Help! What Is The Best Way To Slice A Cake Evenly??

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mandsie Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 9:15pm
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This is the one thing that makes me really crabby really quickly.. 


When slicing a cake for filling, I just can't seem to find a foolproof way to get two beautiful even slices! I have the Wilton Ultimate cake slicer.. and I really don't like it, unless I just totally suck at this particular part of the process.. 


Does anyone have any suggestions??



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liz at sugar Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 9:22pm
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Yes, search for the Agbay - worth every penny.  You can torte a cake in 10 seconds perfectly.



thecakewitch Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 9:35pm
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AI just use a long serrated knife. has a video tutorial on how to do it, if you're interested.

gadgetgirlcakes Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 9:37pm
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LOL...what a coincidence. My friend just told me this morning she bought one last night. I had never heard of it but she told me everyone swears by it.

Apti Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 9:39pm
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mandsie~~Welcome to the forum!  (BTW, your avatar cake is making my mouth water.....)


Whether you are a hobby baker, or plan on taking your cake decorating to professional levels, the ONLY tool is an Agbay.

It IS expensive.  It IS worth the money.  I have been a hobby baker for the past 4 years and I foolishly waited 2-1/2 years to buy my Agbay because "it cost so much".  I was an idiot. 


I personally recommend the Agbay Single Blade Cake Leveler.  [Accommodates Cakes up to 20" Wide and 6" High.] $229.95, free shipping.  This comes with everything you will need to tort and level cakes.



Although there is an Agbay Jr. [Accommodates Cakes up to 12" Wide and 4 1/2" High.] for $150, I strongly recommend the larger  Agbay.  As long as you are going to shell out a LOT of cash, may as well get the one that will handle anything you may bake in the future.


In the nearly 4 years I have been on CakeCentral and other cake forums, I have never seen any reviews for the Agbay that are anything less than praise and 5 star reviews.   You may wish to do a search on CakeCentral and you'll see for yourself.





Single Blade Cake Leveler

liz at sugar Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 9:50pm
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I have the Jr., but I only make 8" cakes.  If you do larger rounds or sheet cakes, the larger one is the way to go.


And I wish I was good with a serrated knife like TheCakeWitch, but I just don't have that skill.  This makes me look like I do. :)



thecakewitch Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 10:05pm
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[email protected], I have to. Agbay is expensive.

FlourPots Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 10:14pm
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I love my Agbay too and I'm just a hobbyist, but here's 2 other options...


One free and one MUCH cheaper than the Agbay:

Watch the video...these look very cool.

Sassyzan Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 11:16pm
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I have the EZ cake leveler. It works--as in, it is two pieces of plastic that will clip onto a knife. There are some downsides. 1. It's only as good as your knife. The cake in the video is a 6" cake, I believe. You need a very long knife to do cakes much bigger than that. 2. The max height is just over an inch, so you can tort a cake, but you can't just take the crown off a 2" layer of cake. 3. There are no markings or indications about how high the notches are.

The two giant upsides are: 1. It takes up practically no space in your kitchen. 2. It is super cheap.

A potential upside would be not having to buy a new knife, but that assumes you have one large enough to have wiggle room to slice the cake, plus room on each end to clip the doodad on.

I don't regret buying it, but I also now have a 14" cake knife on my amazon wish list. And I really wish it was 2" high.

Apti Posted 28 Feb 2014 , 12:33am
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Originally Posted by FlourPots 

I love my Agbay too and I'm just a hobbyist, but here's 2 other options...


One free and one MUCH cheaper than the Agbay:

Watch the video...these look very cool.

FlourPots~~great info on those links, and Sassyzan, thanks for the review/info on the Swank Cake Design products. 

On my journey to the Agbay purchase, I tried lots and lots of methods and they all work to a certain extent, but I wasn't able to get "perfection" like the Agbay can deliver.  I even created a tutorial:


"Using Wilton's new Cake Marker to achieve level, torted cakes!"



mandsie Posted 28 Feb 2014 , 9:35am
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I cannot believe that I have NEVER heard of the Agbay leveler!! Wow, wow, wow! I think I am going to have to invest in one.. sure, it's a bit of money but the thought of all the time and stress I would save makes it an easy choice!! 


Thanks for the other suggestions too guys, I never would have thought of the cake tin slicing! I think I'll be able to make do for another month or so, then I'm lashing out on one of those babies! 


I got my KitchenAid mixer for Christmas a couple years back, I'm not waiting until then for an Agbay though haha. 




Thank you all so much!!

cakebaby2 Posted 4 Mar 2014 , 5:11am
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AOne little emergency trick is to measure your cake and insert toothpicks around the cake at reg the knife gently on them and slice.

morganchampagne Posted 4 Mar 2014 , 7:42am
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AI destroyed many a cake before I just bit the bullet and bought an agby. I understand maybe not being about to justify the cost if you do a cake twice or three times a year.

If you're in business get this tool. Find the money somewhere. You have to have good sturdy reliance tools. This is it!

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