Edible Ink Printer Woes! Help!!!!

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craftycakes0627 Posted 10 Mar 2014 , 3:33pm
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HI!  About a year ago, I purchased a Cannon Pixima 5320 for edible images.  It worked wonderfully up until about 4 months ago.  I started getting discolored images and some colors not printing at all despite my careful use of cleaning cartridges.  Long story short - it barely prints at all now even after several deep cleanings and completely removing the print head and soaking it.  I suspect that the bargain ink I purchased via a popular retail website (don't want to call anyone out just yet) may be the problem.  


Has anyone had similar problems and were you able to make your printer print again?  I need it for an upcoming cake and fear I'll have to buy a new printer or at least a replacement print head. Thanks all.

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810whitechoc Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 10:07am
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Based on your description unfortunately I think your print head is no good, once they are clogged like you describe they are not able to repaired.  Also unfortunately you may find the cost of the head comes close to the cost of a new printer, I have just been through this and it wasn't worth repairing the printer.

JanDunlevy Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 10:35am
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AThis could have been my post last night! I was ready to throw it out the door. I do buy all of my ink cartridges from Icing Images where I purchased the printer so bargain ink was not the problem. I finally took the print head out and soaked it with the cleaner for about 30minutes. Amazing what came out of it! Put it back in and now it works like a charm. Maybe give that a try several times. Hope that works for you.

JanDunlevy Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 10:37am
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AMine is also the Canon 5320.

craftycakes0627 Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 12:07pm
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Thanks all.  I have taken the print head out and soaked/cleaned it at least 3 times and even purchased new ink.  :(  I fear the print head is damaged.  My hubby says to go buy a new one today.  Sad because I feel as tho I did EVERYTHING suggested to maintain it.  Always cleaned it after each use only stored it (meaning when not using it) with cleaning cartridges in it.  :(  Sigh ....  I did have success cleaning it about 4 months ago but now we are back to terrible print quality.  Its FRUSTRATING since I need it for a cake next week.  Ho hum..  Off to best buy I suppose or Staples.  I will probably get the same model because it has served me well.  Any suggestions out there on a RELIABLE printer model??  The MG5320 had very good reviews....  Thanks again.

craftycakes0627 Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 12:09pm
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Jan - 


Lol!  I was envisioning "Office Space" and a baseball bat to be honest.  

JanDunlevy Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 2:35pm
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ACraftycakes That was the approach my husband was thinking of taking!

craftycakes0627 Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 2:52pm
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:)  He is a tech savvy person (we both are) but he REFUSES to fight with printers.  "Its his way or the highway with them"  Oh well they aren't too pricey but I just hate only getting 1 year out of it.  :(

JanDunlevy Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 3:21pm
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AHaving to get rid of it after one year would make me Ill. I had done a lot of research as you did before I purchased the 5320. The reviews were the best by far. I have had tons of trouble with mine, some of it because I go a week or two without using it and I know that is not good for it. It is a very temperamental instrument and it doesn't always come thru for me when I need it to without a lot of work to get it to perform. Good luck with your replacement! Hope it goes well for you.

gingerbreadtogo Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 3:41pm
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I have canon ip 3600. I had lots of printer head problems in the past. Icing image ink definitely changed my life. I can print with no problem after 4 weeks of no printing. I read somewhere that you  shouldn't take the print head out between uses, the more you  handle it the quicker it wears out.  I had previously replaced my printer twice because it was cheaper than new print head. It's been 3 plus yrs of no problem.   The people at Icing Images are very helpful when you need help.  Good Luck!

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 11 Mar 2014 , 3:43pm
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Sounds like why I refuse to own an inkjet, or even allow one in my house.:D

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