Is This A Good Price For These Cupcakes???

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ClaudiaK Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 2:42am
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A[IMG ALT=""][/IMG] [IMG ALT=""][/IMG] I made white chocolate filled cupcakes, dulce de leche filled cupcakes and vanilla. The frosting cream cheese, butter, white chocolate and dulce de leche. I also decorated them with fondant flowers. I charged $2.50 ea. Is that a good price? Too low or too high? Thanks.

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Godot Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 5:39am
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AOh way too high. I mean, it's only a cupcake and cupcakes are so small and simple. .50-.75 would be a good price for those.

Especially since you probably just loooove caking and don't want to rip anyone off.

Danilou Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 9:29am
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AI think you need to point out to her that you're being sarcastic!

Godot Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 9:32am
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A[quote name="Danilou" url="/t/769263/is-this-a-good-price-for-these-cupcakes#post_7493883"]I think you need to point out to her that you're being sarcastic!

Danilou Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 9:38am
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ATo a c.c regular. ..Yes. To a newbie maybe

ClaudiaK Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 12:43pm
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hahaha.. how much would you charge?

Godot Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 1:03pm
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AHow much did they cost you to make? All ingredients - right down to the half teaspoon of salt, papers, boxes, time making them, time spent taking the order, time spent shopping, utilities, etc.?

ClaudiaK Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 2:38pm
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I am new doing this... so I am still trying to figure that out. I just starting tracking expenses, but I find it hard because I purchase items that I can keep using for a while such as fondant, color sugars, etc. If you were to do these cupcakes, how much do you think you would charge? Thanks. I appreciate any help.

AnnieCahill Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 3:50pm
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What makes this question difficult is that each person's costs and recipes are different.  The fondant I use is probably different from what you use.  You need to figure out how much your fondant is per ounce, and estimate how many ounces you use for your decorations.  So weigh one of your toppers and multiply that by the number of toppers you're making.  You'd use that method for your sprinkles and sugars too.  You could do that by teaspoon if you wanted to.  It does take work!  It was taking me quite a while to price out each of my recipes.  It helps to use Excel and keep a master file of your ingredients and break it down by ounce or cup/teaspoon/etc.  That way when you have a sheet with a recipe, you just plug in the cost per ingredient and that makes it really fast.  Going through and breaking down the cost of each thing you use is time consuming but usually you only need to do it once and then update it if ingredients go up in cost.

Crazy-Gray Posted 21 Mar 2014 , 4:16pm
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Originally Posted by Godot 

You mean it wasn't obvious?


What a wonderfully ironic reply, that's gonna tickle me for ages.... then I'll get over it.

re the cuppies; they would sell for about £2.50 each in my home town here in northern Ireland, but I hate making them so would have charged more to make them worth the effort.

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