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shorey69 Posted 2 Apr 2014 , 11:57am
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hi everyone im currently a hobby baker who will be going into a business in a few months to a year so atm im going to charge just for ingredients how would i do this?  im not sure at all how to charge just for ingredients please help!   i can only charge for the edible things as i do not have a business yet so nothing like cake board, boxes ect this is just for family and friends untill i have a business of my own! 

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shorey69 Posted 2 Apr 2014 , 12:15pm
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and would you have to charge for edible cake toppers? 

Crazy-Gray Posted 2 Apr 2014 , 12:27pm
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AYou don't 'have' to do anything.... I would just bake for free for now to practice, your friends and family will be very grateful.

Use the free cakes as practically as possible, try something challenging, google/youtube how to do it, record carefully how long it took you and how much it cost including how much a cake board and box would be... all this will help you when you start to think more about making it a business in the future.

shorey69 Posted 2 Apr 2014 , 12:33pm
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No... ive been doing it a year and half for free for my family and friends and its expensive.  so now im going to have to charge just for the ingredients  as its a expensive hobby untill i have a cake business.  so no i wont be doing it for free anymore 

Crazy-Gray Posted 2 Apr 2014 , 12:44pm
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AIf you're asking for money, even cost, you are a business and you need to be legal, maybe you already are but just in case: you need to speak to your local health dept (env health in the UK) and register for taxes.

Since you've been doing it for free for a year you know then how much cakes at x,y,z sizes cost to make so surely you know how much to charge??

shorey69 Posted 2 Apr 2014 , 1:27pm
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i know all this,  where im from i can legally do it as there only paying for the   ingriedents there self. its fine as i wont be making any profit off it,  and i will be buying everything that non edible my self

craftybanana Posted 2 Apr 2014 , 1:34pm
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When you get down how much your ingredients costs per cake, you can ask them to buy you the most expensive ones. I don't charge my family, they just buy me the most expensive ingredients it will take to make it. For example, for the spiced nuts my Mom loves, she buys me a big bag of pecans. For when she wants me to make holiday cookies, she'll share her supplies of butter and flour (and buy more if I need it). So you could tell them that it's becoming expensive and that you need them to chip in on some supplies until you are officially open for business. Just make sure you tell them how much the cake will be worth when you're a legit business so they're not surprised at the final cost. As for toppers, they can just as well supply that or reimburse you for it.


Just make sure you have all you costs down before you open for business and start letting them know now so that when you do open, they don't start saying "You used to do such-such for free/cost for me. Why is it so expensive now?" Don't forget to include you time in the costs as well, and don't be afraid to tell them it took X# of hours...


My aunt told me I should sell my crafts, but when I told her how long it took to make them (start to finish) plus the cost of supplies, she was a bit more understanding of why a handmade shawl might cost $100 instead of the $20 price tag you see at Target. So start educating them early on pricing! :)

howsweet Posted 2 Apr 2014 , 2:43pm
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AMaybe I just don't understand the question, but if this is something you wouldn't just figure out on your own, then going in to business may not be your thing. In business you have to make all sorts of tough decisions and figure out things much harder than this.

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