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Tarini Posted 19 Jun 2014 , 11:23am
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I'm hoping to purchase a Giant Cupcake Pan and have been reading some of the reviews and it seems that the top and bottom halves have separate baking times resulting in the top part being very DRY?.. some say its JUST the top part but others say the entire cake becomes totally dry ??... I'm in two minds whether to go for a giant cupcake pan or not!...cos I absolutely HATE dry cakes...

Also for my chocolate cake - my GO TO recipe is the hersheys black magic recipe - and really don't want to us any other as I like the texture etc...

So really my question is - Has anyone used this recipe in a Giant Cupcake Pan? how did it turn out? - the batter is quite liquidy - so I don't know if it will work out...

Thank you so much!

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sykescakes Posted 23 Jun 2014 , 5:03pm
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Just a thought, but if you were worried about different baking times you could bake each separately. As in put batter in the top half and bake, cool and remove from pan and then put the remainder of the batter in the bottom portion and bake. I don't have the cupcake pan but I've been thinking about getting one as well, they are wicked cute!

4goodnesscake Posted 28 Jun 2014 , 9:31pm
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AUse the giant cupcake silicone moulds, they have never failed me! As they are 2 separate cake moulds you can cook the base longer than the top and your cake stats lovely and moist :) I swear by 'pink whisk' chocolate giant cupcake recipe, but you could always give you recipe a try :) hope this helps.

FlourPots Posted 28 Jun 2014 , 10:33pm
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I don't have that pan, but if I did, I would most definitely bake the top and bottom separately...

maisie73 Posted 28 Jun 2014 , 10:43pm
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AI've got one and I use it loads, I never bake them seperately and I've never had a dry one. Can't help with that particular recipe but all my recipes bake fine in it except my gluten free sponge.

4goodnesscake Posted 29 Jun 2014 , 7:15am
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AI use the silicone giant cupcake mould which allows you to cook the top and bottom separate, it's never failed me and always keeps the cake nice and moist :) you could try your recipe in it and see how it works, I swear by 'pink whisk' giant chocolate cupcake recipe, it's delicious :)

cazza1 Posted 29 Jun 2014 , 11:26am
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I have a silicone one that has the top and the bottom separate so you can pull them out of the oven at different times if you need to.

maisie73 Posted 29 Jun 2014 , 11:36am
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ADo you get on well with it cazza? I had one and hated it, I got rid of it and bought the Wilton, I like it much better.

lou2224 Posted 29 Jul 2014 , 12:24pm
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AHi, your right that the top and bottom halves of the giant cupcake cook at different times, the bottom part of the cupcake will need 5-10 mins longer than the top part, so if you cook the top part for an additional 5-10 mins after its done, (until the bottom bits done) it will most likely be burnt and/or dry.

To avoid this: If you have a giant cupcake tin, (both halves of cupcake in one part, side by side- like the wilton tin) you can cook the top part first then take it out and cook the bottom bit separately. That way neither piece will be dry or burnt.

OR you can buy the big top silicone giant cupcake mould.. it's a red, rubber like soft mould, that comes in 3 pieces, the top, bottom and an optional disk like part which will create a hollow in the bottom part of the cupcake for a filling such as buttercream. The top and bottom pieces can, with this mould, be baked together, (mould needs to be placed on a clean oven tray during baking, due to its flexibility) then the top can be taken out when done and the bottom left in to continue baking, because the pieces are seperate, unlike the tin previously mentioned.

The big top giant cupcake mould van be purchased from or for £5 in the UK, not sire how much it is on as I haven't looked.

Also, this mould can be used to make giant cupcake cases from chocolate, which the cake can then be placed in. To see this done please see the channel "my cupcake addiction" on this channel also has videos on baking, shaping, filling and decorating the giant cupcake. If you have any trouble finding it, just type giant cupcake into the search box and look for the words mycupcakeaddiction under the video..

I do prefer the bog top giant cupcake mould myself, but the instructions provided with it are rubbish, it doesn't provide a recipe or anything..

but for anyone thats looking for a giant cupcake recipe. I can tell you now there aren't any.. or at least not yet.. However, to bake a giant cupcake you can use the mix for 24-25 cupcakes and this should fill the mould nicely..

Hope this helps!

Kathy107 Posted 29 Jul 2014 , 1:29pm
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I have the Wilton giant cupcake pan.  I used a Duncan Hines cake mix and baked both sides separately.  It came out great.  Leslie of the Royal Bakery uses the Hershey Chocolate Cake Recipe in this pan. 

lou2224 Posted 29 Jul 2014 , 2:22pm
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AHi, can you please post a link to this Hershey chocolate cake recipe, if possible? I'm looking for a really chocolatey giant cupcake recipe... Thanks

Kathy107 Posted 29 Jul 2014 , 3:10pm
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You might want to change the amounts of baking powder and baking soda to 1 tsp each.  Some people also use sour cream instead of milk.  I liked it better with the sour cream.

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