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AZCouture Posted 23 Apr 2014 , 9:28pm
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Reminds me of Cakewrecks and when they compare what was ordered to what was actually delivered.

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howsweet Posted 23 Apr 2014 , 10:42pm
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AThose are so awful! hahaha! And shows why I wouldn't get a tattoo or do a cake that's suppose to resemble a real person. I realize I'm the only human in North America without one, but even it it were perfect, I know I'd change my mind later.

cheeseball Posted 6 May 2014 , 9:49pm
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The first two human portraits were so bad I figured they couldn't get any worse...but they did.  I don't believe I've ever seen so many demon children in one place and all I can say is thank you.

810whitechoc Posted 7 May 2014 , 10:37am
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I swear some of those kids are either vampires, zombies or as cheeseball said demons, it has taken the "Artist" to see through those cute photos and show their real characters and permanently tattoo them on their parent's body. (hee hee hee)

as you wish Posted 7 May 2014 , 12:53pm
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AToo funny! The Marilyn Monroe one looks more like Nancy Walker! [IMG]http://cakecentral.com/content/type/61/id/3232397/width/200/height/400[/IMG]

AZCouture Posted 7 May 2014 , 9:01pm
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Ha ha, yes it does look like her!

bubs1stbirthday Posted 10 May 2014 , 1:19am
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Haha - the thing that sticks with me the most though is - Why would you want a tattoo of the pringles mascot anyway? 

cazza1 Posted 10 May 2014 , 6:41am
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Imagine paying for those and then being stuck with them for life unless you pay even more to get rid of them (if you can).  As least with a cake wreck you can forget about it after it has been eaten or chucked in the bin.

AZCouture Posted 10 May 2014 , 1:46pm
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AWell, err...let's just say we have a rather large population of people who "do time" here, and well...they pick up the talent of prison tatting, and then they advertise that they can do tats on the local buy/sell/trade pages on Facebook here. Oh man, the people who JUMP at the cheap prices for that undeniably cheap work, is astounding. Then they order a cheap cake to celebrate. It's incredible entertainment to troll those pages and see what people are buying. Things that make the rest of us [B]cringe[/B].

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