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kisamarie Posted 18 May 2014 , 6:05pm
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AHas anyone used the tiered Caker ap for the iPad? I'm wondering if it's worth the $19.99 price..

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FromScratchSF Posted 20 May 2014 , 6:32am
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Yes!  Love it, worth the price.  Disclaimer, I helped Chris put in all the bits that have been missing from every other cake ap and he nailed it.  I get no money from it's sale, I did it because I wanted an ap that actually worked for me and my business so it was totally selfish.  It has cake charts, creates mixed sizes, accurate calculations, it's very useful.  Even the cutting charts are straight line and perfect.  I love it.  At consultations I create the base cake in an accurate size, save the photo then open it in Free Doodle then draw a basic design on the spot for clients with my finger.  It's rad.

AZCouture Posted 20 May 2014 , 7:32am
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AHmmmm...off to see if there is a free trial version.

FromScratchSF Posted 20 May 2014 , 9:00am
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There isn't.  It's worth the $.  I can post pics on how I use it.  It's pretty awesome.

kkmcmahan Posted 20 May 2014 , 11:09am
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Very interested, would love to see pictures!

kisamarie Posted 20 May 2014 , 4:17pm
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AYes, I too really wish there was a trial version! Sigh...

costumeczar Posted 20 May 2014 , 11:10pm
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I'll second FromScratchSF...Totally worth it if you like app-y things. I was one of their Beta testers and they changed things on it that we told them did or didn't work. You can now customize a lot of things on there that people do differently, so it isn't like you're locked into one method of calcuating serving counts, pricing etc. It's very versatile.

PastryChefAnnie Posted 20 May 2014 , 11:52pm
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AThanks for asking this question! I've been wondering about that app. I've heard a lot of good things about it!

Evoir Posted 21 May 2014 , 12:32am
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I was a beta tester on this app too and I LOVE IT!


I use it for EVERY SINGLE CAKE I quote on!!!


It is worth the money, every cent.

elliespartycake Posted 23 May 2014 , 1:31am
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I've used the Tiered Caker Ap for over a year now and can't live without it!

FromScratchSF Posted 23 May 2014 , 2:39am
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OK this is how I use it, pimping way overdue...


Create cake sizes for client.  I already have my prices for base cake in there.



Once we decide shape of cake, I hit the button at the top left that saves the image into your photostream.



I then open it in Free Doodle, where I have already saved snips of popular things from my cakes that people ask for.  This is what one page of my notebook looks like in Free Doodle:



Then I drag and drop onto the photo from Tiered Caker.


I've done so many ruffle tiers I have an idea how much it will cost, and I have a base price for my flowers.  I also have the option of using my finger of drawing direct on the image to get a base design and give an idea of price.


I much prefer this to taking pen to paper.  This is a much better example of what the cake will actually look like!


I also use the cutting charts.

AZCouture Posted 23 May 2014 , 2:52am
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Ooooh, I likey!!!

FromScratchSF Posted 23 May 2014 , 3:12am
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Yeah it's not perfect but it at least gets a better idea then nothing, which is what I was doing before because I can't draw for crap.  So it's well worth the $ for me.  I look way cool now.

AZCouture Posted 23 May 2014 , 3:44am
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Yeah, my sketches are atrocious. I put them next to the finished cake sometimes just to point out how bad of an artist I am with pen and paper. :D

kkmcmahan Posted 23 May 2014 , 9:43am
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Thank you for sharing this.  I can't draw for anything and 3 of my 5 sisters are artists!  Looks like I am going to have to try it.

Nadiaa Posted 23 May 2014 , 10:08am
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AOoooh, that looks fab!!

jenbug1 Posted 23 May 2014 , 6:38pm
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AI love the way you are using the app and so glad you posted the pics! I've been importing my TieredCaker images into photoshop touch which works great but I wish it had more brush style options! I also like that you have save 'details' that you can drag and drop pretty quickly. What a professional way to present yourself to clients. Of course they are not perfectly detailed sketches but when mocking up ideas for a clients visual I think this is quick and perfect! (Disclaimer: my husband developed this app but if he didn't I'd love it anyway haha)

Thank you all for the great reviews! Very happy to hear great stuff from our users!

Danilou Posted 23 May 2014 , 9:58pm
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AIs this App only for iphone?

bikemom3 Posted 24 May 2014 , 1:15am
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AI love it!!!!!! I've had it for awhile now and have it on my phone & iPad. It really saves me a ton of sketching time!

jenbug1 Posted 24 May 2014 , 1:51am
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AYes Danilou. It's only available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that are running iOS 7.

FromScratchSF Posted 24 May 2014 , 1:59am
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Chris did a bang up job, I'm over the moon with it.  


Who knew Free Doodle, you know, being free and all, would be useful as a business tool?  I mean, it's really for your kid to draw mustaches and devil horns on family photos while killing time at the doctor's office, but it has that notebook feature that makes it awesome.  I've been slowly opening photos of cakes I've done, erasing out everything except certain details like the flowers, then saving to notebook.  It makes the whole concept very similar to basically photoshopping right there at the table for the client.  Some details you just can't explain and I don't know about you, but some you just can't draw.

crumbcake Posted 24 May 2014 , 4:21am
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AWher do I find Doodle Art, I have the tier app already and have not used it much, just for the tier layout. It would be great to put the decorations on like you have done

FromScratchSF Posted 24 May 2014 , 4:28am
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Do a search in the ap store.

FromScratchSF Posted 24 May 2014 , 4:28am
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And it's Free Doodle.

crumbcake Posted 24 May 2014 , 12:19pm
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AChecked the App Store, and there are tons of doodle apps, did not see one that was just Free Doodle

jenbug1 Posted 24 May 2014 , 1:01pm
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AHmm I can't find free doodle either. Maybe it's not for sale anymore? I have You Doodle and it looks very similar (marketed to draw faces on your pics haha) and it has a notebook for saving images. I haven't tried it though so it might not work the same. It has a free version and apparently a pro version in app purchase for 1.99 because it just asked if I wanted to upgrade.

FromScratchSF Posted 24 May 2014 , 2:14pm
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That's probably it.  I have the free version.  Yes, there are tons of free doodle aps, I just picked that one because it was highly rated.  I had no idea it had a notebook function like that, so as soon as I saw it I was like, yeah!  I'm totally using that.  Again, I don't draw so when I do "sketches" they generally are things I Photoshop together on my PC using existing real images and it's after someone hires me.  This way I can at least do a little something at the table and the best thing for me is it isn't a piece of paper the client can walk away with and give to another baker to do cheaper.


I don't want to get too sidetracked from tiered caker though, it has so many functions that make it so easy for you to put together the general dimensions of the cake on the spot, it even has a new slide gauge for you so you can do double barrels, make sure your cake representation has tiers that are 4 or 5" tall, on and on.  And the whole time as long as you have your base price in there, it keeps that calculated and on the screen so you don't have to keep doing math.  I am particularity happy it does mixed sizes and the cutting guides actually alter based on the pieces you generally base your cakes on.  So if you use Earlene, Wilton, or your own special serving size, the cutting charts change.  That takes some serious programming to do and so far, no other ap or program that I know of does that.  I email a copy of the cutting chart to myself, drop it onto some letterhead and give it to the venue.


Again, I make no money from this ap, but I can tell you the creator deserves to make money off all his hard work.  Go buy it.  I already told Chris that he needs to get a doodle function in there, that will take a lot of work to do so if you want it, buy the ap now to help support the programming.  To me, that's the last missing function.

Danilou Posted 24 May 2014 , 11:15pm
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AIf only they could make it for Android I'd buy it. It sounds great!

kisamarie Posted 25 May 2014 , 3:56pm
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Originally Posted by AZCouture 

Yeah, my sketches are atrocious. I put them next to the finished cake sometimes just to point out how bad of an artist I am with pen and paper. :D

LOL!  I do the same thing!  I'm always saying, "Please excuse my horrible drawing skills, it will look much better on the cake:)" lol

kisamarie Posted 25 May 2014 , 6:11pm
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I cant find the free Doodle app either.  I have Sketch book pro, which I usually use when using my iPad to sketch the cakes, but now I downloaded the Tiered Caker app and saved a bunch of snippets in Photoshop on transparent backgrounds, and when I open them in the Sketch book pro app, the images are all on white backgrounds and they block out the tiers Im trying to put my snippets on :(

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