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wickeddelish Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 6:40pm
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AHello all! I've recently started a cake business, these forums are a Godsend! My question is, I need to make wrought-ironish fencing around an 8" round cake. From all mu trial and error, royal icing will not work, working with such tiny pieces of fondant and keeping their shape is very difficult. I'm on the fence (hardy har) about buying SugarVeil. Has anyone tried any of the numerous knockoff recipes online? And can I pipe it onto wax paper and place it around the cake while it's still pliable? Thanks so much!

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hobbist Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:11pm
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ATry coating thick spaghetti with royal icing. It works best to use a piping bag with a round tip 4 or5 with royal icing. Gently push the pasta into the roundtip to coat pull back out in a twisting motion for fancy iron works or pull out straight for plain iron pieces.

AZCouture Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:17pm
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ADo you have an extruder? I'd probably use an extruder with gum paste, definitely not fondant. Sugarveil would be a great idea too.

wickeddelish Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:20pm
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AI never even thought of those 2! What do you recommend for setting RI on the spaghetti? Should I let them dry upright? Or would laying them down work also since only the front of them will be showing on the cake? An extruder is also a great idea. I've been driving myself crazy.Thanks a bunch!

AZCouture Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:47pm
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AFlat against the cake? Dry them flat then, yep. You'll figure it out, and will find it not nearly as difficult as you think. Probably a bit time consuming, but oh well. ;-)

AZCouture Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:48pm
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AI know you said RI wasn't an option, but you could do that, dry them flat on parchment, make a few extra for breakage.

shanter Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 8:09pm
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Pastillage would work.

wickeddelish Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 8:22pm
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AI havenmt ventured into pastillage yet... I have recipes to make it but I have yet to figure out how it's different from fondant or gum paste and what the pros and cons are.

shanter Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 8:30pm
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It hardens much harder, so hard you can even sand it if you want or need to. It sets up quickly and is extremely strong.


Don't confuse it with pastilles, which are tiny candies.

wickeddelish Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 8:46pm
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AThanks a bunch! I'm going to try that and the spaghetti and see what holds up/looks best.

AZCouture Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 9:14pm
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AOooh, yep, pastillage is great too.

as you wish Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 9:18pm
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AI tried to find a picture of the cake I did with an iron railing on it, but it seems that it is one of the many I failed to photograph before it went out the door. Anyway, what I did was to use an extruder, and to keep the straight parts really straight while they dried I placed them in the folds of a fan-folded piece of card stock. I did the curved embellishments directly on the cake, using an extruder and curving/curling the pieces around a skewer. It was fiddley and took a long time, but I think that would be true of whatever method you choose, so sure you charge plenty! :)

wickeddelish Posted 23 Apr 2014 , 12:47am
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AThat's a really great idea also. I'm doing an Alfred Hitchcock The Birds cake and actually curling and curving the fence will give it that creepy factor.

shanter Posted 23 Apr 2014 , 1:08am
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Sounds delightful. I'm eager to see it.

wickeddelish Posted 23 Apr 2014 , 1:12am
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AI'll post photos when it's finished. I google-imaged Birds cakes just to make sure what was in my head wasn't already done and surprisingly I couldn't find any. So I'm very excited to do this.

wickeddelish Posted 23 Apr 2014 , 1:36am
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AMy goodness. There have been sooo many awesome ideas. Thanks so much! This is certainly the easiest. Now just have to decide how much of a challenge I want to give myself.

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