes out there for let's say, cookie cutters, candy molds, cupcake liners, baking pans,etc.? Any packing tips/advice will be very much appreciated.



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MBalaska Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 2:10am
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Lot's of clear plastic tackle boxes so you can see everything, and keep small similar items together.

lot's more clear plastic storage boxes with lids, of all sizes.

I can't even imagine how I'd move all this junk...... stuff, important stuff.

Good Luck with your move.

enga Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 2:15am
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Same here, I've been selling a few larger things, but small things like cookie cutters/tools (aluminum/metal) I have been putting in 5 gallon buckets with air tight lids for easy handling and storage for the move. Plus I don't have to worry about them being damaged by water/moisture if I have to put them in the basement.

clariceclareese Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 2:31am
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AThanks for the tips, MBalaska and enga! :)

cazza1 Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 3:24am
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I recently cleaned(?) up my stash.  I put everything into clear plastic containers.  My favorite ones are 12x12x1.5inches.  They stack on top of one another and you can see everything (well nearly) that's in them.

MBalaska Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 3:50am
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Cazza1, I call those "tackle boxes" but they are just storage boxes, the ones with the moveable dividers are nice.  What a difference they have made for me also!  Pack 'em & stack 'em.


Enga, I'd have to move my rice and bean buckets to put my cake stuff in 5 gal buckets, but yeah, that's a good idea also.  I love those spiral twisty tops for those buckets! - not those snap-on lids.


Tackle boxes for storage, very helpful

enga Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 4:07am
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Lol, I know what you mean. My brother bless his heart is the organizing king. When he comes to my house he literally starts twitching. He gives me these very durable 5 gallon buckets that he gets from the coop and restaurants that the feta cheese and other products come in. They have a rubber ring built into the lid. They are great for storing dry goods.


He  wants to help me organize and pack but I'm afraid he'll throw half my haul into the trash while I'm at work, lol. Non cakers don't understand that what might seem like a bent piece of plastic is what I use to  get a curved edge on my buttercreamed tiers!

clariceclareese Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 6:25am
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AThank you for the responses! I'll grab some of those huge 3 pack and smaller 8pack clear containers with snap-on lids I saw at Costco the other day :)

@MBalaska-- is that a jewelry/beads organizer you have there? :) I'll check out my local crafts store for a similar one!;-D

Thanks again guys :) I now feel confident to start packing tomorrow :D

Btw, any creative ideas on packing cake stands? I'm now hating those big dome covers they come with lol

Just a side note-- i find it interesting that nothing relevant comes up when I googled my question here.. Even pinterest doesn't have any creative tips on packing baking/cake decorating tools for a move.. Makes me wonder if I'm the only one who is clueless to these things lol

enga Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 9:25am
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I saw this on pinterest for general moving.


Then I saw this, I suddenly didn't feel so bad about my collection anymore 8O.


Good luck with your move!

cazza1 Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 10:23am
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I totally understand the person at hungry happenings.  I now have a cake room and my kitchen has also overtaken all the cupboards in the bar (Wine racks make excellent cake tin storage), all the cupboards in the dining room, all the cupboards in the family room and I have had to buy a couple of pantry cupboards for in the garage.  And hubby has the gall to say that I won't fit into the unit that we bought cos I want to downsize!

MBalaska Posted 26 Jul 2014 , 5:22pm
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After looking at the 'Hungry Happenings' ladies baking/candy making area....... I'm positively  green with envy !!  Super Storage going on there.

It makes me wish I could buy a whole house just to put my junk  stuff in.  When I win the Power Ball Lotto that's just what I'll do.:party:  


...Then off to the UK for Maise cakes, and then to AU for Cazza cakes, then to AZ. for Couture cakes.......and all around the world going to everyone's bakeries and doing PUB Pastry crawls. 

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