Decorating Cake Pops With Melted Chocolate

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YumtasticTreats Posted 10 Mar 2014 , 1:14pm
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I'm just getting started with my own home business; I've been making cake pops and people love them, which is awesome!  But, I've been decorating them with Royal icing, which looks fantastic until I go to bag them, and god forbid they touch something, and the frosting cracks off of them.  :(  This weekend I thought I'd try using the chocolate I was using to dip them and put it in a bag and went to decorate them and first it dripped all over the place then it seized up completely in the bag within 30 seconds?  What am I doing wrong?

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virago Posted 10 Mar 2014 , 4:45pm
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your not doing anything wrong Yums...the chocolate is not seizing, it's cooling fast because the bag tip is a small area...the chocolate is simply hardening. I'll venture a guess and say you're using candy melts vs. real chocolate? I believe real chocolate cools slower then candy melts (but not by much).


whenever I pipe candy on pops, I use a 12 in bag (no couplers or tips, just bag), fill the bag about halfway, close bag by tying into a knot, snip just a small bit of the tip off, and start piping quickly. when the candy begins to cool at the tip, squeeze the cooled portion out until candy begins to flow again. if the entire bag has begun to cool, push the candy from the tip back into the bag, nuke the bag for just a few seconds in the microwave, then knead the bag, and start piping again.


HTH, happy caking!    

YumtasticTreats Posted 10 Mar 2014 , 4:59pm
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virago!  you are awesome!  thank you so much for your response, I will give that a try on my next batch.  I was using real chocolate (don't care for the melts much) but I think it had cooled slightly already as I had to add color to it as well.  :)

LizzieAylett Posted 10 Mar 2014 , 5:06pm
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What kind of colour did you add?  That may be causing it to seize, as chocolate and water do not mix well!  For chocolate you need to use powder or oil based colours - they sell candy colours specifically for this.

virago Posted 10 Mar 2014 , 5:09pm
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you're welcome Yums!


Lizzie is offering sound advice as well...make sure to use coloring made for chocolate/candy!

YumtasticTreats Posted 13 Mar 2014 , 1:14pm
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Thank you ladies, I do have oil based colors as I had learned that lesson once.  :)  I tried your tricks and cutting the bag worked like a charm!  I still need to try doing more intricate work with it, but I made some basic striped pops last night and it was a dream!  Thanks for your support!  Happy Baking!  :D

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