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titalali Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 4:55pm
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AA friend of mine asked me to make an Anniversary cake for his parents. It's going to be a 4 tired cake with champagne glasses supporting each tier!!! Omg!! Anyways I have some flavor ideas in mind fir each tier and was wondering what you all thought. One tier will be white chocolate with white chocolate buttercream. Another tier will be he white vanilla almond cake with raspberry filling. Next one is a chocolate cake with a chocolate filling I heard you can get at walmart in the Spanish section. (Hmmm?) and the last is done kind if amaretto flavored cake. Not sure how to go that one. How do they sound. I'm not a professional so I'm not always sure on putting flavors together. Especially for an occasion like this. I'm sooooooo nervous about doing this. I'm really worried about taste and moisture. I'd greatly appreciate and ideas or advice.

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BeesKnees578 Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 5:09pm
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Amaretto is almond (and/or apricot) based, or so I just read.  I thought just almond, so the apricot is news to me!


It would go with many flavors, I would think....

Do you want a repeat of almond since you are doing the vanilla almond cake?  Granted, amaretto is more grown up.


Cherry, peach...I would think just about anything that went well with almonds would go well with amaretto.  Think about what is in cocktails that have amaretto, or what desserts you like that come with almond.  Use the fruit component of those things as the filling.


Good Luck!

BeesKnees578 Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 5:21pm
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You said you are not a professional, so my apologies if this is telling you something you have already considered!


It may just be me, but I would be a little nervous using the glasses between each tier...unless you get the cheap thick-glassed ones made by Libbey or something.  It'd still make me nervous that the weight would crack them.


Maybe you could stack the bottom three tiers and then use the glasses between the top two?  You maybe able to glue the rims of the glasses to the bottom of a separator plate with epoxy?


Another thing to consider is the stability.  There will be no way to dowel this and if the table gets bumped, it may shift.


You will have to have some sort of separator plate on top of each tier to support the bottoms of the glasses, too.  You will have to mask the separator plate with flowers or something....


And you would be assembling on-site, right?  No transport with glasses, lol!


Again, sorry if this sounds elementary.  You didn't post anything about your caking experience other than not being a professional.

titalali Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 6:29pm
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AThey saw the idea of the glasses on Pinterest. Apparently it does work. The glasses are suppose to hold the weight of the cakes. Instead of cake boards were using mirrors. Underneath and on top of each cake so that the glasses have something to stand on. As for my experience, I've been making cakes for about a year now. Teaching myself as I go along and getting ideas from others. Instead of putting almond in the vanilla almond cake, could I put the amaretto in that one instead?

BeesKnees578 Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:02pm
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AYes you can replace some of the liquid with amaretto. I would do a trial run to see how strong you want it. Maybe start with 1/4 cup.

titalali Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:06pm
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AStupid question........ Where do I get the amaretto from?

BeesKnees578 Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:09pm
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AThe liquor store or grocery, if your state allows it.

I believe there is also amaretto flavoring you can buy, too.

Laurelj Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 8:27pm
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Since you already have an almond cake how about change the other almond to Champagne with a  light fruit filling, maybe raspberry or a favorite of mine passion fruit, then champagne SMBC, that is a very wedding-y flavor and a very popular one for us ;-)  Ohh I see you already have a raspberry filling. Hmm maybe lemon curd would be good with champagne cake and SMBC

titalali Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 9:23pm
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AI've never heard of a champagne cake. Do you have a recipe for it? Lemon curd? Is that the same thing they make a lemon meringue pie with? I must sound like a dork with all these questions and I'm suppose to attempt a wedding cake!!! Sure!

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