Question about priorities... and a quick introduction!

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Sweetnkind Posted 21 Feb 2014 , 11:43pm
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Hi everyone!

So I am a naive newbie on this forum (be gentle! lol) and couldn't find an "introductions" thread so figured what the heck, I'll just jump in with both feet! Excuse me if I mess this up lol 


I own a cottage baking business in a teeny lil town in Florida, been at it for a few months now and I am doing fabulously well and SO excited to grow! 


Here's my question for you: so I have come to a point were I am able to splurge a little and invest in growing my business. I can't decide which action will have the most direct impact on the business and its financial growth. 


I can only do one or two of the following:


-get a website


-buy the cake boss software (ugh... I want this SO badly! lol)


-upgrade ALL my marketing materials, (including banners/signage for the weekly farmer's market I do, as well as brochures, business cards, etc)


-hire a graphic designer to create a logo for my company


-OR... buy advertising space in local magazines



What do YOU all think I should do?! 


Thanks in advance! 



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MBalaska Posted 21 Feb 2014 , 11:59pm
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what do you sell?

Sweetnkind Posted 22 Feb 2014 , 12:06am
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haha, I suppose it would help if I mentioned what the heck I do!


I make decorated sugar cookies, and cake pops. I specialize mainly in parties and corporate events, so my client base usually consists of local businesses, as well as people throwing parties :)  

CakersbyEggers Posted 22 Feb 2014 , 3:39am
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I would get a website, which really shouldn't cost all that much and you can set them up yourself. I am lucky that I have a husband who is a total computer geek and a sister who did creative advertising and designed my logo and business cards for me. Also, if you are doing a lot of business with businesses then perhaps they have connections and they may be willing to assist you by just trading your goods for their services. I recently had someone approach me about a cake it would have been $150 cake, but I cut them a deal for $75 because she has a local blog with many local and national followers. It is great for advertising my business. She is going to provide two separate blogs. One about the birthday party she is doing and the second will be all about me and my cake business. I am not sure about the cake boss software. Mostly I do not watch that guy because he annoys me and I don't really know much about his products.


I hope you can decide. I am sure others will have good advice for you.

Sweetnkind Posted 23 Feb 2014 , 12:48am
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Thanks for the advice! Actually the Cake Boss software is completely unrelated to the show! It is a software program designed for home baking businesses like myself. It provides order management, invoices, scheduling organization, and it will even cost out your recipes and let you know how much of a profit you are making! I have heard nothing but rave reviews and feel like I could really use it... but then, I could really use a LOT of these things lol 


I like the idea of trading services though, I will have to look into that! 

cakesbycathy Posted 23 Feb 2014 , 4:14am
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Website.  There are quite a few choices that are free to very inexpensive.  If you did one of those then maybe you would have money left over for new business cards and then additional marketing materials. Then Cake Boss software.  IMO hiring graphic designer and advertising in the paper should be last

BeesKnees578 Posted 23 Feb 2014 , 6:06am
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CakeBoss software is different than Cake Boss (the show). 


I have had it for many years and am just now trying to start using it as it is intended.  I have also heard people on here mention Quickbooks.  I don't know if Quickbooks can break down a recipe and let you know how much each one costs ;)  I do like Cake Boss, the software, though.


I'd def get the website and use that along with FB.  Get your business clients to like your page by sending out an email explaining that you are growing your biz and are looking for networking avenues.


Do you have an computer/artist friend that could design a logo for you in exchange for cake pops?  Just a thought....


I personally wouldn't spend the money on advertising in a magazine.  I throw those out immediately almost, so, of course, I assume everyone else does, too.  LOL 


Keep in mind that I am not necessarily out to grow my business.  I am very low-key (did only 31 orders last year) and don't WANT to be crazy busy every weekend.  My customers are repeat customers.  Every once in a new customer willing to pay.

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