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RachelGearon Posted 23 Mar 2014 , 10:07pm
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AHey guys, I know a lot of you use RKT to make things like this I have tried before and failed miserably!! Any tips or alternate ways would be really appreciated.

Thanks!! [IMG][/IMG]

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My SweetArt Posted 23 Mar 2014 , 11:05pm
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Maybe you can try to "fill" the owl with styrofoam or alluminium foil. I don't know if you can make it stand with no problem with the aluminium foil but you can try. Or just make it from gumpaste and let it dry so it will satnd better. If you do it like this you must say to the costumers that the inside of the owl isn't edible. The best option would be the RKT for sure, you should try again because it's quite simple.

musicmommy1 Posted 23 Mar 2014 , 11:16pm
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AHey Rachel!

Sorry RKT didn't work out for you in the past. I would actually say that's probably the best way to do this figurine in a 3D. It would probably be too thick/big to do with straight gumpaste. You could try but may have trouble with cracking and it would need to dry a while too. It's risky.

Another option would be to cut out a flat piece of fondant in the shape of the owl, then apply all the sweet details as you would if it had a 3d body. Then, it would be 2 dimensional but I think very cute!!

Maybe others will chime in with more ideas!

RachelGearon Posted 23 Mar 2014 , 11:33pm
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AI think I I'll try RKT again. How do you get the fondant to stick to it though? Do you cover with ganache? If so how do you get it smooth?? Thanks for your help!!

musicmommy1 Posted 23 Mar 2014 , 11:35pm
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AYes- I am with My SweetArt. Maybe you should try rkt again. What gave you trouble? Maybe we could help with that!

musicmommy1 Posted 23 Mar 2014 , 11:39pm
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ASorry- you must have replied while I was writing. Lol. I usually cover with a bit of buttercream and use a hot knife to smoothe and then let it crust a bit. I roll my fondant thicker when covering rkt and LIGHTLY brush my buttercreamed figure with water before covering with fondant.

wubis2002 Posted 24 Mar 2014 , 12:01am
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AHi Racheal! It looks like the owl is sitting on a round disk. That could be made if gum paste or even a cardboard covered in fondant, both dried hard. Put a few straws under it for support than it won't matter if your owl is heavy. Another alternative is modeling chocolate. You can use any type and cover in white fondant or make the chocolate the colors you like. I made a skylabder figure and he had all kinds of foil and straws inside. For me it made it harder than necessary. I just made a TMNT cake with the turtle heads as I described. I tried RKT once and it wasn't to great. It's on my to do list to try again. I have also read the RKT you buy at the grocery are more workable. Good luck and ease post your cake. It will be darling.

FlourPots Posted 24 Mar 2014 , 1:51am
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When working with RKT I'd rather stack the pre-made squares together and carve the shape rather than compress them into a blob and try to mold it...


You can see an example of something I made using this method...scroll down:


For that size owl, stacking & carving Treats would work perfectly, I think.


(Also, I cover in a thin coat of ganache because when it dries you can use your finger to smooth and buff out any spatula marks)

RachelGearon Posted 26 Mar 2014 , 9:58pm
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ADo you have to coat your knife with anything? What kind of knife do you use? I'm going to attempt this tonight.

musicmommy1 Posted 26 Mar 2014 , 10:42pm
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AHi Rachel- I use a butter knife or a small offset spatula. I dip it in very hot water and then wipe dry. Again, I'm using crusting buttercream and even if a little water gets on there it shouldn't be a problem. After you get it smoothe, you can let it sit and crust. You could even rub it which a viva paper towel to get it extra smooth, though you don't have to. Just remember to roll out your fondant a bit thicker. Also, as wubis2002 said, the store bought rkt do tend to be more workable so I would use those if possible. Then, I would let your fondant dry before adding any major details. I'm sure not everyone does this but I find it so much easier to add details to dry fondant when doing any type of figure.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!!!

RachelGearon Posted 27 Mar 2014 , 12:06am
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AIs that how you shape the RKT aswell? I have a box of the per made ones so I will use them.

musicmommy1 Posted 27 Mar 2014 , 12:27am
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Originally Posted by RachelGearon 

Is that how you shape the RKT aswell? I have a box of the per made ones so I will use them.

Are you asking do I shape it with a knife? Mmmm, sometimes. It just depends on the design. I usually lob together (I'm sure that's the technical term- lol) a few rkt squares together and smush, flatten, whatever, my way to the basic shape. Sometimes, if there are smaller details, I use a sharp pairing knife to cut away at the RKT until I get what I'm after. For the owl, the shape is pretty basic- mostly rectangular. To get the little ears you may need to cut away some of the rkt to get he basic shape, but then just get creative. Use whatever you can- a pen, the handle of a butter knife, etc. to mold the ears. Just keep working with it until you get something you like. You may even be able to take the opposite approach and add a little rkt to the corners and shape that into the ears. I hope that makes sense :-D It's hard to explain exactly. Mostly it's a, "you just kind of have to play with it", kind of thing :)

musicmommy1 Posted 27 Mar 2014 , 12:35am
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Also, you could use the method FlourPots described- stacking the squares and then cutting out the shape. I think that would work too. It's whatever you feel most comfortable with :) One thing I would add though is that after you are done shaping and then covering your figure in buttercream (or ganache). I would put it in the refrigerator for a bit to let it harden up before covering it with fondant. Then, again, let the whole thing dry before applying details.

FlourPots Posted 27 Mar 2014 , 2:42am
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Also wanted to add...don't throw away any scraps you may take off during the process...they're super easy to attach back on if you need extra bulk somewhere, like in the front of your owl, for instance...


It sticks to itself so no glue of any kind needed.

bakingaround Posted 27 Mar 2014 , 5:41pm
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Hi Rachel,


I made a headboard with RKT.  I crushed the RK to they were a bit smaller and mixed in my marshmallow which cut down on the "lumpiness" of RKT.  I shaped it into my headboard then I covered it with melted chocolate, waited until it hardened then smoothed it out. When It came time to apply the fondant, I brushed a little piping gel on the RKT headboard, and put it on   It worked like a charm.  No lumps, very smooth.

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