Putting Wilton Decorator Icing On Top Of Smbc?

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musikat Posted 2 May 2014 , 1:41am
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I am making a first communion cake for tomorrow and made a double batch of SMBC, but only had enough to cover and smooth the cake (that's a lot of white!). To save time, I bought a tub of Wilton decorator icing to do the accents and trim around the cake. As I was doing the borders, I started to worry that if the cake gets warm , will the borders slide? Or does it stick well to the SMBC? It is supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow and Saturday and they are picking it up tomorrow evening for a Saturday morning event. I am using royal icing flowers so after those go on it can't go back in the refrigerator or they will melt. 


Anyone used that combination and had it turn out okay? 

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FioreCakes Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:01am
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Is this for customer? you are putting two completely different flavors of icing on there. I think this will taste strange...not to mention aren't the levels of white of the IMBC and wilton icing completely different?

musikat Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:14am
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Yes it is for a customer, and they have had both this and my regular SMBC before and liked them. While the wilton will be on the outside of the cake as accents the major flavor will still be the SMBC. 


As for the color, yes they are two very different whites, but I kind of like the effect. It is like putting stark white on top of off white -- pretty. 

musikat Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:22am
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Here's a picture of the two whites together:  

MBalaska Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:31am
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It is an attractive cake that you piped nicely.  It looks like everything was designed, and there should be no one finding any fault with the look of two different icings.  Just my opinion for what it's worth.

But you know......even just for a friend, or just for a gift giving situation - I would have made another batch of icing.  Hard to imaging why it wouldn't all stay put though.


I can do that faster, cheaper, and easier than grabbing my purse, driving to town, shopping, coming home.

MBalaska Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:32am
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MBalaska Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:32am
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musikat Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:37am
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Well, see, I was out of unsalted butter and sugar and would have had to go to the store anyway -- and then let the butter soften for hours (it was 5:00 p.m.), setting my decorating schedule back significantly. Given time I would have made another batch, too, but this seemed like the easier of the two options. I used my Michael's 40% off coupon, so it wasn't much if any more than buying more ingredients would have been. :)

AZCouture Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:57am
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For future reference, you can nuke butter, or put it in a bowl and submerge the bowl in warm water (if you don't have a microwave). People actually wait for their butter to soften? 

AZCouture Posted 2 May 2014 , 2:58am
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That is a pretty cake, nice job.

musikat Posted 2 May 2014 , 3:02am
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I find SMBC temperamental and have always been afraid to microwave the butter! Even when I try to soften butter for my own use (like to spread on bread) it doesn't soften evently, leaving some hard and some melted. I usually leave it out overnight when I plan to make it the next day. Or put it out in the morning to make in the evening. 

nancylee61 Posted 2 May 2014 , 4:19am
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I thought you couldn't nuke the butter for SMBC??? Yes, I have been waiting hours for it to soften!!! You just saved me lots and lots of time - thank you,


AZCouture Posted 2 May 2014 , 4:43am
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ALol...where is someone saying you can't do that? Yes, you can nuke your butter for smbc, for baking, for [B]anything[B] you need soft butter for.

-K8memphis Posted 2 May 2014 , 10:02am
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you can also shred your butter and spread it over a sheet pan then by the time the meringue is ready the butter will be perfect 

-K8memphis Posted 2 May 2014 , 10:11am
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y'know, shred it like you shred cheese with a grater-- or cut it in small uniform sized cubes

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