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dchinda Posted 24 Jun 2014 , 10:13pm
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AI am going to be making a wedding cake for a family member. They need the cake to feed 75 people so I was thinking of doing a 12' round, 10" round & a 6" round which feeds 83 people according to Earlene's cake chart. My question is will the cake look funny if I only have 2" between the bottom & middle tier & 4" between the middle & top tier? It is going to be a simple cake. I will be putting a few pink roses in between the tiers. Thank you in advance for the help!

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-K8memphis Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 12:05am
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i love the proportion of a 12x9x6 it's a perfect size i think--might that be an option for you? earlene's chart is the most generous serving size -- and according to wilton -- which uses a bit smaller but adequate serving size --a 12x9x6 is 100 servings so you would surely have enough if you wanted to go that route

cylstrial Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 12:11am
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I'm with k8memphis! i think a 6,9,12 would look the best.

AZCouture Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 12:31am
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AFor a client, I would suggest a 5 8 11, which is about 73. Since it's family, having leftovers probably won't be a bad thing, but I certainly wouldn't sell a cake to serve 100 when they only need three quarters of that unless they paid for all 100.

-K8memphis Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 1:31am
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Originally Posted by dchinda 

I am going to be making a wedding cake for a family member. They need the cake to feed 75 people so I was thinking of doing a 12' round, 10" round & a 6" round which feeds 83 people according to Earlene's cake chart. 


well it's weird, i can't get to earlenes cake chart on her website--just images of it that may or may not be accurate --


since you said were going by earlene's chart and you said that a 12x10x6 serves 83 and you needed 75 servings i figured a 12x9x6 served less than 83 on that chart so i checked wiltons which states 100 servings just so you could feel comfortable about that size if you wanted to go with it --


the earlene's chart image i can find says 12x9x6 serves 88 brides' and 100 groom's so close enough-- but if you add up a 12" a 10" and a 6" on there you do indeed get the 83 servings so i have so much respect for earlene and maybe i'm not reading her chart right but i always use wilton's --


so it's pretty confusing but you would have plenty of servings if you equaled out your cake from a 12x10x6 to a smaller 12x9x6 and used earlene's serving size

-K8memphis Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 1:56am
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so-o i got a chached version of her chart--and she has a 12x9x6 at 70 brides and 80 grooms --


and she designates that the brides count is without the top tier included in servings -- 


she must be updating her website or something --


so on a 12x9x6 wilton's is 100 and earlene's is 80 if you are serving all tiers :-D

-K8memphis Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 1:59am
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the link i provided that caused me a lot of confusion is not the same info as the cached one--wow

dchinda Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 2:12am
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AThank you for the quick responses! Unfortunately, my pans are even sizes. My concern is the 4" difference between the top & middle tier & only 2" between the bottom & middle tier if I go with a 12,10 & 6". An 8" for the top tier would be too big & too much leftover cake.

Snowflakebunny23 Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 11:48am
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Yes, I think it would look weird unless you had something in the design to make it look like it was intended that way.  6/9/12 sounds like a good option so you could either hire a 9" tin (it costs about £2 from my cake shop here in the UK or use your 10" and cut off the excess using a 9" board as a guide.  Personally, I'd hire another tin! Much easier and less messy. xx

-K8memphis Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 12:34pm
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just trim the 10" like snowbunny suggested --  no worries

dchinda Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 3:33pm
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AThank you, I really appreciate it! I will just trim down the 10" to a 9" so there will be a 3" difference between each tier.

-K8memphis Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 3:43pm
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if you or anyone gets hyper about an exposed cake edge to ice--just ice it like you'd spread mayonnaise on bread--let that partially crust (chill if it's non crusting) then ice and all will be very well--


to get real technical--tmi alert-- if you cut a half inch off all the way around you're golden--if you place a 9" cardboard circle on top as your guide -- then reconsider that size-- it should be about 8.5 to be in proportion to the other tiers because cakes shrink a bit in the oven -- the icing gets them fluffed back out to correct sizing for enough servings -- 


would love to see a picture--post or pm -- best caking to you 

dchinda Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 3:53pm
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AThank you for the advice K8! I actually had to trim a tier a few weeks ago because I changed the design of my cake at the last minute. I was very surprised at how easy it is & you can't tell once it has been covered in BC & fondant.

-K8memphis Posted 25 Jun 2014 , 4:27pm
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awesome, dchinda--it opens up a world of possibilities huh  *:-)/\:-) high five

dchinda Posted 2 Jul 2014 , 4:25pm
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AI actually ended up just burying 9 in. pans from a restaurant supply store in my area. I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive they were & they are good quality too!

dchinda Posted 6 Jul 2014 , 10:45pm
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I have attached a pic of the final cake. Thanks again for all your help!

enga Posted 6 Jul 2014 , 11:06pm
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Beautiful Cake!

dchinda Posted 7 Jul 2014 , 5:14am
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AThank you Enga!

enga Posted 7 Jul 2014 , 5:28am
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You're welcome. You deserve it, you did a fantastic job! :wink:


And like K8, I love love love 6-9-12" tiered cakes!

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