Wilton Vs Satin Ice Vs Pme Sugarpaste

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morganchampagne Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 1:25am
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AI've been on this weird kick lately. Buying and trying every fondant. These are the first three I've tried in the taste test. I have Fondx, Carma Ticino, and Chocopan on the way.

: I did a blind taste test with 4 people. 1 older man, 1 older woman, a 10 yr old boy, and a 22 yr old woman. The fondants were satin ice, wilton, and pme sugar paste. Nobody could tell the difference. There was a slight preference for the texture of one sugar paste in the women.

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FrostedMoon Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 2:04am
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I would be curious how fresh home made marshmallow fondant faired against other purchased fondants.  So many people that "don't like fondant" are shocked at how mine tastes.  I won't use anything over a few days old to cover a cake.  I swear it makes a huge difference.  Am always shocked when established cake artists tell people to just peel the fondant off.  If it needs to be peeled off it's not the right stuff!  This is especially true since they often fall in to the "it has to be scratch" and the "shortening is gross" categories.  You make an amazing scratch cake and buttercream then put something from a bucket on it?  I don't get it.  I get that home made fondant isn't always easy to work with, but the taste really matters to me.  Will be watching this thread to see how others measure up.  Thanks for posting!

morganchampagne Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 2:12am
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AI wonder how it would stack up. I use mmf but I've gotten to a point where I just got tired of making so much of it. In the next round I'll be sure to have some mmf prepared!

Smckinney07 Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 2:31am
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AI can't stand Satin Ice, I know many people swear by it but I just don't care for it (working with it I mean, it tastes better then some).

I bought a big package of Wilton, before everyone started saying the recipe changed, and I wanted to try the LMF from the Artisan Cake Co. Which I should probably use soon, I've heard great things about that. I do like using Wilton for some cake pieces but not for covering a cake.

I've tried Bakels, which is nice and not very expensive. I really like using it with Jennifer Dontz's Pearl Clay recipe (it's a mixture of Bakels & Chocolate) but I've used it more for accessory pieces-she uses a different recipe for covering cakes if I remember correctly from her video.

I don't care for Fondarific, it's so soft and I just have a hard time working with it.

I use mostly FondX but I happened to sample some Carma and I loved the taste and I loved working with it. I plan on ordering some Carma soon. I've also heard some great things about Sweetastic Modeling Chocolate and they are selling in smaller quantities currently, I really enjoy working with modeling chocolate but I've always made my own so I'm curious on your thoughts when you get your Chocopan. I've never tried the PME.

I'm the same way with experimenting when it comes to various brands lol, I just can't help but think there's a perfect brand out there (or simply something better) then what I'm currently using.

morganchampagne Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 2:53am
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AYeah I hear you on the satin Ice thing! Last year I bought some and it was HORRIBLE. I had been hearing they had a bad batch so I gave it another chance. While it was better...I didn't really care for working with it. Wilton was the best one to work with hands down. The taste to me was ok, but I never tried the old one to compare. But it didn't roll as thin as I would like. I'm pretty sure the Carma brand is going to end up being the best. But I still have to try them all lol

Smckinney07 Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 3:41am
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AI agree! Let me know what you think when you try them.

morganchampagne Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 3:47am
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AOh!!! A word to anyone who may be looking. In the store today the lady was telling me they are discontinuing the Pettinice brand, so I just put it back. Just heads up

morganchampagne Posted 9 Jul 2014 , 3:49am
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Small Update. Today I tried Duffs fondant, I bought the pink color. Couldn't find white. It was terrible. The taste was awful...I can't imagine thats the standard. I must have gotten a bad batch? anyway it was OK to work with. Still prefer the workability of Pme Sugarpaste. the fondx and chocopan are scheduled to be here thursday. I will report back then!

Smckinney07 Posted 9 Jul 2014 , 11:46am
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AIve heard people say that Duffs and Fondarific are the same formula (or similar) but I haven't tried Duffs brand. I don't think Fondarific tastes bad but it's just so soft and never really setup for me. I'm surprised by the bad taste too.

Oh congrats on your first IS cake! Those stories just break my heart! It's nice to be able to make something special for these families that go through such hardships, which many handle with such grace its truly amazing. I know that sounds a bit cheesy. I signed up a couple months ago, it's an awesome organization!

morganchampagne Posted 13 Jul 2014 , 6:26pm
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AThanks for the well wishes about the icing smiles cake. So excited!!

OK. So!!! I have finally had a chance to work with Fondx and Chocopan. Chocopan for me was just not good to work with. It's pretty hot here in Houston though at this point. It was just sticky and kind of a mess. Might be better for cooler climates.

Fondx was pretty good! I like how thin I could roll it, the taste didn't just hit me over the head with it's awesomeness though. But it was ok. Surprisingly I still prefer the PME sugar paste to Fondx. It was also on the sticky side for me, but some cornstarch helped with that.

I do have the Carma and I'm going to be using that on an actual cake for next week I will post a picture then. I like working with it the feel. Taste is good. Although I'm one who prefers really sweet lol. But I do like the idea that carma seems to be the brand that would be LESS likely to interfere with the imbc icing and cake I use.

MBalaska Posted 13 Jul 2014 , 6:56pm
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Originally Posted by morganchampagne 

I do have the Carma and I'm going to be using that on an actual cake for next week I will post a picture then. I like working with it the feel. Taste is good. Although I'm one who prefers really sweet lol. But I do like the idea that carma seems to be the brand that would be LESS likely to interfere with the imbc icing and cake I use.


Looking forward to that photo......

morganchampagne Posted 21 Jul 2014 , 1:28am
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AHere's the cake with carma on it. Definitely worth the money. Rolled super thin. It's not very sweet though, and I'm not sure that I really want to spend that kind of money on fondant though. I'm not sure....I just kinda don't know if it's worth it for where my business it at this point. [IMG]http://cakecentral.com/content/type/61/id/3266063/width/200/height/400[/IMG]

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